M. Charles Cohen fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date digital objects
Adams and Ray & Rosenberg Subseries
The British Broadcasting Corporation Subseries
Business Correspondence - Other Writers 1954-1984; n.d. Subseries
The Hanging Clown Subseries
The Lenny Bruce Story Subseries
"Another Part of the Forest" [19-?] Subseries
"The Drylanders" - N.F.B. - Production Shots [19-?] Subseries
History Series - Production Shots [19-?] Subseries
Location Shots - Philadelphia, PA [19-?] Subseries
Sarge Subseries
After the Crash Subseries
Against All Odds - The Incredible True Story of Katherine Bauer and Her Family Subseries
The Biggest Little Schoolhouse in Texas Subseries
The Lost Prince Subseries
J Subseries
L Subseries
N Subseries
W Subseries
Two or More Plays in the Same Contracts Subseries
Reviews Subseries
Other Subseries
Post Office Series Subseries
Prejudice Series Subseries
Production Contracts, A - Y Subseries
B Subseries
H Subseries
M Subseries
Q Subseries
R Subseries
Early Literary Endeavours Series 1955-1975; n.d.
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