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Simma Holt fonds

  • CA UMASC MSS 103-2010-088
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1907-2009
  • Fait partie de Simma Holt fonds

The fonds consists of 8 series: They include: Biographical & Family Material, Diaries & Journals, Manuscripts & Columns, Correspondence, Gerald Eaton Murder Case, Leaky Condo Material, Photograph Collections (PC 103) & Tape Collect...

Holt, Simma

Nan Shipley fonds

  • CA UMASC MSS 021-A1979-014
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1940-1978
  • Fait partie de Nan Shipley

The collection includes lecture notes, manuscripts and published articles, radio and television scripts, maps, photographs, newspaper clippings, magazine articles and scrapbooks. In addition, there are three boxes of Indian Legends, recorded in th...

Shipley, Nan

Nick Ternette fonds

  • MSS 026-A1979-023, A1992-016
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1969-1979
  • Fait partie de Nick Ternette fonds

The collection contains limited correspondence, political action papers, briefs, complaints, convention proceedings, promotional and conference literature, scrapbooks, newsclippings, and resource files concerning Winnipeg city core activities, and...

Ternette, Nick

Alumni Association Inc. of the University of Manitoba fonds

The fonds contains: minutes and correspondence of the Board of Directors and Committees, including the Centennial Committee; files on awards, fund raising and advertising activities; correspondence with branches of the Association and other Canadi...

Alumni Association Inc.

Eli Mandel fonds

  • MSS 18-A1984-037, A1985-011, A1987-056, A1992-022
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1922-1986
  • Fait partie de Eli Mandel fonds

The collection reflects the work of Eli Mandel as a creative writer and as an academic scholar. There are manuscript and typescript copies of most of his poems and critical works, frequently in many drafts, as well as drafts of his published antho...

Mandel, Eli

John Newlove accrual

  • CA UMASC MSS 070-A1986-024
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1954-1987
  • Fait partie de John Newlove fonds

Accrual includes manuscripts of several of John Newlove's poetry books and short stories. Of his twelve publications, this fonds contains literary manuscripts of nine of them along with the related correspondence. Typescripts of publications ...

Keystone Agricultural Producers fonds

  • CA UMASC Mss 69 (A.86-66, A.87-59, A.93-92, A.96-32, A.98-29, A.00-31, A.01-34)-A1986-066, A1987-059
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1965-1984
  • Fait partie de Keystone Agricultural Producers fonds

The Keystone Agricultural Producers Collection consists mainly of office files of the Manitoba Farm Bureau which were generated from 1965-1984. Also included are files produced prior to 1965 by the Manitoba Farm Bureau's predecessors.These fi...

Keystone Agricultural Producers

Sheila Rabinovitch Tape Collection

  • CA UMASC MSS 416, TC 74, TC 74A (A87-24, A13-109)-A1987-024 (TC 74 & 74A)
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1970-1981
  • Fait partie de Sheila Rabinovitch fonds

The Sheila Rabinovitch Tape Collection is the work of one of Winnipeg's better known free lance writer, interviewer and broadcaster. It consists of some 70 interviews and 90 hours of recordings, mostly with Winnipeg residents, conducted betwe...

Rabinovitch, Sheila

University Relations and Information Office fonds

  • CA UMASC Ua 16, Pc 6, Pc 31, Pc 34, Pc 80, Tc 6, Tc 8, Tc 12, Tc 13, Tc 14, Tc 16, Tc 18, Tc 22, Tc 27, Tc 29, Tc 30, Tc 52, Tc 53, Tc 54, Tc 55, Tc 56 (A.79-40, A.80-22, A.80-42, A.81-30, A.81-34, A.83-23, A.83-40, A.83-52, A.84-31, A.86-65, A.87-39, A.87-63, A.87-65, A.89-08, A.89-14, A.89-26, A.90-37, A.91-05, A.91-14, A.91-26, A.91-31, A.91-32, A.91-57, A.92-10, A.92-33, A.92-42, A.92-44, A.92-47, A.92-75, A.93-10, A.94-09, A.94-50, A.94-57, A.98-32, A.04-194)-A1989-026
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1969-1994
  • Fait partie de University Relations and Information Office fonds

The accession consists of University of Manitoba press releases and news releases issued by the University Relations and Information Office, as well as correspondence.

University Relations and Information Office

J. Edgar Rea fonds

  • A1989-031/ MSS 073
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1969-1970
  • Fait partie de J. Edgar Rea fonds

MSS 73 contains transcriptions of ten oral histories conducted by Brian McKillop and Paul Barker in 1969-1970 with prominent Winnipeg political, labour, and social leaders of the 1920s and 1930s. These include interviews with Stanley Knowles, C.E....

Rea, J. Edgar

J. Edgar Rea fonds

  • A1989-031/MSS 072
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1969-1988
  • Fait partie de J. Edgar Rea fonds

This collection contains 203 unpublished student research papers submitted to Professor Rea by his leading students between 1968 and 1987 on the broad subjects of Manitoba and western Canadian history. Topics include Manitoba and Winnipeg biograph...

Rea, J. Edgar

Margaret Avison accrual

  • CA UMASC MSS 64-A1990-011 / A1996-023
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1935-1996
  • Fait partie de Margaret Avison fonds

The initial collection consists of several hundred unpublished poems written by Margaret Avison between 1935 and the late 1970s. A later accession received in 1996 adds correspondence from various literary associates & covers the late 1950s in...

Avison, Margaret

Simma Holt fonds

  • CA UMASC MSS 103-A1990-020, A1990-038, A1990-048
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1941-1989
  • Fait partie de Simma Holt fonds

Simma Holt's collection is arranged under the main series of personal, publications, and politics. Under the series heading of publications, the papers are organized according to her four books: Terror in the Name of God , Sex and the Teen Ag...

Holt, Simma

Kenneth McRobbie fonds

The collection contains McRobbie's poetic and historical endeavors. Included are his poetry, publications, activities and translations. Also included are articles and reviews on his work, and correspondence, which span more than three decades...

McRobbie, Kenneth

Andrew Suknaski fonds

  • CA UMASC MSS 125-A1990-040
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1967-1989
  • Fait partie de Andrew Suknaski

This accession consists of publications containing poetry by Suknaski, or, publications containing reviews or discussion of his work.

Suknaski, Andrew

Thistledown Press Ltd.

The Thistledown Press Ltd. fonds documents all of the activities of this Saskatoon-based literary publishing house from its inception in 1975 until 1985. Its business records consist of daily office journals (1977-1985), budgets, business correspo...

Thistledown Press Ltd.

Fredelle Maynard fonds

  • CA UMASC MSS 136-A1991-010, A1992-012
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • ca.1915-1989; predominately 1932-1989
  • Fait partie de Fredelle Maynard fonds

Fonds consists of materials created throughout the course of Maynard's career as a teacher, writer and journalist. There are also some materials pertaining to her personal life in the form of correspondence and photographs.Fonds were created ...

Maynard, Fredelle

Helen Glass fonds

  • CA UMASC MSS 124-A1991-022
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1957-1990
  • Fait partie de Helen Glass fonds

The papers in the fonds range from the early part of the 1950s to the 1990s and reflect the career of Dr. Helen P. Glass as a nursing educator, researcher, practitioner, and administrator at the provincial, national and international levels.The fo...

Glass, Helen

Dorothy Livesay fonds

  • MSS 37, PC 43, TC 31-A1992-021
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1903-1991
  • Fait partie de Dorothy Livesay fonds

The fonds is divided into eighteen series biographical information, family correspondence, correspondence, bibliographical information, reviews, Livesay's notes, Book-Journey With Myselves, short stories, essays & articles, poetry drafts,...

Livesay, Dorothy

Henry E. Duckworth accrual

  • CA UMASC MSS 119-A1992-061, A1992-067, A1996-098
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1938-1996
  • Fait partie de Henry E. Duckworth fonds

The fonds is comprised of biographical data, correspondence, desk journals, hundreds of speeches and academic papers, University of Manitoba vice-presidential and chancellorship papers, University of Winnipeg president papers and affiliation paper...

Duckworth, H. E. (Henry Edmison)

Eli Mandel fonds

  • CA UMASC MSS 18-A1992-071
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1922-1990, [19-?]
  • Fait partie de Eli Mandel fonds

Includes personal documentation, poetry, prose, academic material, alien files, and correspondence.

Mandel, Eli

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