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Henteleff, Paul David

The Paul David Henteleff file contains the following material:

  1. Picture from Wpg Tribune 27 Mar 1979 (1p)
  2. "Terminally ill die with dignity" WFP 28 Sept 1983 (1p)
  3. Canada Volunteer Award Cert of Merit WFP 2 Nov 1995 (1p)
  4. Companion of Hospice award Hosp Companion 14 Nov 2003 (1p)
  5. 3 publications' references (5pp)
  6. Extractions from Family Hospice Care and What is the Role of Hospice in Canada mentioning PDH’s role in palliative care (5pp)
  7. Queen’s Jubilee Medal 2004 (1p)
  8. "Caring until the end" WFP 16 Dec 2006 (2pp)
  9. Create independent national health council- letter to the editor WFP 15 Oct 2003 (1p)
  10. Notices of the 1st Paul Henteleff Lecture in Palliative Care & dinner celebration 5 May 2009 (2pp)
  11. Jocelyn House 25th Anniversary Celebration Luncheon, WFP 20 Nov 2010 (1p)
  12. Copy of student card (1p)

Henteleff, Paul David

Hershfield, Charles Sheppy

The Charles Sheppy Hershfield file contains the following material:

  1. Obit: CMAJ 140:1380 1989 (1p)

  2. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)

  3. Newspaper review of CSH’s book Medical Memories from Wpg paper, nd (1p)

  4. 7 pages photocopied from Medical Memories. This book incl photographs; anecdotres of: A Gibson, JCB Grant, RT McGibbon, E Richter Adamson; med school in 1929, early practice experiences etc (5pp)

  5. Cards used in display (2 cards)

  6. Photocopy of 1979 letter to MH Ferguson with update of his life (3pp)

  7. "Class of '29 - 50 Years Later" UMMJ v49(3)1979 (2pp)
    See also:

    • book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM
    • Father of Earl S Hershfield MD(Man)1950 and of Melvyn Hershfield MD(Man)1963;
    • Father-in-law of David Weinberg MD(Man)1968

Hershfield, Charles Sheppy

Higginson, Henry Ahern

The Henry Ahern Higginson file contains the following materials:

  1. Obit: Daily Nor'Wester 20 June 1895p1 (1p)
  2. "Information re medical men of Manitoba and founders of Medical College" typescript by Anne Frances Harward Higginson, 1938 (2pp)
  3. "Henry Ahern Higginson 1859-1895", typescript (a biographical note by his widow) (6pp)
  4. "Henry Ahern Higginson, MD CM 1856-1895" UMMJ 48(2) 1978 106-8 (3pp)
  5. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)
  6. Corres: MH Ferguson & TB Higginson, 1978-1979; incl material on VA Long artist of HA Higginson portrait (16pp)
  7. Note to MHF, 3 booklets: Dr Henry Ahern Higginson (1856-1895) (8pp); Scarborough Fair Part II (8pp); The Canadian Review Vol II (4pp); Ancestral Notes (pp3-6) (5 items)
  8. Obit.of his wife MMR 212:94 1941 (1p)
  9. Synopsis of HAH’s life, 17 Oct 2006 (1p)

Higginson, Henry Ahern

Hollenberg, Michael Samuel

The Michael Samuel Hollenberg file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: CMAJ 108:359, 1973 (1p)

  2. Faculty questionnaire, nd (2pp)

  3. Copies from faculty and student card files (1p)

  4. Corres between EFE Black & LG Bell re MSH’s status in Dept Med of Wpg Gen Hosp 1956 (2pp)

  5. Publications list (2pp)

  6. Title page of "Radiographic diagnosis of hernia into the lesser peritoneal sac through the foramen of Winslow" Surgery 18(4):498-502, Oct 1945

Hollenberg, Michael Samuel

Houston, Clarence Joseph

The Clarence Joseph Houston file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: CMAJ 135: 395, 1986 (1p)

  2. Copy from student card file (1p)

  3. Publications list (2pp)

  4. "Senior Member" award of Canad Med Assoc, announcement 1967 (1p)

  5. Copies of letters to his classmates, 1927 and 1929 (2pp)

  6. Letter to Mathers re post graduate course in 1934 (4pp)

  7. Letter to Marion Ferguson 1977 (2pp)

  8. "The Houston Clan: A long & enduring line of medical genes" looking back Saskatchewan Medicine looking forward 1905-2005 (2pp)

  9. Biog by GP Marchildon from University of Regina website (1p)
    Sigridur Christianson Houston is his wife
    Clarence Stuart Houston is their son

Houston, Clarence Joseph

Houston, Clarence Stuart

The Clarence Stuart Houston file contains the following material:

  1. Copy from student card files (1p)

  2. Previous catalogue sheet; Manitoba author (1p)

  3. Corres re CSH’s books 1975-1994 (16pp)

  4. Book review: Birds of the Saskatchewan River Wpg Tribune 19 Sept 1959 (1p)

  5. Miscellaneous corres (volunteering to speak, 1983; on libraries with AM Kerr 1980) (4pp)

  6. Review by CSH of The Birds of Alberta in The Blue Jay 17(1):43 Mar 1959 (3pp)

  7. Reports of bird sightings at Yorkton by CSH The Blue Jay 17(2):58 June 1959 (3pp)

  8. 3 articles by CSH in The Blue Jay 17(3):93-94,106-107, Sept 1959 (5pp)

  9. "The Birds of the Yorkton District, Saskatchewan" Can Field Naturalist 63(6) Nov-Dec 1949 (1 booklet pp215-241)

  10. Brief CV sent in for his class reunion 1979 (2pp)

  11. Update sent in for his class reunion 2001 and letter to MMCF (1p)

  12. Announcement of three awards Man Med 61: 114 1993 (with picture) (1p)

  13. Note about his work on TA Patrick, M.D. UMMJ 48: 49 1978

  14. Announcement of his new book: Steps on the road to Medicare: Why Saskatchewan Led the Way 2002 (1p)

  15. Letter re gift in honour of his parents Sigga and Clarence (2pp)

  16. Reprint of his article on "TB training for med students" Man Med (2pp)

  17. CV Dec 10, 2001 (35pp)

  18. Letters nominating him for the Distinguished Alumni Award (not awarded) (11pp)

  19. Advertisement re CSH publication: Tommy's Team: The People Behind the Douglas Years WFP 9 Oct 2010 (1p)

  20. Entry in Canadian Who’s Who 2001, vol XXXVI: 614 (1p)

  21. Corres with J Lovell, 16 May 2001; 11 Oct 2001 (2pp)

  22. List of All-Time Recoveries by Species - birds banded by CS and MI Houston to 2000 (1p)

  23. Letter CSH to AM Kerr 21 Sep 2002 re BJ Brandson portrait; letter re 2002 Breeding Bird Survey on back (see BJ Brandson file 21.9) (1p)

  24. Article on CSH in "Heart & Soul", CMAJ, 19 Sept 2000, 163(6) (1p)

  25. Christmas letter, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 (8pp)

  26. "The Houston Clan: A long & enduring line of medical genes" looking back Saskatchewan Medicine looking forward 1905-2005 (2pp)

  27. Order of Canada, OC, 21 Oct 1992 Gov Gen website; CMAJ 1993,148(6):1036 (latter also incl. Order of Merit from Saskatchewan) (2pp)

  28. "Win-Win... Stuart & Mary Houston" Nature Canada News Fall 2008 (with picture) (1p)

  29. "Heartening look at bleak message - re birding; book review WFP 1 Mar 2009 (1p)

  30. Biog by J Frank Roy from University of Regina website (1p)

  31. News releases etc. of CSH’s part in various books (5pp)
    -See book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM
    -Son of Clarence Joseph and Sigridur Christianson Houston

Houston, Clarence Stuart

Hutton, William A B

The William A.B. Hutton file contains the following material:

  1. Material sent to and corres with Dr Lyle Hutton re WABH 1980 (24pp)

  2. Photocopies of 1896 and 1898 graduating classes showing Prof Hutton and Registrar Hutton (2pp)

  3. The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore by WABH The Northern Lancet and Pharmacist 4:290-292, Sept 1890 (3pp)

Hutton, William A. B.

Earn, Albert Abraham

The Albert Abraham Earn file contains the following material:

  1. Obit: WFP 23 Mar 1995 (with picture); CMAJ v152(12) (2pp)
  2. CV (4pp)
  3. Copy of faculty and student cards (1p)
  4. News clippings: Neil John Maclean Award, a Wpg paper, 1949; Distinguished Service award CMAJ 120:1455, June 9 1979; Profiles CMAJ 126(9):1096, 1 May 1982; (1p)
  5. Publications list (5pp)
  6. Letter from Owen-Flood re use of Pentothal (2pp)

Engen, Elgin Sidney

The Elgin Sidney Engen file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: CMAJ v133(2) 15 July 1985 (1p)
  2. Copy of student card ; also incl UMMJ Jul 55(2):111, 1985 obit & CMAJ obit as above (1p)
  3. Photocopy of handwritten autobiography prepared for reunion May 1983, (8pp)
  4. "In retrospect" paper about first year by Engen as a second year medical student (2pp)

Engen, Elgin Sidney

Fawcett, John B

The John B Fawcett file contains the following material:

  1. Obit: JAMA (1p)
  2. Copy from faculty card file (2pp)
  3. Biography Centennial Program 1883-1983 Univ Man, Faculty Med , May 1983 (1p)
  4. Forty-five years ago today MMB May 1929 (1p)
  5. "John Fawcett - the fourteenth man" by I Mayba UMMJ 66:73-74 1996 (1p)
  6. Excerpt from Reflections 1882-1982 A Community History of the rural Municipality of Turtle Mountain and the Town of Killarney (2pp)

Fawcett, John B

Ferguson, Alexander Hugh

The Alexander Hugh Ferguson file contains the following material:

  1. Obits: JAMA 28 Oct 1911; Boston Med & Surg J 165:665 1911; CMAJ v1:1221, Dec 1911; v2:250, Mar 1912, (4pp)

  2. Copy from faculty card file (1p)

  3. Biographical sketch Chicago Med Bull 1 Nov 1900; Academy of Med Centennial map 1967 (7pp)

  4. Biographical sketch collated from a number of cited sources (1p)

  5. "Master Surgeons of America: Alexander Hugh Ferguson" by NJ Maclean SGO May 1926, pp721-723; original typescript in NJM file, Folder 2 (3pp booklet)

  6. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)

  7. Corres between AM Kerr & DW Timms on the Ferguson Angiotribe forceps (2pp)

  8. WGH directors against Dr Ferguson Northern Lancet and Pharmacist Apr v5(1) 1892 (4pp)

  9. Biographical notes from RB Mitchell’s Medicine in Manitoba Wpg 1954 (1p)

  10. "Alexander Hugh Ferguson 1853-1911" by RB Mitchell & CC Ferguson Can J Surg 6(104) 1963 (4pp)

  11. Pioneers and early citizens of Manitoba. A dictionary of Manitoba biography, Wpg 1971 (1p)

  12. "A patient and his pioneer doctors" by TK Thorlakson WCQ 20(1&2):39-41, Dec 1967 (3pp)

  13. 5 cards from various Manitoba Authors’ displays (5 cards)

  14. "Nation should control marriage" Wpg paper 17 Feb 1909 (4pp)

  15. 3 publications lists (one handwritten, 2 typed); 1 reprint "Hydatids of the Liver" Northwestern Lancet 1893 (4pp+ 29pp booklet)

  16. 5 x 7 card noting his son’s address (Dr. Alex. Donald Ferguson) (1 card)

  17. Clipping of picture and biography from CC Ferguson’s One Hundred Years of Surgery (4pp)

  18. Hosp reports (JE Calder) Northern Lancet Dec 1889 re Compound Fracture Tibia & Fibula; Jan 1890 re Willie Trump's brain surgery Dec 1889 (1 photo + 2pp)

  19. Notice re Commander, Order of Christ in Portugal in JE Farewell's Prominent People of Ontario County pub 1907 (1p)

  20. Three articles: AHF comments on "Radical Cure of Inguinal Hernia in Children" as discussed at 69th Annual meeting of BMA 1901; 2 publications references; all BMJ 7 Sept 1901, 2:602; 8 Nov 1902, 2:1510; 10 Nov 1906, 2:1267 (3pp)

  21. AHF, An Address Presented to the Departing Physician..." Daily Nor'Wester 18 June 1894 (1p)

  22. Ad for Dr MB Ferguson successor to his brother AH Ferguson Daily Nor'Wester 18 Aug 1894
    See also:

    • JO Todd file for good description of Willie Trump's skull fracture and operation
    • Book in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM Technic of modern operations for hernia
    • Note on back of photo in MPC 1.0 #13 by AHF (re Willie Trump)

Ferguson, Alexander Hugh

Fergsuon, George Gordon

The George Gordon Ferguson file contains the following material:

  1. Obits. BC Med J 4: 258 1962; CMAJ 86:995 1962 (2pp)
  2. Copies of letters to Ida Armstrong, 1926-39 (donated by Rosemary Malaher - Ida’s niece); incl copy of article from WFP 5 July 1928 re "Caring for the sick along Hudson Bay Railway) (48pp)
  3. Info from student card (1p)
  4. "Class of '29 - 50 Years Later UMMJ v49(3)1979 (2pp)
  5. Sask Health Survey 1949-51 The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan (on-line) (1p)
    See also:
    Marion H. Ferguson, his sister

Ferguson, George Gordon

Fryer, Irvin Offero

The Irvin Offero Fryer file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: CMAJ 136:1215, 1 June 1987; wife's obit, unknown source cNov 1973 (2pp)
  2. Chief Coroner Dr IO Fryer retires; new act changes regulations for inquests CMAJ 104:455-456, 1971 (1p)
  3. "96 year old former Winnipegger beats age with golf score" Seniors Today 1(34), 3 Nov 1982; UMMJ 53(1):40-41, 1983 (2pp)
  4. Photocopy "Century-old doctor prescribes regular doses of work and play" WFP Jan 18/86 (1p)
  5. Copy of student card (1p)

Fryer, Irvin Offero

Gilmour, Clifford Rogers

The Clifford Rogers Gilmour file contains the following materials:

  1. Obits.: WFP 5 Aug 1952; CMAJ v67:274 Sept 1952 (2pp)
  2. Appreciation written by LG BEll and published in WFP 5 Aug 1952; also UMMJ 1939) 11:8-9 WCQ 6(1) Mar 1953 with coronachs by Bell &Thorlakson, incl photo (13pp)
  3. Faculty questionnaire nd (1p)
  4. Copy from faculty card file (1p)
  5. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)
  6. Copy of cards used in Manitoba Authors display (1p)
  7. Bibliography WCQ 6(1) Mar 1953; Publications list incl title page or 1st page of reprint (7pp)
  8. Reprint of Inaugural address 1932 (reprint also contains Valedictory address by MJ Ormerod & Lister Day address by WA Gardner) (1-19pp reprint)
  9. Memorial Issure dedicated to CRG WCQ v6(1) March 1953 (1 copy WCQ plus material from it only pertinent to CRG) (1-41pp booklet + 14pp)
  10. Corres A Thornton-Trump/ S Doyle 9 Sept 2008 (1p)
  11. Cameron-Gilmour Memorial Lecture; poster from Internal Medicine: Endocrinology (1p)
    See also:
    • Book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

      MPC 1.0 #395

Gilmour, Clifford Rogers

Goodwin, Robert M

  1. Obit.: MMB v84(4) 1928; CMAJ v19(3):384 Sept 1928 (2pp)
    Robert M is the father of Alexander McLean and grandfather of David A (MD(Man)1959)

Goodwin, Robert M

Gorrell, James Alfred

  1. Obits.: CMAJ (1964) 64:371
  2. Faculty questionnaire and accompanying letter, 1928 (2pp)
  3. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)
  4. Am Coll Surgeons Fellowship certificate 1929 (1 cert)
  5. CPS(Manitoba) Registration certificate 1912 (1 cert)
  6. WGH appointment as Life Governor 1920 (1 cert)
  7. Medical Council of Canada registration 1923 (1 cert)
  8. List of certificates and documents held with location noted (see Archives cupboard for large ones) (1p)
    James A and W Russell are brothers

Gorrell, James Alfred

Greenberg, Arnold Harvey

Folder 1:

  1. Obit.: WFP 13, 18 Feb 2001, Faculty e-mail; Senate; In Memorian, UM Senate Feb 2001; Cell Death & Differentiation (2001) 8, 441-2; 2001 NRC Canada; Nature Cell Biology v3 Apr 2001 (7pp)
  2. Copy from student card file (1p)
  3. Biographical article, "Child Health Research in Manitoba" by JM Gerrard, B Doan, O Woodford (3pp)
  4. Three staff honored for outstanding careers UM Bull 32(4) 21 May 1998 (1p)
  5. Innovative cancer researcher honored by JM Gerrard, Children’s Hosp Research Fdn Focus 19(1):3, Winter, 1991; reprinted in Man Med 61:123 1991 (2pp)
  6. Action profile on AHG 1991 (1p)
  7. Article and picture with students clipping from UM Research Review 1999 (1p)
  8. Article and picture re Directorship of Margaret Sellers Chair. Cancer Care Man booklet 2000 (1p)
  9. Picture from UM Annual Report 1988-89 (1p)
  10. "Cell growth hormone may be the key" photocopy from Teddy News Nov 1988 (1p)
  11. Documentation re appointment as provost in the Order of the Buffalo 2000 (9pp)
  12. Nomination and appointment as Canada Research Chair, 2000 and 2001; Med Ann Rept 1999-2003 (9pp)
  13. "Legacy of Inspiration brings Canadian Superstar to Winnipeg" CancerCare MB news release 4 Oct 2001 (2pp)
  14. Appointed Research Scholar at National Cancer Institute of Canada 1979 (4pp)
  15. Appointment & reappointment Research Associate of Nat’l Cancer Institute of Canada 1982 (3p)
  16. Named National Cancer Institute Terry Fox Cancer Research Scientist 1985 (1p)
  17. Update for the 35th reunion of his class of ‘65 (3pp)
  18. Sigma Xi, Manitoba Chapter, Senior Scientist Award 1993 (2pp)
  19. Copy of nomination by NR Anthonisen for membership in Royal Society of Canada, 1997 (2pp)
  20. Appointment as Distinguished Professor 1998 (4pp)
  21. CV 2001 (19pp)
  22. "Dr Arnold Greenberg Lectureship", 2007 poster (1p)
  23. Notice of Cdn Soc for Immunology (CSI) Cinader Award 1997 (1p)
  24. Notices from UM Annual Report 1995-96 re grants and RHAMM gene (MISSING APR 2011)
    Folder 2
  25. Staff record: restricted access (149pp)
    • Provost, Order of the Buffalo Hunt, 1999
    • Distinguished Professor, 1998
      See also:
      file 17.3.5a/b MMA Award winners files for biography

      MPC 1.0 #320B

Greenberg, Arnold Harvey

Gunn, William Robert Lynn

  1. Obits.: BC Med J 7(2):78, Feb 1965; MMR 45(3):191, Mar 1965; CMAJ v92 17 Apr 1965; one unattributed (3pp)
  2. Copy from student card files (1p)
  3. Publications list (2pp)
  4. Copies of three typewritten letters written to his class 1926-28 (3pp)

Gunn, William Robert Lynn

Guttormsson, Peter Bergvin

  1. Obit.: probably WFP Jan 1995; CMAJ v152(12) 15 June 1995 (2pp)
  2. Student card (1p)
  3. PBG’s Certificate of Merit in Bacteriology of the Second Year 1924/25 (1 card)
  4. Catalogue #126 Old Medical Books are full of life... from the Old Hickory Bookshop 31 East 10th Street (7th floor), New York City 3, ALgonquin 4-3950 (booklet of 67pp)
    • obituary, card and catalogue donated by D. Salin Guttormsson 21 Oct 2002

Guttormsson, Peter Bergvin

Haworth, James Chilton

The James Chilton Haworth files contain the following material:
Folder 1:

  1. Copy from faculty card file (1p)

  2. Biographical sketch Child Health Research in Manitoba (1993) (3pp)

  3. Appt as Head of Pediatrics: Wpg Tribune 14 Sept 1979; WFP 6 Oct 1979; Bull 14(5):2, Oct 1979; UMMJ 49: 117-8 1979 (3pp)

  4. Professor Emeritus UM Bull 28(4), 1 & 2 June 1994; WFP 2 June 1994; News release from University Relations & Information; Alumni Journal v54(3) 1994 (MISSING May 2011) (3pp)

  5. 4 newspaper clippings: (5pp)

    • Pregnant smokers may harm babies Wpg Tribune 19 May 1977; (pp1-2)
    • 2 pictures from Wpg Tribune 19 May 1977 & 4 June 1977; (p3)
    • "Cow’s milk bad for infants:MD" Wpg Tribune 29 Mar 1978; (p4)
    • "Infant screening program has save $12 million:MD" Wpg Tribune 24 Jan 1979 (p5)
  6. Clipping with picture Childrens Hosp Research Fdn Ann Report 1979 (1p)

7.CV 2004 (19pp)

  • unpub paper on Medovy by JCH read to Hist Med Club (in Medovy 21.9 file)
    Folder 2:
    "Up to half-time; the early memories of James C Haworth" (bound book of 199pp)

MPC 1.0 #118

Haworth, James Chilton

Hay, Arthur Wesley Stanley

The Arthur Wesley Stanley Hay file contains the following material:

  1. Obits: MMR 25(2):64,1945; CMAJ 52:314 1945, u>PHTT A #91 40/05 (includes picture); A place of honour Manitoba’s War dead commemorated in its geography p.176 (notes that Hay Peninsula on Munroe Lake was named in his honour) (3pp)
  2. Faculty questionnaire, 1935 (1p)
  3. Copy of faculty and student cards (1p)
  4. Publications list (incl 1st page of each publication) (5pp)
  5. Letter Hay to McLeod re possibility of doing research project Sep 25, 1928 (1p)
  6. Entry from A Place of Honour, Manitoba’s War Dead Commemorated in its Geography p176 (1p)
  7. VAC Remembers (Veterans Affairs Canada website) - incl corres re this site and material provided to it via Capt Craig Cameron, military chaplain to (25) Field Ambulance corps from the Faculty of Medicine Archives, UM; incl UM MDs: A Cherry, HE Dickson, HK Groff, JW Kippen, HL Marantz, JM McDiarmid, JA McFadden, DS Noble, GD Oliver (13pp)
  8. Staff record: restricted access (3pp)
    • Medallist in Jr. Anatomy; 2nd in Sr. Anatomy as noted in general appts file, 12 Sep 1928 corres

Hay, Arthur Wesley Stanley

HayGlass, Kent T

The Kent T HayGlass file contains the following material:

  1. CV c1991 (5pp)
  2. Cooperation is the key MRC Scientist, Honouring our Best (with picture) (1p)
  3. Six researchers from medicine, agriculture & Physical education win prestigious Rh awards for 1997 UM Bull 27 March 1997 (1p)
  4. Canada Tier I Research Chair award June 2001, in immune regulation; from Govt Canada website; Faculty of Medicine Annual Report 1999-2003; UM Bull Jul 19 2001; Renewal announcements Tier I CRC website Apr 2008; UM website 10 June 2008 (10pp)
  5. Colour picture from UM Ann Report 2001-2 (1p)
  6. Article from Focus on Health 2003 (1p)
  7. Announcement of training program in asthma UM Bull 20 Jun 2002; Manitoba, BC engage in major asthma study WFP 9 Jan 2003 (2pp)
  8. "Teamwork Pays Dividends for Breathing Researchers" Man Inst of Child Health 2005 (2pp)
  9. Med-all e-mail from Dean re KTH and his headship end 7 July 2007 (1p)
  10. "Trio of research directors have kids at heart" Man Inst Child Health supplement to WFP 27 Sep 2008; Dir Research, Grants & Research Support Man Inst Child Health supplement to WFP 2010; (2pp)
  11. "Fostering and mentoring students in a team environment" MICH supp WFP 1&2 Oct 2008 (1p)
  12. "Reacting to an allergic epidemic" Fac Med Annual Report 2005-2006 (1p)
  13. "Immuno-regulatory effects of kerantinyte Growth Factor" Medicine Annual Report 2006-2007 (1p)
  14. Poster for CIHR Scientific Forum KTHG giving scientific presentation 19 May 2009 (1p)
    • Canada Research Chair in Multiple Disease Relevance Tier I 2001
    • Cinader Award for Lifetime Research Achievement from Can Soc for Immunology (see also file1.4.9)

HayGlass, Kent T

Hollenberg, Abraham

The Abraham Hollenberg file contains the following material:

  1. Obits: CMAJ 77:169, 15 July 1957; MMR 37:473 Aug/Sept 1957; UMMJ 29: 2-3 1957 (picture) (1p)
  2. Faculty questionnaire nd (1p)
  3. Copies from faculty and student card files (1p)
  4. Tribute to Abraham Hollenberg by LG Bell: copy from UMMJ 29(1):3, 1957 (see item 0 above); handwritten LG Bell ms with Mrs Hollenberg’s note of thanks (4pp)
  5. Picture from 1920 Brown and Gold with caption (1p)
  6. The theory and treatment of diabetes mellitus UMMJ 1:25, Dec 1929; 1:64, Jan 1930 (9pp booklet)
  7. Publications list (with title page or 1st 2pp) (4pp)
  8. Inaugural address welcoming the new class in medicine of 1956 UMMJ 28:3-4 1956 (1p)
  9. Letters, etc. re appt at StB (26pp)
  10. Note on address as Honorary Pres MMSA 1948 (1p)
  11. Staff record: restricted access (2pp)
    See also:
    • Artifact #91: - Plaque, bronze: "This collection dedicated to the memory of Abraham Hollenberg MD 1900-1957 by the members of his family,& reserved for the use of students in the Faculty of Medicine"

      MPC 1.0 #71

Hollenberg, Abraham

Hollenberg, Charles Herbert

The Charles Herbert Hollenberg file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: WFP 8 Apr 2003; G&M 8/9 Apr 2003; Toronto Star 9 June 2003 (6pp)

  2. CV 1996 (14pp)

  3. Honorary degree 1983: A Naimark’s presentation to Chancellor; Nine honorary degrees:tributes to scholarship and public service Bull 17(18):2 25 May 1983; UMMJ 53(2):56 1983 (7pp)

  4. Letter from CS Houston and reply asking for cv etc. for History of Medicine Day 1996 (2pp)

  5. "Fuel homeostasis and the nervous system" Plenum Press 1991 (2pp)

  6. "The effect of health care reform on academic medicine in Canada" CMAJ 154:1483-1489 1996 (3pp)

  7. Announcement of lecture re 1999 Gairdner Fdn’s Wightman Award (1p)

  8. "Welcome to the class of 1996" UMMJ 63: 65-66 1993 (with picture) (1p)

  9. Canadian Hall of Fame induction sheet, 2003 (3pp)

  10. Copy of short sketch published in Canad Doctor 51(6):34 June 1985 (1p)

  11. Copy of student card (1p)
    -Order of Canada 1990
    -Honorary DSc 1983(Man)

MPC 1.0 #81 A-C

Hollenberg, Charles Herbert

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