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Jackson, Frederick Wilbur

The Frederick Wilbur Jackson file contains the following material:

  1. Obits: CMAJ 78:298, 15 Feb 1958 (with picture); MMR 38(2):127, Feb 1958 (2pp)

  2. Faculty questionnaire 1932; copies of student and faculty cards (2pp)

  3. Copies from faculty and student card files (1p)

  4. Article announcing FWJ awarded 1950 gold medal of Prof Institute of the Civil Service, no source (1p)

  5. Publications list incl papers on TB, polio, encephelitis, maternal mortality & medical care (most in Manitoba) c1920-30; incl following complete reprints:(15pp)
    -"Morbidity Survey in the Municipal Doctor Areas in Manitoba" May 1 1938- April 30, 1940",Can Public Health Jour 1941:32:491-502 (pp1-3)
    -"Manitoba's Encephalitis Epidemic, 1941" Question Mark, Dec 1941:4-10 (pp4-7)
    -"Maternal Mortality in Manitoba 1933-1937" (2nd five-year period) (1 reprint pp307-321) (p8)
    -"The Program of Medical Care in Manitoba" (1 reprint pp479-487) (p9)
    -"Medical and Public Health Services in Canada their Recent Extension and Future" (1-8pp reprint) (p10)
    -"The 1936 Epidemic of Poliomyelitis in Manitoba - Control Measures" (1 reprint pp363-375) (p11)
    -"Tuberculosis Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" MMR v36 March 1956 (pp12-15)

Jackson, Frederick Wilbur

James, Elmer Samuel

The Elmer Samuel James file contains the following material:

  1. Obits: MMR 48(2):76, Feb 1968 (1p)

  2. Faculty questionnaire nd (1p)

  3. Copies from faculty and student card files (1p)

  4. Corres between AM Kerr and Royal Coll of Surg of England re EJS (3pp)

  5. Inaugural Address as Honorary President MMSA UMMJ 27: 3-4 1955 (with full page picture) (2pp)

  6. Brief list of publications by ESJ from PubMed, incl 2 articles (4pp)
    -"Fractures of the Shafts of the Radius and Ulna" MMR Jan v31(1):23-24 1951 (pp2-3)
    -"The Treatment of Compound Fractures" MMR Jun-July v30(6) 1950:386 (p4)

  7. Staff record - restricted access (2pp)

MPC 1.0 #89

Jassal, Davinder

The Davinder Jassal file contains the following material:

  1. Brief biog. nd (1p)

  2. "Sleep apnea can damage the heart" WFP 7 July 2007 (1p)

  3. "Breast cancer drug linked to heart failure" WFP 9 Apr 2008 (1p)

  4. "Solving a deadly mystery" WFP insert (St. Boniface Hospital, a Journey of Excellence) nd (1p)

  5. "Millions for research projects" (1p)

  6. Liam J Murphy Young Investigator Award for 2008 Man Med Dean's Edition 2009 (1p)

  7. New Research Days for Undergrads & Postgrads - DJ spoke at awards banquet Man Med Dean's Edition 2009 (1p)

  8. Chat with researchers-Cafe Scientifique Bull v43(15) 4 Feb 2010; UM e-memo 13 Jan 2010 (3pp)

  9. Abstract from poster presentation June 18-19, 2008 (1p)

  10. "Funding injection for Health Research" Bull v43(16) 25 Feb 2010 (1p)

  11. Rh Award Recipient 2009 Bull v44(2) 22 Apr 2010; UM ResearchLIFE Summer 2010 (2pp)

  12. "Study seeks to ease breast-cancer drug risk WFP 4 June 2011
    -FW DuVal Clinical Research professorship
    -Liam J Murphy Young Investigator Award
    See also:
    -File 1.4.9

Jassal, Davinder

Jefferson, Dorothy Marguerite

The Dorothy Marguerite Jefferson file contains the following material:

  1. Obit: UMMJ 56(2):66, 1986; WFP 1986 (2pp)

  2. Copy from student card files (1p)

  3. "Back home after 25 years in India" WFP 12 July 1957: an interview with DMJ (1p)
    See also:
    -File 21.9 Jessie Findlay who was in India with her

Jefferson, Dorothy Marguerite

Jenkins, Roy Bertram

The Roy Bertram Jenkins file contains the following material:

  1. Notice from his daughter of his death; "In memoriam" Man Med 62:38, 1992; from daughter (2pp)

  2. Photocopy of student card (1p)

  3. "Memories of a centenarian" by RB Jenkins Man Med 61:111-112, 1991 (2pp)

Jenkins, Roy Bertram

Johnson, Dwight Lyman

The Dwight Lyman Johnson file contains the following material:

  1. Obit: no source given; CMAJ v107:562. 23 Sept 1972 (2pp)

  2. Copy from student card files (1p)

  3. Notice of Brandon & District Med Assn Meeting, 1940 DLJ as chairman (on same page as the no source obit item.0(1))

  4. "An expression of my philosophy" (1p)

  5. Copies of letters to his classmates 1928, 1929 (4pp)

  6. Wikipedia entry re political career (1p)

  7. Correspondence with Rebecca Shorten (3pp)

Johnson, Dwight Lyman

Johnson, Eyjolfur

The Eyjolfur (Olie) Johnson (Jonsson) file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: CMAJ v108:1032 Apr 21, 1973; WFP 14 Jan 2009 (wife) (2pp)

  2. Copy of student card file (1p)

  3. CMA - Senior Members 103rd Annual General Meeting of CMA program, June 17, 1970; same article with note on name change (3pp)

  4. Copy of 1926 graduation picture Brown & Gold 1926 (1p)

  5. Copies of letters to his classmates 1928 and 1929 (2pp)

  6. Letter to Mrs. Paula Fuller re donation of bone saw who gave the story of his name (see note below (1p)
    Dr. Jonsson was registered at birth in Selkirk. His parents just said "Jonsson" and the clerk, not knowing the Icelandic way, spelled it "Johnson". When Dr. J. received his FRCP from Edinburgh, they spelled it as he had been registered so he thereafter went by "Johnson". All his siblings were registered and went by "Jonsson"

Johnson, Eyjolfur

Johnson, Edward Arni

The Edward Arni Johnson file contains the follwoing material:

  1. Obit.: CMAJ v152:752(5) 1 Mar 1995 (MISSING June 2011)

  2. Copies from faculty and student card files (1p)

  3. Our president 1958-59 MMR 38(10):695, Dec 1958 (with picture) (1p)

  4. CMA - Senior Members 103rd Annual General Meeting of CMA program, 17 June 1970 (1p)

  5. Photocopy of article & picture when President of MMA WFP 10 Oct & Trib 9 Oct 1958 (1p)

  6. Photocopy of group (intern?) picture incl EAJ (brought in by his daughter Cynthia Webster) (1p)

Johnson, Edward Arni

Johnson, George

The George Johnson file contains the following material:

  1. Obit: WFP 10 July 1955 (2); CMAJ v153(12):1793 Dec 15, 1995 (3pp)

  2. In memoriam by AG Rogers (1p)

  3. The late George Johnson by T Oleson WFP July 1995 (1p)

  4. Copy from student card file (1p)

  5. The many lives of a saintly Manitoban by A Fotheringham Maclean’s 24 July 1995 (1p)

  6. An ordinary Joe WFP 22 Jan 1995 (5pp)

  7. Citizens Hall of Fame finds a home in the park WFP 1997 or 1998 (1p)

  8. Order of Canada from Gov Can website 8 July 1995 (1p)

  9. Honorary LLD from UM 1995 Bull v29(4) 31 May 1995; UM website; UM Annual Report 1994-95 (2pp)

  10. Letter from GJ as Lt Governor re Anatomy burials 1991 (1p)
    See also:
    -File 17.3.5a/b MMA Award winners files for biography

MPC 1.0 #269A-B

Johnson, George

Johnson, Percival

The Percival Johnson file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: UMMJ 1983, v53(2); CMAJ, 15 July 1983, v129:188 (2pp)

  2. Copy of student file card (1p)

  3. Order of Canada 1975 from GG website (1p)
    -Order of Canada 1975
    MPC2.0 #117 (4th yr clinic group)

Johnson, Percival

Johnston, Kenneth Clayton

The Kenneth Clayton Johnson file contains the following material:

  1. Faculty questionnaire nd (1p)

  2. Copies from faculty and student card files (1p)

  3. Biographical sketch from MMR 38:452 Aug/Sept 1958 (1p)

  4. Photocopy of article on his speciality Trib Oct 9, 1958 (1p)

Johnston, Kenneth Clayton

Jones, Dennistoun

The Dennistoun Jones file contains the following material:

  1. Obit MMB 54:12 1926; CMAJ v16(3):332 March 1926 (2pp)

Jones, James Robert

The James Robert Jones file contains the following material:

0. Obits: The Canada Lancet 49(7):326, Mar 1916; CMAJ 6(3):249, Mar 1916; Man Free Press 12 Jan 1916; (2pp)
  1. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)

  2. Copy from Founder card file (1p)

  3. Biographical sheet; 2nd entry gives sources: CMAJ 6:249, 1916 & RB Mitchell’s Med in Man Wpg 1955 (1p)

  4. "J.R. Jones" Centennial (Historical) Program: 1883-1983 Fac Med, Univ Man May 1983 (1p)

  5. Copies of 2 biographical sketches: RB Mitchell’s Medicine in Manitoba Wpg 1954; Pioneers & early citizens of Manitoba: a dictionary of Manitoba biography Wpg 1971 pp 108-109 (1p)

  6. History of the Canadian Medical Association 1867-1921 Toronto 1935 (2pp)

  7. "The address in medicine" by JRJ Montreal Med J Sept 1901 (12pp reprint)

  8. Photocopy of biography from Scholfield’s Story of Manitoba 1913 (1p)
    See also:
    File 4.2.1
    -Medicals’ Dinner article from Morning Telegram 21 Dec 1899 for info on JRJ
    File 1.2.1(1)
    -Manitoba Medical College Council minutes for period 3 June 1898 to 29 June 1900 re JRJ’s acting deanship in absence of JW Good: particularly 8 Nov 1899 and 29 June 1900.
    MPC 1.0 #235

Jones, James Robert

Jordan, Larry Michael

The Larry Michael Jordan file contains the following material:

  1. CV c1972 (1p)

  2. Five honored with Rh awards Bull 16:1, 24 Mar 1982; UMMJ 52:49 1982 (picture) (2pp)

  3. Lack of funds curbs research WFP 5 Feb 1989 (1p)

  4. Promising solutions, medical research in Manitoba Wpg Sun 6 Mar 1990, p17 (1p)

  5. Biographical sketch Bull 26(10):4, Oct 8 1992 (1p)

  6. Action Profile: Neuroscience Research 1991 (1p)

  7. Can some nerve tissue be regenerated? Novum Spring ‘95 (2pp)

  8. Publication list 1998 (2pp)

  9. Research accomplishment notes from Spinal Cord Ctr (1p)

  10. "CIHR announces $11 million in new research funding" Bull v39(13) 3 Nov 2005 (1p)
    See also:
    -File 10.2.5(6) for photograph in Action Profile
    MPC 1.0 #131