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This U-matic tape contains two episodes of the Coming Out! cable access tv program produced by the Winnipeg Gay Media Collective:Cut 1: Interview with Noam Gonick, organizer of Queer Culture Canada and the Festival du Voyeur, on the concepts of Qu...

Winnipeg Gay Media Collective

Unlabeled 09

"1992 GAY & LESBIAN PRIDE PARADE PART 3" by Christopher Street West Association. Pacific Syndication, Burbank, California.

Unlabeled 15

"Los Angeles Pride Parade." Presented by the organization Christopher Street West. Written on a label that says, "CITYCHANNEL VIDEO TAPE."

VC 039

Pennsylvania Lesbian and Gay Task Force Public Service Announcement. Includes: Slides, Closet, Picnic, David, Graduation, Pride '85.


Text: (Front): ‘AIDS Memorial QUILT/THE NAMES PROJECT/ Winnipeg, June 29 – July 1, 1989’Style: T-shirtInk Colour: Pink, Blue, YellowShirt Colour: WhiteImage (Front): Pink background behind text.Material: 100% Cotton.


Text: (Front): ‘PRIDE 92’; (Back): ‘WINNIPEG’S 6th Annual Gay/Lesbian Pride March/ We Are The People In Your Neighbourhood/ Lesbian/Gay Pride Week/ June 20th to 28th. 1992’Style: T-shirtInk Colour: Black, Green, Yellow and PinkShirt Colour: White...

XXXVI Inches of Homo History

Text: (Front): ‘XXXVI Inches of Homo History.’Style: T-shirtInk Colour: BlackShirt Colour: WhiteImage: (Front and Back): Continuous strip of sketched images depicting male homosexuality from antiquity to modern times.Material: 100% Cotton.

Out on the Streets/ August 2nd 1987

Text: (Front): ‘Out on the Streets/ August 2nd 1987’Style: T-shirtInk Colour: Black and PurpleShirt Colour: WhiteImage: (Front): Sketch of stylized people walking on a street chanting and cheering.Material: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester.


Text: (Front): ‘THE LESBIAN AVENGERS’; (Back): ‘DYKE PRIDE’Style: T-shirtInk Colour: BlackShirt Colour: WhiteImage: (Front): Sketch of bomb with a wick encircled by: ‘THE LESBIAN AVENGERS’; (Back): Two sex/gender symbols for female (♀ ) overlappin...

Stonewall ‘25/ it’s a riot

Text: (Front): ‘Stonewall ‘25/ it’s a riot.’Style: T-shirtInk Colour: PurpleShirt Colour: GreyImage: (Front): Sketch of stylized figure of a person outlined in purple, raising one arm up in a muscle displaying style of pose.Material: 98% cotton, 2...


Text: (Front): ‘THE PAINTED LADIES’Style: T-shirtInk Colour: WhiteShirt Colour: BlackImage: (Front): ‘THE PAINTED LADIES’ text only.Material: 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester.

Fort Rouge Dykes

Text: (Front): ‘fort rouge dykes’Style: T-shirtInk Colour: BlackShirt Colour: MaroonImage: (Front): Sketch of stylized woman (head and upper body only) holding up a crescent- shaped symbol below the ‘fort rouge dykes’ text.Material: 50% Cotton, 5...

Lesbian & Gay Pride Week/Winnipeg, 1993

Text: (Front): ‘EQUAL/nothing more/nothing less/ lesbian & gay pride week/Winnipeg, 1993.’ In small text: ‘I. King (’93)’Style: T-shirtInk Colour: Black and PinkShirt Colour: WhiteImage: (Front): Pink triangle placed in between the text of ‘n...


Text: (Front): ‘CELEBRATE OUR DIVERSITY/ PRIDE ‘95’Style: T-shirtInk Colour: Black, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, PurpleShirt Colour: WhiteImage: (Front): Sketch of triangle outlined in pink with text inside. Inside the triangle is a lin...


Text: (Front): ‘Pride’Style: T-shirtInk Colour: Rainbow colours (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Indigo, Violet)Shirt Colour: GreyImage: (Front): Rainbow coloured ‘Pride’ text underlined with rays of colour (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Indigo, Violet)...


Text: (Front): ‘Pride’Style: T-shirtInk Colour: Pink and BlueShirt Colour: White, with blue neck collar and arm collarsImage: (Front): Rainbow coloured ‘Pride’ text underlined with rays of colour (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Indigo, Violet).Materi...


Text: (Front): ‘KILLER DYKE’Style: T-shirtInk Colour: BlackShirt Colour: TanImage (Front): Sketch of woman holding a machine gun, placed in between the text ‘KILLER’ and ‘DYKE.’Material: 100% Cotton.

11th Annual AIDS WALK 97

Text: (Front): ‘11th Annual AIDS WALK 97/Sept 28 STANLEY PARK VANCOUVER.’ In small text: ‘Betty Boot ©Joe Average 1997.’ (Back): ‘CREW’Style: T-shirtInk Colour: Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, BlueShirt Colour: BeigeImage: (Front): Sketch depic...


Text: (Front): ‘AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL/LOVE IS A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT.’Style: T-shirtInk Colour: PinkShirt Colour: BlackImage: (Front): Sketch of large pink triangle with Amnesty International’s symbol (candle with barbed wire) at the center of the tr...

Lesbian and Gay Pride Day/Winnipeg 1988

Text: (Front): ‘Winnipeg July 31, 1988/Lesbian and Gay Pride Day/ PROUD TO BE./HERE TO STAY.’Ink Colour: Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue (Rainbow)Style: T-shirtShirt Colour: WhiteImage: (Front): Sketch of stylized figures of people that appear to be ...


Text: (Front): ILGA [International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association]; (Left Shirt Sleeve): ‘RFSLλ/ 1950 – 1990/40/ÅR/BÖGAR & LESBISKA TILLSAMMANS; (Back): ‘I.L.G.A./ 12th WORLD CONFERENCE/ 12a CONFERENCIA MUNDIAL/12:e VÄR...

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