Manitoba Gay and Lesbian Archives Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date digital objects
400-409 Historical & Comprehensive Works Encompassing More Than One Art Form Subseries
500-509 Comprehensive: General Works (Biographical) Subseries
100-199 Comprensive Works; Bibliography; Reference Subseries
120-129 Bibliographies on Gay/Lesbian Life, Lifestyles and Concerns Subseries
170-179 Bibliographies on Social Sciences Subseries
190-196 Bibliographies on Physical & Natural Sciences Subseries
350-359 Poetry & Poetic Criticism: Primarily Gay/Lesbian Subseries
760-769 Political Science-Government and Politics Subseries
700-799 Social Sciences Subseries
720-759 Specific Legal Issues or Aspects Subseries
900-919 Physical and Natural Sciences: Comprehensive Subseries
330-339 Literature, Literary Criticism, Language: Primarily Gay/Lesbian Subseries
370-379 Literary Biography: Primarily Gay/Lesbian Subseries
02 Coming Out Subseries 1977 - 1993
003 Project Lambda, Inc. Series 1978 - 1988
Lesbians and Gays in Manitoba: The Development of a Minority Subseries
A2009-028 Gay Christian Forum Programs; Gayweek Programs; Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gay (PFLAG): Discussions Series 1973-1999
200-299 Gay/Lesbian Life, Lifestyles & Concerns Subseries
207-299 Gay/Lesbian Life, Lifestyles and Concerns Subseries
A2008-067 Manitoba Gay and Lesbian Accrual Accession 1968-2003
100-109 Works with No Specific Gay/Lesbian Focus: General Works Subseries
110-119 Works with Gay/Lesbian Focus: General Works Subseries
940-949 Natural Sciences: Works in Specific Disciplines Subseries
990+ AIDS-Related Information Subseries
790-799 Misc. Subseries
700-719 Social Sciences: Comprehensive Subseries
410-419 Painting, Drawing, Graphic Arts Subseries
440-449 Applied Arts & Crafts Subseries
490-499 Film/Video, Television, Radio Subseries
600-699 Behavioral Sciences Subseries
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