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Hollenberg Family

The Hollenberg Family file contains the following material:(br>

  1. "Lots of doctors in the house" WFP 11 July 1996 (2pp)

  2. The Hollenberg Brothers Jewish Post and News 11 Sept 1996; also typescript & letter from AM Kerr (11pp)

  3. Dorothy: Brief biographical note on Dorothy Hollenberg UMMJ 44(1), 1974; obit: prob WFP c Apr 1990 (2pp)

  4. Joseph: Obit: prob WFP cOct 1989; student card; 1928 letter to his classmates; obit (daughter) prob WFP cJuly 1992 (4pp)

  5. Esther: Obit: of Esther Gorsey Hollenberg WFP 9 May 1960; MMR (1960) 40: 481 (MISSING May 2011); student card; (3pp)

  6. Jacob: Obits: Man Med Spring 2000; WFP c20/28 July 1999; G&M 31 July 1999; photo MPC 1.0 #333; student card (5 items)

  7. Ida Esther Gersey (2nd wife of Jacob): Obit: WFP 8 Jan 2006 (1p)

  8. Stanley: Obit: of Stanley Hollenberg WFP June 1998 (1p)

  9. Murray: 40th reunion update 2000; student card (4pp)

  10. Barbara Kaufman: student card (1p)

  11. Joan Gobel: student card (1p)

  12. Staff records: restricted access
    -Michael Samuel

MPC 1.0 #333 (Jacob)

Hollenberg, Norman Kenneth

The Norman Kenneth Hollenberg file contains the following material:

  1. CV 1996 (32pp)

  2. Letter from CS Houston and reply asking for cv etc. for History of Medicine Day 1996 (2pp)

  3. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)

  4. Cards used in Manitoba author display (4pp)

  5. Copy from student card file (1p)

  6. Newspaper clipping: "Winnipeg MD winner of medal in Medicine from RCPS(C)" MMR v49(5) May 1969 WFP 30 Dec 1968; (2pp)

  7. "We proudly present... biographical sketch of alumni" Man Med College Fdn Newsletter Feb 1997 (1p)

  8. Title pages of two of NKH’s books: (2pp)
    -Management of Hypertension: a Multifactorial Approach Butterworths, 1987;
    -Atlas of Heart Diseases, Hypertension: Mechanisms and Therapy CM Current Medicine, Philadelphia, 1995 (1p)

  9. Update sent in for his class reunion (1p)

  10. Intro of NKH as Arthur C. Corcoran Memorial Lecturer 1999 Hypertension 2000;35:524) (2pp)

  11. Intro of NKH to his speech on "Angiotensin Receptor Blockade in the Kidney: Importance..." from (1p)

  12. Biog of NKH from http://www/ (1p)
    See also:
    Book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

MPC 1.0 #250

Hollenberg, Norman Kenneth

Hudson, John Edward

The John Edward Hudson file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: WFP May 21, 2003; WFP 21 Feb 2009 (wife) (2pp)

  2. Copy of student card (1p)

  3. "Our president 1956-1957" MMR (1957) p117 (with picture) (1p)

  4. Note in Manitoba Heart Fdn 30th Anniversary Celebrate 9 Oct 1986 (1p)

  5. Short biog of JEH by A Hill, Ottawa-Carleton Dist School Board system, nd (1p)

  6. Announcement of Order of Canada WFP 15 Feb 2001; G&M 16 Feb 2001; UM Annual Report 2000-2001; Governor-General’s website; "Hamiotans proud to be called Dr. Ed’s babies" WFP 25 Feb 2001 (5pp)

  7. Biography - unknown origin and date (1p)

  8. Note on Hamiota centre in letter from Beamish (1p)

  9. Don Hudson’s recommendation of his father for honorary degree, with attachments (incl biog material on ED Hudson too) (14pp)

  10. Picture and brief bio from 2006 Heart and Stroke Foundation pamphlet (1p)

  11. Staff record - restricted access (18pp)

  12. "Dr. Karen Juce-A Real Rural Advocate" short article re both EDH & JEH Off Rural & North Health Newsletter v1(1) Sept 2004 (1p)
    See also:
    -File 21.10.15, page on Hamiota Hlth Centre and the Hudsons
    -File 17.3.5a/b MMA Award winners files for biography
    -Order of Canada 2001
    -MMA Pres 1956-57
    -Father is Edward Dunbar Hudson

Hudson, John Edward

Richman Eisenstat, Janice

The Janice Eisenstat file contains the following material:

  1. Cited as mentor of Aleksandra Leligdowicz 2004 Rhodes Scholar On Manitoba April 2004 (1p)
  2. "Science fair whiz kids capture gold" WFP 22 May 2004 (1p)
  3. UofM researchers awarded CIHR POP grants On Manitoba 2004 (1p)
    See also:
    File 1.4.9
    Item 2. Eisenstat, David

Eisenstat, Janice

Elkin, Samuel James

The Samuel James Elkin file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: MMR 28(3):154 1948 (MISSING Mar 2011); CMAJ 58(4):413, Apr 1948 (1p)
  2. Faculty questionnaire nd (1p)
  3. Copy of student card (1p)
  4. Teaching appointments list (1p)
  5. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)
  6. Three letters of appointment signed by ES Popham (3pp)
  7. 6 registration and attendance cards: Practical Anatomy, Physiology, Materia Medica, Chemistry, Anatomy, Registration. All from 1890-91. Gives no. of classes attended (6 cards)
  8. Letter of thanks from A Naimark to Mrs JR Deacon for her donation to the Archives, 1977 (1p)
  9. A medical student of the 90’s by SJE: typed ms, 1942 (9pp)
  10. A medical student of the 90’s MMR 24(12):349-351, Dec 1944 incl anecdotes re RL Morrison, JO Todd, WJ Neilson and AR Baird (3pp)

Elkin, Samuel James

England, William Stephen

The William Stephen England file contains the following material:

  1. Copy of faculty card (1p)
  2. Manitoba Anatomists by RB Mitchell Can J Surg 11:123-134, Apr 1968 (1p)
  3. Medical Memoranda: A teacher of anatomy: Dr WS England MMR 37(8):575, Oct 1957 (2pp)
  4. Letter from JW Lawrence to WSE, 14 Nov 1896 re some books he claimed to own (1p)
  5. Synopsis of WSE’s life, 17 Oct 2006 (1p)

    MPC 1.0 #84

England, William Stephen

Fahrni, Gordon Samuel

The Gordon Samuel Fahrni file contains the following material:
Folder 1

  1. Obits.: CMAJ 153: 1773-5, 1995 & v154(8):1265 15 Apr; 1996; Prairie Med J 66: 44-5 1996; The Province Nov 7, 1995; WFP 7 Nov 1995; CMA News 1995 (2); not attributed ; Inter-Com Jan 1996 (11pp)
  2. Faculty questionnaire, copy faculty & student cards (2pp)
  3. Birthday news and profiles: at 93: CMAJ v123 22 Nov 1980; at 94: CMAJ v125 1 July 1981; at 97: Vanc Sun 11 Jan 1985, WFP 30 Jan 1985, BC Med J v27(1) Jan 1985, UMMJ v55(2) 1985; at 98: Can Doctor Oct 1985; at 100: CMAJ v136 1 April 1987, 15 June 1987; Annals RCPSC v20(3) May 1987, Vanc Prov 13 Apr 1987; at 101: Metro One 29 June 1988, Vanc Prov 7 June 1988; at 102: WFP 30 Sept 1989; at 105:WFP 26 Nov 1992, UM Alumni J v53(1) Winter 1993; at 106: Vanc Prov cApril 1993, Canad Press [n.d.]; at 107: The Province Apr 13, 1994; unidentified source; at 108: Med Post 8 Aug 1995; (30pp)
  4. Elected President American Society for the Study of Goitre MMB c1927 (1p)
  5. CMA President Elect (with picture) Wpg Trib Jun 26, 1941 (2pp)
  6. CMA Special medal of service: CMAJ 122: 952, 1980; handwritten note to John Wade with copy of his acceptance speech [2 p - typescript] August 26, 1987 (5pp)
  7. "Gordon Fahrni becomes BCMA’s first honorary president" CMAJ 136:1301, 1987 (1p)
  8. Picture of him at Centennial Grand Rounds 1:4, 1983 & cover picture Prairie Med J Spring 1966 (2pp)
  9. Letters re nomination to Order of Canada (Cecil Robinson and John Wade) (5pp)
  10. "The CMA archives wants your papers" [note about Dr. Fahrni giving his papers and memorabilia to the CMA Archives] CMAJ 139:157 1988 (1p)
  11. Cover (with picture) & copy of title page of his Prairie Surgeon 1976; Catalogue entry for Dafoe MS collection; & review of book Wpg Tribune Aug 28, 1976 (4pp)
  12. Bibliography [received 1980]; list of reprints; signed first page of his "Presidential Address on the neglected side of medicine"; brief biog of GSF by MH Ferguson also listing two phots (MPC 1.0 no.085 & MPC 2.0 no. 114) (8pp)
  13. "A Medical Account of the Red River Flood - 1950" by GSF CMAJ v63:331-336, Oct 1950 (6pp)
  14. Letters of thanks re donated clippings featuring GSF (2pp)
    See also:
    • Personal and professional papers of Gordon S Fahrni Dafoe Library MSS SC25
    • See book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM
    • 22.1.4 Videocassette: Interview on Westside Profiles, 28 February 1985 (2 tapes)
      Gordon Paton Fahrni is GSF's son
      W Harry Fahrni MD(Man)1940 & Brock Minaker Fahrni MD(Man) 1938 are GFS's nephews
      Folder 2:
  15. Corres between GF & Audrey Kerr 1978-95 (some of his letters have been transcribed & typed & are with the originals; some sketches referred to are in the biographical filed under the subject’s name); (118pp)
    • "Some contributions of Canadian medicine during World War II (typescript) (pp1-7)
    • "Sketch of John O. Todd" (pp17-18)
    • "Sketch of Julius E Lehmann" (pp21-22)
    • "Presentation by Dr. Gordon Fahrni" (on HB Chown' s being made Honorary Fellow RCPS) (pp29-32)
    • "Re: The Centennial Program on the Manitoba Medical School" (pp37-45)
    • Corres with CC Ferguson re his book (pp47-54)
    • "Memories of Neil John Maclean" (pp77-79)
    • Corres re Mastery of Surgery (ChM degree) (pp88-94)
    • Letter dated 22 June 1994 re photograph donation of 1908 MMSA Executive (p101)
    • Corres I Carr/RE Beamish re History of Manitoba Medical School (pp84, 87-88, 98-101, 104)
  16. More corres GSF to Carr/Beamish: 1993-94; incl mini biog of: BJ Brandson, OS Waugh, AT Mathers; W Bigelow; SW Prowse; MR MacCharles; B Bjornson; NJ Maclean; JA Gunn; G Bell; J Halpenny; PHT Thorlakson; HH Chown; W Webster; EW Montgomery; A gibson; AH Ferguson; HB Chown; p.2(20) incl on its back acopy of GSF's article: "The beginning of the Manitoba District Medical Societies - 1923" pub Man Med 1987 (35pp)
  17. Transcript of "Interview with Doctor Gordon Fahrni Conducted by Mrs. Jean Morrison" (42pp)
    Folder 3:
  18. Letters from GSF to Marion Ferguson (1982-83) ( incl info re Founders: AH Ferguson, J Kerr, RJ Blanchard, JW Good, JR Jones, J Patterson (pp3-5) also incl Recollections for the 50th Anniversary of the RCPS(C)), John Wade (1984 - pp9-10), Colin Ferguson re CCF's book pp11-13) and Rankin Hay (1993 pp15-20); J Gemmell (p21); 1978-95 (21pp)
  19. Manuscript and typed transcript of Gordon Fahrni’s :The medical class of 1911.” 1980 (incl biog of TS Vincent, F Allen, M Parker, R Buller, G Bell, EW Montgomery, GP Armstrong, WL Atkinson, SE Beech, FW Bryant, CM Clare, WJ Elliott, GS Fahrni. JB Fraser, JP George, EL Little, B McGregor, DE McKenty, JR Martin, T Miller, GW Mooney, WHT Peake, JG Richardson, SM Rose, JF Scribner, J Stefansson (37pp)
  20. Transcript of tapes re GSF's recollections of the CMA and its people: interview by Dr. Arthur Peart (Audiotapes are in 22.1.4). Includes information on the following people: HH Chown, RJ Blanchard, EW Archibald, RE McKechnie; AD Blackader; JW Scane; CF Martin; TC Routley; AS Monroe; A Primrose; GAB Addy; JS McEachern; JC Meakins; H Robertson; TH Leggett; FS Patch; D Graham; AE Archer; M Young; DS Lewis; H McPhedrin; L GerinlaJoie; W Wilson; FG McGuinness; W Magner; J Anderson; N Gosse; HB Church; H Orr; CW Burns; GF Strong; JD Adamson; FNG Starr; HE McDiarmid; FW Jackson; (31pp)
  21. Transcript of CMA Cte on Archives "Interview with Dr. Gordon Fahrni, CMA President (1941-42)". Also published in Interviews with past presidents . . .” WZ112 C212.i 1980 p.17 (15pp)
  22. "Recollections of Medicine and the Medical School 1906-1946" by Gordon S. Fahrni 1980; incl mention various epidemics; early 20th century medical treatments for various diseases; AJ Douglas; AB Alexander; EW Montgomery; J Halpenny; HH Chown; F Allen; MA Parker; AHR Buller; TS Vincent; RJ Blanchard; AJ Burridge; DA Stewart; RG Ferguson; AT Cameron; HPH Galloway; AP McKinnon; G Bell; FT Cadham; JC McMillan; SG Chown; RF Rorke; O Day; AM Davidson; H Mackay; RM Simpson; (some references are also in respective biographical files) (46pp)
  23. Christian Fahrni a biography by G.S. Fahrni [in German] (booklet of 60pp)
  24. Thank you for his signed copies of his books incl Prairie Surgeon (see Manitoba Authors) (1p)
  25. Recollections of medical people dictated by Fahrni July 1979 incl ED Hudson; HO McDermid; WL Musgrove; DA Stewart; WA Coghlin; J Thom; EJ Boardman; AP McKinnon; WF Gershaw; HJ McDermid; FC Bell; JD McQueen; EJ Washington; FM Bryant; CM Clare; EM Ross; WJ Sharman; BJ Funk; F Abbott; DC Aikenhead; CW Burns; RG Ferguson (8pp)

Fahrni, Gordon Samuel

Faiman, Gregg

The Gregg Faiman file contains the following material:

  1. “Charles Faiman,M.D. Earns Master Designation from the American College of Endocrinology” [Cleveland Clinic] Connections 21 #2 2002. with picture of his sons Gregg (MD 1994(Man)) & Matthew (MD 1999(Man))

Faiman, Matthew

The Matthew Faiman file contains the following material:

  1. “Charles Faiman,M.D. Earns Master Designation from the American College of Endocrinology” [Cleveland Clinic] Connections 21 #2 2002. with picture of his sons Gregg (MD 1994(Man)) & Matthew (MD 1999(Man))

Falk, Rudy

The Rudy Falk file contains the following material:

0 Obit.: electronic version from G&M 24 Apr 1998 (Lives Lived) (1p)

  1. Copy of student card (1p)
  2. Announcements of "Falk Clinician Scientist Fund (Bassett/Falk Fdn)" to support the Rudy Falk
    Clinician-Scientist Award at U of M (various sources: UM announcements, 2000; Bulletin Aug 24,
    2000; Building on Strengths Final Report UM; Fund Honours Cancer Researcher Planning Matters
    v2(1) Winter 2000) (9pp)
  3. Winners: S Latosinsky 2002; Laura Targownik 2005;(1p)
  4. Request for applications 2008 (1p)
    Medicine Gold Medallist

Falk, Rudy

Fergusson, Robert Buchanan

The Robert Buchanan Fergusson file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: Northern Lancet v3(7):149-150, 1890; Man Free Press Jan 1890 (2pp)
  2. Copy of "Founder" card (1p)
  3. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)
  4. "RB Fergusson" Medicine in Manitoba by RB Mitchell; also Pioneers & early citizens of Manitoba: a dictionary of Manitoba biography Wpg 1971 p76 (2pp)
  5. Biographical note re RBF (1p)
  6. Copy of Northern Lancet v3(7) 1890 (1booklet (fragile))
  7. Note on delivery of 5th inaugural address 1932 Man Free Press nd (1p)

    MPC #1.0 #095

Fergusson, Robert Buchanan

Fernyhough, Paul

The Paul Fernyhough file contains the following material:

  1. Research focus, awards, incl academic journal papers, from Div Neurosciences website (10pp)
  2. "New Research leaders for St Boniface General Hospital" On Manitoba Aug 2006 (1p)
  3. "Breakthroughs of tomorrow" insert to WFP April 2006 (1p)
  4. Pennington Scientific Symposium, Louisiana Jan 29-30 2007 - guest speaker; from LSU website (2pp)
  5. Presidential Outreach Award, UM E-memo 21 & 29 Nov & 5 Dec 2007, SBGH & RC 2007 (5pp)
  6. 2007 Neuroscientist-Teacher Partnership Travel Award Recipient Soc for Neuroscience website (2pp)
  7. Dr. Paul Fernyhough receives $1.2 million from JDRF, UM Pharmacology & Therapeutics website (4pp)
  8. Researchers advance front line of diabetes G&M 11 Nov 2009 (2pp)
  9. Paul Fernyhough and Peter Zahradka awarded CFI grant UM e-memo 16 Dec 2009(1p)
  10. "Cardiac Care in Manitoba" by PF Lifestyles 55+ Feb 2010 (1p)
  11. 4 abstracts from several sources (given in file) (4pp)
  12. "Diabetes in Manitoba" St B Hosp Supp to WFP Spring 17 Apr 2010 (1p)
    See also:
    file 3.6.5 Wpg Chptr Soc of Neurosciences

Fernyhough, Paul

Findlay, Jessie

The Jessie Findlay file contains the following material:

  1. Copy of student card (1p)
  2. "Dr. Jessie Findlay Is Honored By King" newspaper not given (1p)
  3. Brief biog of Jessie from M. Nitychoruk’s recap of women graduates UM Bull 26: 6, Oct 22, 1992 (1p)
  4. Brief notice of JF and her position in obit of Bernadine Siebers-DeValois (1p)
  5. "Bhore Committee’s Report on Public Health in India" by JF UMMJ v18(3): 106-107 Apr 1947 (2pp)
    See also
    Marguerite Jefferson file for time in India

Findlay, Elizabeth

Fish, David Gomer

Folder 1:

  1. Obit: WFP Feb 12, 2000 (1p)
  2. Announcement of memorial service and tributes from various colleagues (11pp)
  3. Appt as Head, Dept Social & Preventive Medicine Bull v8(16) 9 Jan 1974 (1p)
  4. "The Last word is Yours" account of DGF's administrative leave in Sri Lanka UM Fac Med Grand Rounds v2(2) winter 1985 (2pp)
  5. CV 1987 (12pp)
  6. David Fish Memorial Scholarship WFP 4 Nov 2000; Bull 16 Nov 2000; UM news release 3 Nov 2000; Annual Report to Donors 2000; flyer re scholarship (2copies); Program for fund-raising reception & launch (incl biog); Bull 20 Nov 2000; UM announcement nd (9pp)
    Folder 2:
    Staff record: restricted access (118pp)

    MPC 1.0 #322

Fletcher, George W

The George W. Fletcher file contains the following material:

  1. Obit: no source or dates given (1p)
  2. Faculty questionnaire nd (1p)
  3. Copy of card from faculty card file (1p)

Fletcher, George W

Forkheim Kevin

The Kevin Forkheim file contains the following material:

  1. News clippings re KF’s shuttle experiment on osteoporosis in zero gravity from many sources; four bundles chronological by year: 1996-99; pubs incl:CAISU; CMAJ; Cosmonotes; Dayton Daily News; Hansard; IAMI; In Lumine; Instrumentation Technology Associates Inc; Jewish Post & News; Man Lancet; Med Post; OSTOP; Prairie Med J; Selkirk Journal; Space Hab; The Province; The Ubyssey; Times Colonist; UBC Chronicle; UBC Reports; UM Annual Report to Donors; UM Bull; Univ Man Alumni J; UM Press Release; Vanc Courier; Vanc Sun; WFP; Wpg Sun; YLEM; 4 bundles:
    1996 - (22pp)
    1997 - (20pp)
    1998 - (32pp)
    1999 - (9pp)
  2. 3 newsclippings: Shooting for the stars, Selkirk J 1996; graduation pictures and congrats prob WFP
  3. Student saves family’s Christmas; Wpg Sun 25 Nov 1996
  4. Onward and upward Selkirk J 30 June 1997
  5. Letter announcing nomination as International Scientist of the Year for 2002 by The International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England
  6. ITA-ISU Student Experiment: Osteoblast Growth in Microgravity on STS-80 Space Flight; (paper)
  7. CV 2004

Forkheim, Kevin

Fraser, Robert Gordon

The Robert Gordon Fraser file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: u>CMAJ v167(3):324, 6 Aug 2002; "A Giant has Left", Dept of Radiology MUHC/MNH v18(2) (11-2002) (Montreal Neurological Hosp) (3pp)
  2. CV c1992 (18pp)
  3. Copy from student card file (1p)
  4. Corres with AM Kerr re editions of RGF’s book for the Manitoba Authors’ Collection, 1991 (3pp)
  5. Letters from CS Houston and reply asking for cv etc. for History of Medicine Day 1996 (4pp)
  6. Robert G Fraser, MD receives gold medal from Radiological Society of North America Man Med Coll Fdn Newsletter Feb 28, 1991 (1p)
  7. Letter to Nan Bell - update on his ‘life and times’ 1983 (1p)
  8. The Fleischner Society: A 30th Anniversary Retrospective by RGF, Radiology March 2000 (RGF a Founder) (1p)
  9. Various honours from various websites: (12pp)
    • Pres., Cdn Assoc of Radiologists 1969 (pp1-2)
    • Gold Medal, Radiol Soc of North America 1990 (pp3-4)
    • Annual Oration in Diag Radiol, Radiol Soc of North America, 1976 (pp5-6)
    • Gold Medal, Amer Roentgen Ray Soc., 1989 (pp7-10)
    • Fraser Memorial Lecture at Internat’l Congress of Radiol., 2004 (pp11-12)
      See also:
      book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

      MPC 1.0 #76 A-C

Fraser, Robert Gordon

Friesen, Rhinehart F

The Rhinehart F Friesen files contain the following material:
Folder 1:

  1. Obit.: MB Med Spring 2009; Time Lines v41(3) 2009; WFP 10 Feb 2009; 14 Dec 2008, 4 Jan 2009 (wife); (5pp)
  2. Copy of student card (1p)
  3. 1987 letter Kerr/Friesen thanking him for his book Almost an elephant (1p)
  4. CV and Publications list 2004; also 1976 (17pp)
  5. Update sent in for 1999 reunion of his class; update for 55th reunion (3pp)
  6. "“Indefinitely: Write-to-win contest" UMMJ 53: 95-100 1983 (reprinted from Canadian Doctor (3pp)
  7. Good citizenship award (Manitoba) Nov 1,1973; newspaper clipping (1p)
  8. "All I Wanted to be was a Doctor", mennonite mirror v12(9), May 1983; incl photos of RFF, C. Wiebe & J Foerster) (pp5-7 in booklet of 32pp)
  9. "Blood Brothers" Alum Jour 59(3), Dec 1999:6 (3pp)
  10. "The Best is Yet to Be" interview Seniors Today March 1988 (1p)
  11. "Blood Transfusions Can Kill" Saturday Night 74(23):52-53, Nov 7, 1959 (3pp)
  12. Honorary member of Nebraska State Obs & Gyne Soc, Dec 1, 1967, NOGS Newsletter April 1968 (2pp)
  13. Retirement June 1982 Canada Doctor December 1982 (1p)
  14. Newspaper clippings: Wpg Trib Oct 15/1964; San Francisco News Call Bulletin Apr 8/1965; Globe & Mail Jan 1965; Wpg Trib Aug24/1967; Alumni Jour 57(4) Dec 1997; Minn Star Feb 18/1965 (2 articles) Hamilton Spectator 14 June 1965; 16 Jun 1965; Wpg Trib 13 Jan/1966; WFP 4 Apr/1966; UM Bull 4 Dec 1997; WFP 27 Dec 1997; 3 Jan 1998; clipping c1964; a Wpg paper 1964 (also incl original clippings) (15pp)
  15. "About the author" of RFF’s A Mennonite Odyssey; & book review mennonite mirror Nov 1988 (2pp)
  16. "Conquest of Death Before Death" Reader’s Digest April 1966 (3pp)
  17. Scientific Day honouring Bruce Chown’s 75th Birthday - program - October 10, 1968 (1p)
  18. "Fighting for the Unborn" Trib Magazine 7 June 1980 (7pp)
  19. "On the Frontiers of Medicine Control of Life Exploration of Prenativity" Life Magazine Sept 1965; incl corres with Life Magazine (29pp)
  20. Working Papers of the East Reserve Village Histories 1874-1910, Hanover Steinbach Hist Soc 1990 (229pp book)
  21. "The Role Played by Rh Immunization in Pregnancy Wastage" by JMB and Rhinehart Friesen CMAJ v93(26) 25 Dec 1965 (3pp)
  22. Order of Canada to Eira Frieson (wife)
    Folder 2
    Notes and lectures:
  23. Heart disease in Pregnancy by RFF, Oct 1954 (6pp)
  24. The Physiological Basis for the Various Types of Oedema Observed in Pregnancy, Oct 1954 (8pp)
  25. Nine sets of lecture notes:
    a. Discuss your treatment of a woman aged 75 years who suffers from complete uterine prolapse complicated by ulceration, Dec 1954 (9pp)
    b. Discuss the Problem of Infertility with Particular Reference to Management, Feb 1955 (13pp)
    c. Discuss Uterine Inertia, March 1955 (6pp)
    d. Discuss the Role of X-Ray Diagnosis in Obstetrics, November 1955 (10pp)
    e. Discuss Placenta Previa (9pp)
    f. Describe the Etiology, Nature and Treatment of Rectovaginal Fistulas, Feb 1956 (7pp)
    g. Outline Important Factors in the Etiology of Abdominal Wound Disruption, Discuss the prognosis and treatment of this condition, March 1956 (11pp)
    h. Discuss Oliguria and Anuria in Obstetrics and Gynecology, April 1957 (1p)
    j. Discuss the Etiology and Treatment if Fistulae between the Urinary and Female Genital Tracts, April 1957 (1p)
  26. Fetal Circulatory and Hematological Responses to Peritoneal Transfusion, c.1957 (6pp)
  27. Review of Principles of Gynaecology, editor: TNA Jeffcoate, 2nd ed. 1962 (3pp)
  28. Letter from Dr. Green in Aukland NZ, forwarded by Bruce Chown, re Dr. Liley’s article on Transfusion of the Foetus in Haemolytic Disease 1963 (10pp)
  29. Fetal Transfusion in Utero in Rh Disease by RFF and JM Bowman, c1965 (39pp)
  30. Physiology Related to Fetal Transfusion, c. 1965 (5pp)
  31. Rh Present and Future, Continuing Medical Eduction Course in Obstetrics, March 17-18, 1967 (9pp)
  32. Answer to a question on RhoGam given to a patient from Ob-Gyn Collected Letters of the International Correspondence Society of Obstetricians & Gynecologists Series XI, Nov 1970 (incl original corres) (1 booklet pp185-194 +3pp)
  33. Two unpublished papers on what Rh disease in babies is. c1970 (6pp)
  34. Complications of Fetal Transfusion by RFF, c1971 (31pp)
  35. Fetal Transfusion, 1976 (12pp)
  36. Suggestions before Starting a New Pregnancy, July 1980 (1p)
  37. Display material for Intrauterine Transfusions by RFF also incl statistical sheet re published series on fetal transfusions (1 envelope of drawings + display board + 1p)
    Folder 3
    This is a small file of miscellaneous material concerning the Rh Project, Fetal Transfusion Project:
  38. Chart of no. of booked prenatal patients delivered by quarter years 1956-1980 (1p)
  39. Corres Nov 6/1964 with Claims Dept Man Med Service re billing for intrauterine fetal intraperitoneal transfusion (2pp)
  40. Copy of grant application for project: Fetal Transfusion in Utero 22 March/1965 (6pp)
  41. Corres Feb 3 & 9, Mar 29/1965 between C Tupper & TM Roulston re visit of Dr. E Pereira of Dalhousie Univ to observe and study Drs. Friesen and Bowman’s work on the Rh factor (3pp)
  42. Letter of appt from University Board of Governors as Senior Research Asst, Dept Pediatrics 1 Apr 1965 to 31 Mar 1966 (1p)
  43. Corres from couple with regard to hemolytic disease and their chances of having a living child May - July 1965 (5pp+1 card)
  44. Proposal for a controlled test study in all hospitals in Greater Wpg “On Preventing Rh-Negative Women from Developing Rh-Antibodies, Feb 15, 1967 (7pp)
  45. President’s Form No. 1 terminating RFF’s position as Senior Research Assistant, March 31, 1969 (1p)
  46. Corres between RJ Luby & RFF re statistics on assessment of infants following intrauterine transfusion prior to determinating the date of delivery (3pp)
    Folder 4
  47. Photograph of the Friesens with the first patient (1963) & at patient's wedding in 1988; also corres & photos from patients 1970- (14pp)
  48. 2 pkgs of material:
    a. Corres from JM Bowman to JJ Sinnott re an infant’s 1st transfusion & prognosis after birth, 1969 (2pp)
    b) Corres from parent to RFF re above infant’s progress 1970-99 incl photos (49pp)
  49. Corres between parents of transfused child & RFF 1986-88; incl 4 photos of child (16pp)
    Folders 5a-e
    5a. Case reports A-C (46pp)

    5b. Case reports D-G (45pp)

    5c. Case reports H-L (57pp)

    5d. Case reports M-R (58pp)

    5e. Case reports S-Z (42pp)
    Folder 6
  50. Misc corres with physicians, institutions, & journals with regard to intrauterine transfusion & erythroblastosis, incl queries & answers, letters requesting RFF to speak, papers as well as for advice regarding the procedures and processes involved. (88pp)
    Folder 7a:
    Papers given at various venues:
  51. "Abortions" (given at St. Boniface Hospital 1956) (5pp)
  52. "Abortions" (given at a Clinical Luncheon at Grace Hospital, 1957; different from 1. above) (5pp)
  53. "Abortions - The Hazards of Blood Transfusions", April 1958 (given at the Canadian Gynecological Travel Club) (2pp)
  54. "The Doctor’s Role in the Prevention & Treatment of Asphyxia Neonatorum" (a panel discussion: Drs. DePape, RFF, Guyot, Minuck at a Clinical Luncheon at St. Boniface Hospital, June 9, 1960) (31pp)
  55. "A Multifactorial Classification of Morbidity and Mortality in the Perinate; Part I: The classification Reasons for Devising it; Part II: The Classification as applied to 500 Perinatal Deaths and 414 Surviving Controls." Part I by RFF; Part II by A DePape; presented at RCPS(C) Ottawa, Jan. 1961 (41pp)
  56. Panel discussion, Wpg Gen Hosp Clinical Lunch. May 18, 1961. "Appendicitis in Early Pregnancy"; "Abnormalities of the Adnexa"; "Ovaries"; Drs. Henneberg, McCawley, Friesen and Rubin (5pp)
  57. "Transabdominal Fetal Intraperitoneal Transfusion, Report on One Year’s Experience." Presented at Annual Meeting of RCPSC, Toronto 21 Jan 1965 (8pp)
  58. "Complications in Intrauterine Transfusions" by RFF presented at Symposium on Problems of Iso-Immunization in Pregnancy, 21st Ann Meet Soc of Obstet & Gynec of Can 12 June 1965, Halifax (8pp)
  59. "Intrauterine Fetal Transfusions in Rh Disease" presented to the Associacion de Ginecologia y Obstetrica, 25 Sept 1965, Ciudad de Mexico incl reprint: "La Espectrofotometria del Liquido Amniotico y la Transfusion Fetal Intrauterina, en el Manejo de la Enfermedad Hemolitica por Isoinmumizacion" Ginecologia y Obstetricia de Mexico v21(122) (16pp+ 1reprint in Spanish pp301-346)
  60. "Obstetrical Problems Coincidental to Intrauterine Transfusion for Erythroblastosis", presented to District IV, ACOG, Omaha, Nebraska, Sept 1966 (17pp)
  61. "Obstetrical Problems Coincidental to Intrauterine Transfusion for Erythroblastosis", presented to District VI, ACOG, Omaha, Nebraska, 30 Sept 1966 (10pp)
  62. "Transabdominal Fetal Intraperitoneal Transfusion, Report of One Year’s Experience" presented to ACOG, San Francisco, 8 April 1965 (17pp)
    Folder 7b
    Papers given at various venues (continued):
  63. "Results and Complications of Intrauterine Transfusion" presented at Ross Conference on Pediatric Research Symposium on Intrauterine Transfusion and Erythroblastosis Fetalis, Aspen CO Mar 15-16, 1966. Presentation consists of several parts: (A) Before Delivery; Obstetric Problems after Intrauterine Transfusion; (B) After Birth (67pp)
  64. "Prediabetes in Pregnancy" presented at North Dakota Diabetes Soc/ND Obs & Gyn Soc 29 Apr 1966 (cited Philip Barnes’ work) (16pp)
  65. "Changing Concepts of Congenital Malformations" presented to Nebraska State Obs/Gyn Society Las Vegas 2/3 Dec 1966 (19pp)
  66. "Summary of presentation on panel on Erythroblastosis" at Ann Meet Minn State Med Assn, Duluth 16 May 1967 (incl biog information) (8pp)
  67. North Memorial Hosp Symposium on Obs/Gyn Minneapolis Dec 1, 1967 (1p)
  68. Invitation and program of Rh-iso-immunization Day, 23 Jan 1967, Royal Victoria Hosp, Montreal (2pp)
  69. Program of Cdn Gynaecological Fellowship Club, 18th annual meeting Apr 3-6, 1968, Winnipeg (1-12pp booklet)
  70. "The Decline and Fall of the Rhesus Problem" presented on a speaking tour of Ireland, Scotland & England in conjunction with the British Obs & Gyn Congress July 3,4,& 5 1968. (letters: pp2-8; 9-15; 16-19; 20-23; 24-28; 29-36; paper: pp37-57; Note: the paper gives an excellent history of the rhesus problem its treatments, problems and solutions (57pp)
  71. "Problems of the Closed Technique of Intrauterine Fetal Transfusion" presented at the International Symposium on the Management of the Rh Problem at Milan, Italy Oct 9, 10, 11 1969; incl corres, program, proceedings; also "The RhProblem" given at same symposium pub 1970 Annali Osterricia Ginecologia Special No. 1970 - Milan (23pp)
  72. Rh Seminar (Management of the Rhesus Problem), April 13-14 1970 New York in conjunction with ACOG-FIGO 13-18 April 1970 (29pp)
  73. "Intrauterine Transfusions" presented at ACOG Div VI, St. Paul Minnesota, 13 Nov 1970 (18pp)
  74. Corres & diploma regarding attendance at the 7th World Congress of Gyn & Obs, Moscow, 1973 (5pp)
    Folder 8:
  75. Corres re book chapter, "Fetal Transfusion" by RFF and Frank Manning, in Operative Perinatology 1981-84 ; incl list of contributors to book (pp10-21); copy of chapter (pp56-89); (93pp)
    Folder 9:
    Miscellaneous articles, papers etc written after RFF’s retirement
  76. "Pioneer Profile - Our Friesen Family" Generations v16(4):pp15-23, Dec 1991 (9pp)
  77. "Paul Hiebert and Sarah Binks" as presented to Creative Retirement 27 Feb 1991 (5pp)
  78. "How I Got Involved in PREP Transition", Age and Opportunity 1991 (2-4pp booklets+2pp)
  79. Young Authors’ Conference May 1989 (Winnipeg School Division No. 1) incl 2 photos (12pp)
  80. "Medication, A Sometime Harmful Friend for Seniors", National Health and Welfare Canada, 1988 (4pp booklet)
  81. "Healthy Habits, Drugs and Medicines", presented to Lifestyles 88 Workshop 11-13 November 1988
  82. "Our Word: There is still a long way to go before retirement is truly fair" presented at a CAA workshop Mennonite Mirror, v18:3, Nov 1988 p30; incl typed ms (1p+5pp)
  83. "First Contact with Canadian Police"; successful submission to Man. Multicultural Anthology series; incl typed ms (13pp)
  84. Forward to Mavis Reimer’s biography of Cornelius W. Wiebe; Remarks at CW Wiebe’s 90th birthday celebration; also introduction of M Reimer’s biography of CWW; Remarks on the appearance of M Reimer’s biography on CW Wiebe (20pp)
  85. Manitoba Society of Seniors corres re RFF’s winning 1st prize in the Non-Fiction Class for his story "Testamentary Letter to my Granddaughter 1982". Incl typescript, congratulatory letter, printed copies from Manitoba Seniors’ Journal v3(3 )p8, Autumn 1983 and The Northern Breeze Dec 11, 1985; incl typescript of a poem (12pp+ 1 newspaper)
  86. "Dishwashing Instructions, 1944" (2pp)
  87. Introduction to the section on Mennonite Settlers in Manitoba’s Heritage Cookery, Man Historical Society, 1992 (10pp)

    MPC 1.0 #420 A,B
    See also:
    See book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

Friesen, Rhinehart F

Galloway, Herbert Peter Howell

The Herbert Peter Howell file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: J Bone & Joint Surg 21, 1939 (incl picture); Wpg paper 13 July 1939; WFP 17 July 1939; MMR 19:153 1939; CMAJ v41:212 1939, v41:314 1939; (5pp)
  2. Faculty questionnaire nd (1p)
  3. Copy of card from faculty card file (1p)
  4. Copy of letterhead (1p)
  5. Notice of marriage MMR 48 Aug 1925 (1p)
  6. Controversy re man purporting to have treated HPHG’s wife. MMR 16 Oct 1922, 17 Nov 1922 (3pp)
  7. HPH Galloway Hist Orthopedics in Univ Man (2pp)
  8. Biog note from G Fahrni’s 1980 "Recollections of Medicine and the Manitoba Medical School 1906-1946" (4pp)
  9. Biographical note by CC Ferguson (1p)
  10. Handwritten notes on a card titled "Murphy Joints Injections" found in HPHG’s publications file (now incorporated into this file) (1 card)
  11. Photocopy of biography from Scholfield’s The Story of Manitoba 1913 (2pp)
  12. List of lectures given by HPHG 1911/12 - 1914/15 (4pp)
  13. Publications list (2pp)
  14. 7 publications plus title pages and/or initial page of 11 others: (total 14pp)
    a. Original Memoirs: The Orthopedic aspect of gonorrheal infection West Med News v3(3) Mar 1911 (8pp)
    b. "The Tuberculin Test: its diagnostic value in bone and joint disease"; also: "Caxa Vara with report of a case" (15pp reprint)
    c. "Observations on the modern treatment of certain paralytic deformities, special reference to arthrodesis" (8pp reprint)
    d. "Subacro,ial bursitis as a cause if stiff and painful shoulders" (8pp reprint)
    e. "Types of flat foot and their treatment" (15pp reprint)
    f. "President's address fifth annual meeting of the Manitoba Medical Association May 1912" West Can Med J v6(6) June 1912 pp250-263 (8pp)
    g. "Open versus closed reductions of fractures" (12pp reprint)
    h. From: CMAJ (title+3pp); Can J Med & Surg (1p); West Can Med J (4pp); Amer J Orthopedic Surg (2pp); Amer J Orthopedic Surg (1p); Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics (3pp)

Galloway, Herbert Peter Howell

Gaskell, Peter

The Peter Gaskell file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: WFP 6 Jan 2007, Man Med Fall 2007 (3pp)
  2. Biographical note Pioneers in Cardiology in Canada 1820-1970 Hounslow Press 1988 p218 (1p)
  3. CV 1975; 1986 and bibliography c1973 (21pp)
  4. Appointed Professor Emeritus UM Bull 20(18) May 27, 1986 (1p)
  5. Dr Gaskell’s marvellous machine HSC CentreScope 9(4):3 Apr 1981 (1p)
  6. Staff record - restricted access (50pp)

    MPC 2.0 #71

Gaskell, Peter

Gray, John Sidney

  1. CMAJ v7(3):265-266, March 1917 (2pp)
  2. Biographical note: unattributed (2pp)
  3. Handwritten note by MH Ferguson. Gives father’s name (1p)
  4. "Dr. Gray's Trip" Man Morning Free Press 25June 1900 re his trip to Baltimore (1p)
  5. Picture from unknown publication (MISSING APR 2011)
    Note: MPC 1.0#107 D gives physical dimensions of JSG

    MPC 1.0 #107 A-D; 35mm slide of #107B found in JR Mitchell 21.9 file
    MPC 2.0 #52

Gray, John Sidney

Guenter, Clarence Alfred

  1. CV c1993; also 1973 (attached to letter from AM Kerr asking CAG to sign copy of his book in Manitoba Authors Collection (1pp)
  2. Copy of card from student card file (1p)
  3. Corres with CS Houston re History of Medicine Day 1996 (8pp)
  4. Summary of post MD activities send in for Class of ‘61 25th reunion (3pp)
  5. Reply sent in for his class reunion in 1981 (1p)
  6. Joe Doupe lecture Man Med 62(1) 1992 (with picture) (4pp)
    See also:
    See book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

    MPC 1.0 #77 (slide)

Guenter, Clarence Alfred

Guyot, Joseph Louis Charles Henri (Henri)

  1. Obit WFP Mar 1989 (1p)
  2. Faculty questionnaire (1p)
  3. Copies from faculty and student card files (1p)
  4. Publications list incl copy of pub. (2pp)
  5. Copy of letter as CV sent for his class reunion giving his CV, 1979 (2pp)
  6. "Class of '29 - 50 Years Later" UMMJ v49(3)1979 (1pp)
  7. Staff file - restricted access

Guyot, Joseph Louis Charles Henri

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