Political science



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Political science

Political science

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Political science

  • UF Political thought
  • UF Government
  • UF Political theory
  • UF Civil government
  • UF Commonwealth, The
  • UF Science, Political
  • UF Administration
  • UF Politics

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Political science

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Population Health

Strategies for Population Health: Investing in the Health of Canadians; Federal, Provincial and Territorial Advisory Committee on Population Health; Meeting of the Ministers of Health, Halifax, Nova Scotia; September 14-15, 1994.


This U-matic tape contains two episodes of the Coming Out! cable access tv program produced by the Winnipeg Gay Media Collective:

Cut 1: Interview with Dr. Bob Altemeyer, on his research into right-wing authoritarian attitudes. Taped May 25, 1992. 28:55 minutes.
Cut 2: Interviews with folk singer/songwriters Arlene Mantle (part 2) and Judy Small, at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, 1985. Taped July, 1985. 29:00 minutes.

Winnipeg Gay Media Collective