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Kenn Perkins fonds Série organique
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Demo Reels / Tapes

These demo reels/tapes were designed by Kenn Perkins and Associates to showcase their past jobs to any potential clients interested in knowing the quality of Perkins' work.

AGT / Various Manitoba Jobs

This series includes jobs which Kenn Perkins did for various Manitoba companies, associations, government departments, etc.

K.P.A. (In-House Jobs)

These are jobs which were created for internal reasons (such as K.P.A. promotional) rather than for external clients.

Animation Hotbed

Animation Hotbed is a documentary created by Kenn Perkins highlighting the history of animation in Winnipeg, in which he and his animation company played an important role. Master tapes, disks, scripts, documents, clearances, backup drives and oth...

Smokey the Bear

This is a Smokey the Bear animated PSA created for the Canadian Forestry Association.

K.P.A. Job Books / Manuals

These job books were created to show every job done by K.P.A. from 1977-1998, including Job Number, Client, Title, Date, Cost, etc...

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