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Martens, Patricia Joan
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Master’s Degree and PhD. Assignments (1991-1999)

  • Assignment: The British North America Act of 1867 and its effect on the Canadian Health Care System (Patricia Martens, 93.732, January 1993)

  • Assignment: “Achieving Health for All”: a document of the past, a document for the future (Patricia J. Martens, February 26, 1993)

  • Assignment: Long Plain Ethnography Proposal (November 1993) – An Ethnography of Past Infant Feeding Practices and Beliefs in the band community of Long Plain First Nations

  • Assignment: A Critique – “A Randomized Trial of Nurse-Midwifery Prenatal Care to Reduce Low Birth Weight” (Patricia Martens, 93.743 Methods in Health Services Research and Evaluation, March 17, 1993)

  • Assignment: Adolescent Pregnancy: The International Experience (Patricia Martens, November 27, 1992)

  • Assignment: Does the Method of Mandated Supplementation of Early Neonates Affect Breastfeeding Duration? (Epidemiology 93.701 during Master’s degree)

-Correspondence from Professor F. de Toro re: PhD dissertation questions (1999)

Martens, Patricia Joan

Photographs (2005-2011)

-WRHA Day (December 2005)

-Churchill site visit (November 16, 2005), Burntwood (Thompson) site visit (November 18, 2005) - CD

-Unidentified site visit

-Prince George Conference (October 19, 2006), Need to Know Team (October 23, 2006), Rural Day (October 24, 2006) - CD

-Rural Day (October 24, 2006), baby church shower (October 2006), Jennifer Magoon M.Sc. (November 2006) - CD

-Christmas 2004, Need to Know Team (January/February 2005), Birthdays (January 2005) - CD

-Unidentified - CD

-March/April 2005: CHSRF Meeting (Halifax), Rh Award, Wedding Stuff, Law Graduation - CD

-April 2005: Emilie's shower, Central site visit, Brandon site visit, Halifax trip, music - CD

-Assiniboine site visit (June 15, 2005), North Eastman site visit (June 23, 2005) - CD

-Nor-Man (The Pas) visit (October 11, 2005) - CD

-Graduation (June 1, 2005), Pat CIHR Summer Institute (Newfoundland, June 4-10, 2005), Need to Know Team (May 30-31, 2005) - CD

-May 2006: last few days in Italy, Vancouver CPHA trip with Need to Know, Van Brunts in Kleefeld - CD

-June 2006: Need to Know June Meeting, Gary [Martens] at Mueseum, John called to the Bar - CD

-October 2005: Rural Day, Need to Know Team Meeting, Emilie Graduation - CD

-January/February 2005: Ellie funeral, Need to Know Team - CD

-January 2006: Birthday, Need to Know Team - CD

-Manitoba Health Day 2006 (April 21, 2006), Locomotive, Easter 2006 - CD

-John called to the Bar (June 2006), CIHR Summer Institute (June 19-21, 2006) - CD

-CIHR Summer Institute (June 19, 2006) - CD

-Need to Know (October 24, 2011)

-Prince George Rural Conference (October 2006), Need to Know Meeting (October 23, 2006) - negatives

-WRHA Day (January 2007)

-MCHP staff retreat (March 2007)

-Need to Know (June 2007)

-SOS Medicare, Manitoba Health Day (2007?)

-May/June 2008: Rob's graduation, Manitoba Health Day, Need to Know (June 9-10, 2008), Ottawa CAHSPR, Halifax CPHA, house building - CD

-Pharmacy demolition (Summer 2005)

-Need to Know Team meeting (May 31-June 1, 2004)

-Halifax (March? 2005)

-Need to Know (May 30-31, 2005)

-October 2005: Ottawa, Montreal, Banff

-Assiniboine and North Eastman site visits (June 2005)

-Need to Know (January 2005)

-The Pas (October 2005)

-CIHR Summer Institute (June 4-10, 2005)

-Need to Know Team supper (October 23, 2006), Rural Day (October 24, 2006) - negatives

-Need to Know Team -(February 2011?)

-Need to Know Team (June 21-22, 2010)

-Need to Know (February 2010)

-Unidentified Need to Know photos

Martens, Patricia Joan


Patricia Martens' calendars, containing both personal and professional appointments.

Martens, Patricia Joan

Photographs (2001-2006)

-Manitoba Health Day (2006)

-Need to Know (February 2004)

-Trip to Thompson and The Pas (June 2002)

-MCHP Rural Day (October 8, 2002); South Eastman Breastfeeding Committee

-IPPH (CIHR) Student Workshop (Talisman Retreat, north of Toronto) (January 9-11, 2002)

-Need to Know Team (June 3-4, 2002)

-Need to Know (January 15-16, 2002)

-Rural Day and Need to Know Team Day (September 17-18, 2001)

-Need to Know Meetings (February 2003) - negatives

-Med I (2003) and photos of Gary and Patricia Martens in plane

-Need to Know and Rural Day (October 6-7, 2003) - negatives

-Need to Know and Rural Day (2003)

-CIHR Summer Institute (June 2006)

-Manitoba Health Day (March 10, 2004)

-Montreal and Ottawa Conferences, Banff Conferences, John birthday, Martens birthdays (September-October 2005) - negatives

-The Pas site visit (October 2005) - negatives

-The Need to Know Team Meeting (June 4-5, 2001)

-Sudbury, Mom and Dad, Jan Hill, Family pictures from Thanksgiving (October 2004) - CD

-The Need to Know Team Meeting (September 27, 2004)

-Rural Day (September 28, 2004)

-Team Meeting (June 4-5, 2001)

-CIHR (May 11, 2004), WRHA Day (2004), Noralou and Les' Party (May 2004)

-Rural Day and The Need to Know Team (October 2003) - negatives

-Saskatoon and Montreal, Need to Know Team (October-November 2004)

-CIHR Summer Institute - Montreal (June 19, 2006)

-Need to Know, Healnet - Vancouver (February 2002)

-HIR Committee Meeting (January 12, 2001)

Martens, Patricia Joan

Opening of New MCHP Research Laboratory (November 2, 2001)

Invitation to official opening of the new and consolidated data research laboratory (4th floor in Brodie Centre, 727 McDermot Ave., Winnipeg, MB).

List of special guests at official opening of MCHP

Correspondence from Iris Evans (Minister of Alberta Children's Services) to Patricia Martens

Artwork sent as gift from Iris Evans to Patricia Martens

Martens, Patricia Joan

Establishment of MCHP (1991-2011)

Includes contracts between the University of Manitoba and the Government of Manitoba, the original proposal for the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy and Evaluation, material of the development of Community Health Sciences department at the University of Manitoba (including a history written by Brian D. Postl and D.G. Fish), invitation to open house in honour of opening of the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy and Evaluation, a copy of Healthcare Policy (vol. 6, Special Issue: "'Going for Gold': Celebrating 20 Years of Experience in Population-Based Research in Manitoba and Beyond," MCHP Strategic Plan (December 2011), Patricia Martens' business card, and various MCHP brochures.

-Original agreement for establishing Manitoba Centre for Health Policy and Evaluation (February 4, 1991) - between the Government of Manitoba (represented by the Minister of Health) and the University of Manitoba

-Invitation to open house in honour of the opening of the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy and Evaluation

-Draft letter dated July 30, 1991, from Noralou Roos to W.A. Simms, Vice-President of Administration (U of M), requesting accounts to be set up so that contracts can be offered "to permit our beginning operations by Aug. 15, 1990."

-Draft letter dated July 30, 1990, from Noralou Roos to Frank Maynard, Deputy Minister, Manitoba Health indicating signing of contract authorized by John Wade, with funding to cover start-up from April 1990.

-Noralou Roos' notes following October 12, 1989 meeting with Don Orchard, Fraser Mustard, Frank Maynard, Ted Marmer, and Les and Noralou Roos.

-Agenda for November 3, 1989 meeting re: A Centre of Excellence Proposal with Frank Maynard, Dr. John Wade, Dr. Brian Postl, Les and Noralou Roos, Dr. Larry Wiser, and Jody Jones.

-Manitoba Centre for Health Policy & Evaluation: A Proposal of the University of Manitoba (December 1989)

-Proposal for Evaluation of MCHPE and related material, January 31, 1994

-"The Development of the Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Manitoba" by Brian D. Postl and D.G. Fish.

-In Loving Memory of the Mainframe (aka. IMS), October 22, 2007.

-Meetings with Ministers and Deputy Ministers of Health. CIAR Program in Population Health: 5 Year Review. September 1992. CIAR, pp. 40-41.

-A visual history of MCHP and reflection on trends, lessons learned, and future opportunities from 2002 strategic planning meeting.

-Invitation to MCHPE Official Opening, April 4, 1991.

-Consultation Paper: A Centre of Excellence Proposal by Partners for Health, Manitoba Health, November 1989. (Five page document containing early version of organization chart, goals, status, resources, financing (sources), implementation considerations, and timing of deliverables.

-Quality Health for Manitobans: The Action Plan. A strategy to assure the future of Manitoba's health services system. According to Frank Maynard, a key paper by Manitoba Government in 1992, including a central role for Centre-based research.

-Manitoba Centre for Health Policy: Strategic Plan, December 2011.

-Newspaper articles re: establishment of MCHPE.

-Healthcare Policy (vol. 6, Special Issue: "'Going for Gold': Celebrating 20 Years of Experience in Population-Based Research in Manitoba and Beyond," MCHP Strategic Plan (December 2011).

-MCHP brochures.

-Patricia Martens' business card.

Martens, Patricia Joan

Distinguished Professor Degree (University of Manitoba)

"The University of Manitoba on the recommendation of their respective Senates have conferred on Patricia Martens the title of Distinguished Professor in recognition of Outstanding Distinction in Research, Scholarship, and Professional Service and of a Significant Record in Teaching, Dated this 15th day of May, 2014."

Martens, Patricia Joan

Order of Canada

Correspondence detailing Patricia Martens' Order of Canada designation in 2013. Also included is her Order of Canada pin and two photographs of her with the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada.

Martens, Patricia Joan

Awards Programs

Program for The Order of Canada Investiture Ceremony (Rideau Hall, November 22, 2013), card from John Martens & family, letter from Edward Rogers accompanying DVD, University of Manitoba 135th Annual Convocation (2014) programs, Spring Convocation 2014 Luncheon Progam for University of Manitoba, 2012 Una Ridley Health Sciences Lecture (November 21, 2012) pamphlet.

Martens, Patricia Joan

Centre Piece

Includes issue no. 1 (July 1995) to no. 21 (Fall 2009).

"Centre Piece is a publication of the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy."

Martens, Patricia Joan

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