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Eddy, Ertrice Lorraine

The Ertrice Lorraine Eddy file contains the following material:

  1. CV 2004 (4pp)
  2. Heads named to three academic units UM Bull 16(1):2, 9 Sept 1981 (with picture) (1p)
  3. Physical Therapy receives full accreditation Grand Rounds 1(2), Winter 1984 (1p)
  4. Women of Distinction WFP 16 May 1995 and letter from Kerr supporting nomination(incl CV) (7pp)
  5. Research profile: "Is this Enough, Canada provides a safe home for tortured refugees" Man Lancet 1(3) 1997 (with picture) (1p)

Elvin, Norman Lewis

The Norman Lewis Elvin file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: WFP cMay 1985; UMMJ 55:111, 1985; another unattributed; CMAJ v133(7) (4pp)
  2. Faculty questionnaire, nd (1p)
  3. Copies from faculty and student card files (1p)
  4. Colonial Medical Registration UK General Council London 1930 (1 certificate)
  5. CPS Registration 1930 (1 certificate)
  6. Certificate as Ïellow of the Acad Internat’l of Medicine 1944 (1 certificate)
  7. CPS (Man) Life membership 1966 (1 certificate)
  8. List of certificates and documents held with location noted (see Archives cupboard for large ones) (1p)
  9. Staff record: restricted access (7pp)

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Embree, Joanne E

The Joanne Embree file contains the following material:

  1. CV 1998 (abbreviated), 2001 (32pp)
  2. U of M AIDS research in Kenya attracts world-wide attention Bull v28(4) 1&2 June 1994 (1p)
  3. AIDS in the womb Novum Winter '95 (1p)
  4. An ounce of prevention 1999 UM Research Review (1p)
  5. Appt as Head, Medical Microbiology 1 July 2001, e-memo 19 July 2001; re-appt notice 1 July 2006, announcement card with photo (1p+ 1 card)
  6. Invitation to International Women's Day 10 Mar 2004, JEE guest speaker (1p)
  7. "It's Canada's (germ-filled) Holy Grail!" JEE answered 7 questions re the Grey Cup and germs WFP 18 Nov 2006 (1p)
  8. Biog as speaker for Children's Hosp 100th Anniversary Conference Program; MICH Special Ed.Fall 2007 (2pp)
  9. Named Director of Research Relationships for the Manitoba Institute for Child Health MICH Supplement to WFP 27 Sept 2008, 2010 (2pp)
  10. Physician of the Year, Doctors Manitoba from 101st AGM 2009 awards dinner program (1p)
  11. Moderator at East-West Alliance 2010 Conference -biog from program (1p)
    • Morris and Sarah Gold Award (for Medical Research)
    • Dr. WH Hattie Prize in Medicine
    • Sydney Israels Fellowship

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Ewart, William Bissett

The William Bissett Ewart file contains the following material:
Folder 1

  1. Obits.: WFP 11 Mar 1995; Prairie Med J 65(2):85, Summer 1995; CMAJ v152(12), 15 June 1995; WFP 15 May 2006(wife); (4pp)
  2. Copies from faculty and student card files (1p)
  3. Registration form from Class of 1950 reunion (1p)
  4. Neil John Maclean Memorial Award in Clinical Investigation 1957: WGH Annual Report Dept Med Research 8 Feb 1957 (1p)
  5. Homecoming 1971 (picture of WBE) (1p)
  6. Corres AM Kerr & WBE 26 Jan 1995 (1p)
  7. Corres CS Houston and AM Kerr (2 letters) (2pp)
  8. "Museum volunteer’s legacy lives on" Victoria Gen Hosp Treating Patients like family issue 2001 (1p)
  9. Typewritten copies of speeches and papers: (25pp)
    • "20-minute speech, Medical History Suderby Medical College); deals with duties and responsibilities of 18th century HBC surgeons with particular reference to Thomas Hutchins (pp1-6)
    • "Article for The Beaver" - more on Hutchins with particular reference to research and York Factory (pp7-13)
    • "Scurvy in Manitoba in the 18th Century" also mentions smallpox epidemic of 1782 and its effects (pp14-18)
    • "Causes of mortality in a subarctic settlement (York Factory, Man.) 1714-1946" pub. article incl corres (pp19-25) (See also: Folder 2, Ewart, WB)
  10. Position papers and letters showing interest in public policies ranging from: (27pp)
    • geriatric care (pp1-3); health care policy (pp4-5); diagnostic laboratories (pp9-13); Class 5 license problems (pp14-25); using excess hydro power to encourage the development of the greenhouse industry (p26); misc (p27)
  11. Disposal of his books, AM Kerr letters to Gestny (daughter) giving disposition of books given to Medical Library; copy of letter from CS Houston to HBC Archives re deposit of WBE's papers to HBC Archives and other pertinent information (6pp)
  12. Typewritten paper “Prevention of scurvy: triumph & tragedy” (9pp)
  13. Letter from WBE to Dr. Bell 26 June 1958; incl "Report on the Teaching Year 1957/58" by WBE as a resident (this is a good exposition/criticism on practical medical education) (6pp)
  14. Staff record - restricted access (15pp)
    Folder 2
  15. Collection of letters and papers on the York Factory graves project from November 1980 to August 1985 with regard to the York Factory, Manitoba Cemetery Graves Project. (75pp)
    Incl minutes of several meetings (pp 6, 17, 26-28, ) correspondence with medical personnel with regards to possible hazards and outcomes; with the University of Manitoba, and with provincial and federal governments for various collaborations and approvals. It also includes several reports:
    • Medical Identificaton of Known Gravesites at ork Factory (pp18-24)
    • A 230 Year Study of a Permafrost Settlement (pp33-45)
    • Maps, photocopies of photos in the area, list of post 1950 marked graves (pp46-52)
    • Corres with Parks Canada with detailed permafrost levels (pp55-61)
    • Engineering report re erosion and stabilization for York Factory Cemetery (pp62-63)
    • Corres WBE with Parks Canada re Management Program for York Factory Historical Site - medical aspects (pp64-67)

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Fafard, Theogene

The Theogene Fafard file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: Northern Lancet 3(7):150, 1890; unnamed but probably the Wpg Sun 3 Jan 1890; unnamed paper 3 Jan 1890 (2pp)
  2. Card from Founders’ card file (1p)
  3. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)
  4. Biographical note from Pioneers & Early Citizens of Manitoba. A Dictionary of Manitoba Biography Wpg, 1971 p73 (2pp)
  5. Clipping from Northern Lancet 3(7):150, 1890 (1p)
  6. Biographical article Central Canadians 1600-1900 v.1 p306; entry on TF from Dictionary of Canadian Biography On-line (2pp)

    MPC 1.0 #234

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Fraser, Angus James

The Angus James Fraser file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: MMR 22:132-3 1942; CMAJ v47(1):85 July 1942; (2pp)
  2. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)
  3. Manitoba Author card from display (1 card)
  4. "Industrial trauma as a factor in disease of the lower genito-urinary tract" by AJF Internat'l Clinics Series 38 v2 1928: 70-83 ; 1st page only (1p)
  5. Review of his book Trauma, Disease, Compensation by BMJ June 1930 1:1097-1098 (2pp)
    See also:
    book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

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Fraser, MacGillivray Stuart

The MacGillivray Stuart Fraser file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: MMR 29(12):633, Dec 1949; CMAJ v61:640, Dec 1949 (2pp)
  2. Copy from faculty and student card files (1p)
  3. Memo re Dr Fraser’s names, 1985 (1p)
  4. Summary of career probably written by his daughter. This copy given to us by K Pettipas at the Manitoba Museum (2pp)
    The Archives of the Nurses’ Alumni Association of the Winnipeg General Hospital/Health Sciences Centre have a public health file that has several articles that mention MSF and his work in conjunction with the public health nurses group. There is a useful article by Elizabeth Russell in the Nurses Alumni Journal of the Winnipeg General Hospital, January 1918. There is another article on the Provincial Public Health Process from the Nursing Aspect by Elizabeth Russell in the same journal in Dec 1919. Margaret McWilliams, in an article, states that the first Provincial Health Department was established by Dr. Fraser in 1916 and that he was the first director of the public health nurse group. Five nurses were sent out into Manitoba to "safeguard the public health". McWilliams interviewed Fraser for her article on public health (c1947-48) when he was 89. She stated that he was called "Stuart".

    In view of the above, anyone researching Dr. Fraser would be advised to visit the Manitoba Archives also.

    The Manitoba Museum is having an exhibit of artefacts that came from Dr. Fraser’s estate. He was not a traveller but apparently asked friends to bring him back specific artefacts when they travelled. He spent many hours pouring over books to determine what he wanted.

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Friesen, Henry George

The Henry George Friesen file contains the following material:

  1. CV 1987, 2000 & 2001 (23pp)
  2. "Significance of recombitant DNA research" Faculty address 1979 draft; final UMMJ 50:18-23/80 (15pp)
  3. Gairdner Foundation International Award Bull v12(5) 12 Oct 1977; UMMJ 47(2), 1977; (3pp)
  4. First distinguished professors named UM Bull 15(27):1 Apr 8 1981 (1p)
  5. Entry from Canad Who’s Who 1980; Appointed to Order of Canada, made McLaughlin Medal recipient & Koch award recipient UM Bull v21(22) :3 July 15 1987; Officer, Order of Canada promotion to Officer, Man Med Spring/Summer 2003; Alumni Journal v61(3) Dec 2001; Gov-Gen website 2004, 2006; (5pp)
  6. Fellow of the Royal Society UMMJ 48(2) 1978 (1p)
  7. St Boniface Hosp Research Fdn International Award UMMJ 53:152/83; CMAJ 130:619/84 (2pp)
  8. Eli Lilly Lecturer, Endocrine Soc Endocrin 95: 333-4 1974 (2pp)
  9. Endocrine Soc Fred Conrad Koch Award & Medal Endocrinol 121: 822, 824-5 1987 (see item 5 also) (3pp)
  10. 1st Clinical Chemists Society award Man Med 1989, UM Bull July 26 1989, p4 (2pp)
  11. Action Profile, Man Industry Trade & Tourism. Molecular & Clinical Endocrinology 1991 (1p)
  12. Appt as MRC head UM Bull Oct 24/91 & Nov 7/91, Univ Affairs Dec/91, Man Med 62:35/92, MRC News Oct/91,Jan/92, May/93; 19(4) Sep 1991 (last one MISSING Mar 2011); UM Bull v25(12) 7 Nov 1991 (15pp)
  13. Emeritus titles applaud academic service & leadership UM BullM 27(4):4 May 25/26 1993 (1p)
  14. Alumni Jubilee Award UM Bull 29(11) Oct 19 1995; with picture Alumni J 1996 (2pp)
  15. Honorary degree and invitation to convocation UM Bull 32(4):3, 21 May 1998 (1p+invitation)
  16. Distinguished Professor Emeritus letter of recommend & UM Bull Oct 19, 2000 (see also item 4) (2pp)
  17. Announcement of establishment of "Henry Friesen Young Scientist Award" Bull nd (1p)
  18. Wightman Award from Gairdner Fds WFP Apr 15/01 and Gairdner announcement Mar 01 (2pp)
  19. Can Medical Hall of Fame: program, UM Bull 18 Oct 2001, WFP Oct 11/01, ManMed Fall/02; Can Med Hall of Fame citation 2001 (12pp)
  20. Announce of Friesen Endowed Chair in Metabolic & Endocrine Diseases 2001; advertisement for scientist Bull v41(17) 24 Jan 2008; (5pp)
  21. "Maclean’s Honour Role: Henry Friesen" Maclean’s Dec 24, 2001 (with picture) (1p)
  22. "Discovery of human prolactin" Clin Invest Med 18: 66-72; Hormone Res. UMMJ 47(2):75, 1977 (2pp)
  23. Clippings: WFP 8 Jul 1976; Wpg Trib 30 Sep 1977; Wpg Trib 1 Apr 1978; WFP 28 Apr 1992; Bull v28(9) 6 Oct 1994; Alumni J Mar 1999; UM Bull 17 Jun 1999; WFP 19 Mar 2000; Natl Post 17 Apr 1901, 12 Nov 2002; Toronto Star 18 Apr 2003; WFP 13 Jun 2003; 26 Sep 2003; 13 Nov 2003; Med Post 14 Mar 2000; quotation from Building on Strengths Campaign Issue 4, Fall 2003 (18pp)
  24. CIHR Distinguished Leadership Award UM Bull Apr 8, 2004; CIHR website (2); UM website, 2003, 2004, nd; (9pp)
  25. Order of Manitoba UM Bull v38(5) 3 Jun 2004; WFP 2004 (2 articles) (4pp)
  26. DSc from McMaster 2000, from McMaster website (1p)
  27. Article on HGF on being awarded Lifetime Achievement Award from Toronto Biotechnology Initiative in Feb 2005. Biotechnology Focus, 2 Mar 2005 (2pp)
  28. Biog of HGF from Beecroft Lecture 2005 (2pp)
  29. Brief biog from Wikipedia (2pp)
  30. Article re portrait of HGF commissioned by GenomeCanada, Bull 39(9) Sept 8, 2005, Man Med Fall/Winter, 2005/2006 (to be hung in Neil John Maclean Library (2pp)
  31. MRC Communique v.22(2), Dec 1996: Editorial Acting Anew; Dr. Friesen Re-appointed as MRC President, (notes Order of Canada); photo & note of dates of appt as Pres MRC MRC A Legacy of Excellence (this item MISSING Mar 2011) (2pp)
  32. "Health Care can be Economic Engine, not Voracious Cost Centre: Friesen", CMA 18 Nov 2005 (1p)
  33. FNG Starr Award, CMA 2006 (incl biog): CMA Release Aug 2006; CMA website 10 Aug 2006; WFP 22 Aug 2006; UM website 23 Aug 2006; Bull v40(8), 17 Aug 2006; Med Annual Rpt 2006/07; Manitoban 6 Sept 2006; Gairdner Fdn website News 2006; CIHR website; (14pp)
  34. Winnipeg Citizens Hall of Fame -HGF inducted 2006, Wpg Real Estate Bd News 15 Sept 2006 (3pp)
  35. Inaugural Public Lecture: The Henry G. Friesen International Prize in Health Research, lecture given by Dr. Joseph B. Martin, Dean, Harvard Medical School, publicity poster, 26 Mar 2007: poster & program; 1st three pp from FCIHR booklet on the lecture (5pp)
  36. Three researchers win Rh Awards UM Bulletin v8(34) 5 June 1974 (1p)
  37. "Henry Friesen’s Brave New World" WFP 26 Sept 2003; (2pp)
  38. "Silicon Valley of health care" WFP 13 Nov 2003 (1p)
  39. The Henry Friesen Award sponsored by Cdn Soc for Clin Investigation & the RCPS(C) Feb 2002; call for nominations 2010 (2pp)
  40. American Society for Clinical Investigation - HGF’s election entry to ASCI 1971 (1p)
  41. Apptd Head Physiology Bull v7(35) 8 Aug 1973 (1p)
  42. Distinguished Service Award from MMA WFP 15 May 2005 (1p)
  43. Biog from International Centre for Infectious Disease Oct 2009 (1p)
  44. Copy New Year's card,Gairdner Fdn 50th Anniversary, HGF as Chair (original in Dirks file) (2pp)
    • Rh Award 1974
    • Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada 1978
    • Distinguished Professor 1981
    • Fred Conrad Koch Award & Medal 1987
    • Order of Canada, 1987, 2003
    • 1st Clinical Chemists Society award 1989
    • Professor Emeritus 1993
    • Alumni Jubilee Award 1995
    • UM honorary degree 1998
    • Distinguished Professor Emeritus 2000
    • DSc (McMaster) 2000
    • Wightman Award 2001
    • Friesen Endowed Chair in Metabolic & Endocrine Diseases 2001
    • McLaughlin Medal recipient, 2003
    • Order of Manitoba, 2004
    • CIHR Distinguished Leadership Award 2004
    • Lifetime Achievement Award from Toronto Biotechnology Initiative 2005
    • FNG Starr Award, CMA 2006
    • Winnipeg Citizens Hall of Fame 2006
      See also:
      File 17.3.5a/b
      MMA Award winners files for biography

      MPC #1.0 #292 A-F MPC 2.0 #079
      MPC 2.0 #79

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Fyles, Thomas William

The Thomas William Fyles file contains the following material:

  1. Obits: ? both Wpg papers cFeb 1988; Man Med 58:42 1988; ? Wpg paper cSept 1988 (for son) (3pp)
  2. Memorial service material (3pp)
  3. Invitation to unveiling of portrait of TWF, 1987 (1p)
  4. CVs: 1955, 1966; 1971 (11pp)
  5. Copies of cards from faculty and student card files (2pp)
  6. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)
  7. Biographical data sheets (3pp)
  8. Clippings: UM’s Dr Fyles wins grant, Wpg paper 28 Nov 1955; Appt as Dean of Medicine Wpg paper 11 Nov 1966; New Dean of Medicine UM Alumni J 27(1):4 1966; Newly created post UM Alumni J 31(2):4, 1971; named UM Vice-President (Health Sciences) (nd, no source) (1p)
  9. Two letters of resignation: as phys in charge Deer Lodge Hosp & Med underwriter at Wawanesa Mutual Life Insce (2pp)
  10. Letter enquiring if TWF would accept nomination to R Coll Phys & Surg Council and answer, 1969 (2pp)
  11. Fyles Names acting dean of medical school WFP 11 July 1981 (1p)
  12. Interview with TWF. MMR 49(8), Nov/Dec 1969 (3pp)
  13. Appt as Dean of Medicine: UM press release; Wpg Trib 10 Nov 1966; MMR 46(8)1969 (4pp)
  14. Front cover MMR 49(8) Nov/Dec 1969: picture (1p)
  15. Letter announcing TWF’s return from administrative leave and new appt, 4 Oct 1978 (1p)
  16. Announcement of Special Faculty Dinner honoring retirees, 1977
  17. Staff record: restricted access (38pp)

    MPC 1.0 #98 A-J (slides of A and B)
    MPC 2.0 #58 MPC 4.3 #85 A-B

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Gemmell, John Patmore

The John Patmore Gemmell file contains the following material:

  1. Obits etc: Wpg paper cJune 1987; UM Bull 21:5 2 July 1987; HSC CentreScope 15(5):4 June/July 1987; CMAJ v17:1131 15 Dec 1987; CMAJ (father)v56(4):462; Man Med v57(3):1987; Appreciation by AR Ronald HSC Dept Int Med Newsletter 2(8):7 Sept 1987 (8pp)
  2. Faculty questionnaire 1947 (incl memo giving military service dates) (2pp)
  3. CV c1976 (see also Inaugural address as Honorary Pres MMSA 1973 in 21.3 (3pp)
  4. Copy from Faculty and student card files (1p)
  5. Appointment as Professor Emeritus: incl corres recommending him; "Emeritus honor crowns careers of three for their unique service" UM Bull 24(19):9 1 June 1987 (11pp)
  6. Letter of notification, incl certificate making JPG a member of Royal Society of Medicine also letter requesting photograph, 1959 (3pp)
  7. Appt as Professor and Head of Dept of Medicine. WFP 8 July 1964 (1p)
  8. Biographical sketch by RE Beamish and CB Schoemperlen, 1988 (3pp)
  9. Letter re retirement reception and dinner 5 Dec 1974 (1p)
  10. Xmas letter to family only dated 20 Nov (1p)
  11. Short pedigree of the Gemmell family (2pp)
  12. The medical student as a educational device 1953 (typescript with corrections) (3pp)
  13. Letter to LG Bell re postgrad training/research training c1949 (2pp)
  14. Address made at Calgary 1965 (typescript with corrections) (13pp)
  15. Address made at Fort William summer school Sept 1965 (typescript) (14pp)
  16. Psychosomatic medicine for the medical student, nd (typescript copy donated by RE Beamish) (8pp)
  17. Medical history writing by JD Adamson & JP Gemmell (title page: original in JD Adamson file) (1p)
  18. Cartoon "Manitoba Hall of Fame" UMMJ 38:89 1966 (cartoon drawing of JPG) (1p)
  19. Staff record: restricted access (53pp)
    See also:
    Inaugural Address as Hon Pres MMSA in 21.3
    Father is John Gemmell MD(Man)1915

    MPC 1.0 #100 A-C
    MPC 2.0 #34 A & K(cartoons)

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Gerrard, Jon

The Jon Gerrard file contains the following material:

  1. Platelet study to commence here Child Hosp Wpg Research Fdn Newsletter 8(3) Fall 1980 (2pp)

  2. MD’s close look at “bleeding: shows complex process UM Bull 24:7 Convocation 1987 (1p)

  3. Transitional professorship awarded C.H. Research Fdn Foundation Focus 18(3):5 Winter 1990 (1p)

  4. Rh prize aids research of six scholars, no source (1p)

  5. Dr Jon Gerrard appointed secretary of state Prairie Med J 64(1) 1994 (1p)

  6. Gerrard considers return to politics WFP 15 June 1998 (1p)

  7. Biographical article Child Health Research in Manitoba nd but at least 1992 (2pp)

  8. "Soaring to the top" MRC Scientist nd; "Honouring our best" 1994 (with good picture) (1p)

  9. MP with a microscope WFP 28 Nov 1993 (2pp)

  10. To R & D will mean for universities The Liberal Record Oct 1996 (1p)

  11. 2 news clippings on Gerrard and eagles: WFP 7 Nov 1988; 1 Nov 1997 (2pp)

  12. 4 news clippings on JG and his decision to run as leader of provincial Liberals. WFP 16 July 1998; 3 July 1998; 7 Aug 1998; and his election as leader WFP 18 Oct 1998; his plan 13 Mar 1999 (6pp)

  13. Election brochures etc 1999, 2001, 2009, nd (4pp)

  14. "Everywhere man" WFP May 1, 2002 (4pp)

  15. "Lib. leader bands, bonds with bald eagles" WFP 23 Mar 2004 (2pp)

  16. "Hopes of Manitoba’s liberal leader soar ..." CMAJ v160(9) 4 May 1999; v161(3) 10 Aug 1999 (2pp)

  17. "Rationing of stroke treatment must stop" WFP 6 Oct 2005 (1p)

  18. Politics: "Dr. Jon-the Prognosis" WFP 10 Mar 2007; "Dr. Jon’s medical campaign" WFP 20 Apr 2007, "Leader Profiles: Jon Gerrard; The soldier"; WFP 20 May 2007; "How we voted" WFP 23 May 2007; "Underdog doggedly detrmined" WFP 4 June 2011; "Report from the Legislature" April 2008, 2009; 2010 (11pp)

  19. "Gerrard wants FASD diagnosis to go to top MD" WFP 18 Apr 2008 (1p)

  20. "Is the doctor in?" WFP 4 Feb 2008 (1p)

  21. Christmas card nd (1 card)
    See also:
    Book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM MPC 1.0 #286 A-H,J

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Gibson, Alexander

The Alexander Gibson file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: MMR 36(5):323, May 1956; WFP 30 Mar 1956; Wpg Trib 30 Mar 1956; J Bn Jt Surg (1957) 39A: 231 and 39B: 154 (6pp)
  2. Copy from faculty card file and previous catalogue sheet (3pp)
  3. Biographical material: from "Manitoba Anatomists" Can J Surg 11:123-134, 1968; sketch UMMJ 47(1) 1977; from "History of Orthopedics in the University of Manitoba",; from Mayba’s Bonesetters & Others 1991: 127-145 (incl list of Alexander Gibson Memorial Lecturers & anecdotes re H Greenidge, Mel Stover & incl large no. anecdotes re AG; draft in pencil from ?Richard Perry?? + corres Perry, Univ Edinburgh; short re-cap by II Mayba 1989; excerpts from First Memorial Lecture by Sir W. Mercer CMAJ (1961) 1241-2 & Fifth Memorial Lecture by Wm Boyd CMAJ (1965) 868-71; Notice re draft biographical sketch of AG 1994; (33pp)
  4. Medals won by AG at Edinburgh University (typed list, handwritten list); photographs and slides of medals & of first prize aspiration set; (18 slides + 18 photographs+2pp)
  5. Photographs and slides of various certificates: MA; MB ChB; Wrightman Prize Murchinson Scholarship; Buchanan Scholarship; Ettles Scholarship; FRCS (Eng); AOA Membership; COA Membership; Royal College (Can) appt as Lecturer (10 photos +13 slides)
  6. Pen sketch: Doorway Dunfermline Abbey signed A Gibson (1 drawing)
  7. Publications list and accompanying letter to R Monk from WB McKinnon, 1956 (9pp)
    See also: 21.9a which contains reprints of his publications)
  8. Joseph Lister 1940. (typescript) (16pp)
  9. "Famous universities: Edinburgh". A radio talk over CKY-CKX 1946 given by AG (8pp)
  10. Reprint of "Inaugural address" to UM students 1926 (8pp booklet +1p)
  11. Thank you letter Ormerod to Mrs. Gibson re his medals and diplomas donated to Archives (1p)
  12. List of Gibson materials in 21.9a (1p)
  13. Notice of appt as Head of Anatomy CMAJ v.4(1), Jan 1914 (2pp)
  14. Notice of JCB Grant’s arrival, mentions AG Man Free Press 4 Oct 1919:.7 (1p)
  15. Info on Gibson Memorial Fund est’d by his widow held by Wpg Fdn with interest for UM (10pp)
  16. Photocopy of plaque on main floor in NJM Library & information re Alexander Gibson Gift Fund to purchase books & journals on the subject of orthopedics in Ada Ducas letter to WR Rennie, 6 Feb 2002 (3pp)
  17. Short biog by MH Ferguson (original in 2.21.2(1) (2pp)
    See also:
    • List of certificates and documents held (see Archives cupboard for large ones)
    • File 21.7.5 Alexander Gibson Memorial Lecture
    • Box 21.9a Reprints, Artifacts which include his medals, awards and certificates, as well as books of notes he took while a student at Edin (eg.Lectures in pathology delivered by Prof WS Greenfield, 1906-07)

      MPC 1.0 #346 A,B

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Glazner, Gordon

The Gordon Glazner file contains the following material:

  1. Short biography incl list of recent publications from Dept Pharmacology & Therapeutics website Mar 2010 (7pp)
  2. CIHR Awardee (New Faculty) UM website 17 Apr 2002 (1p)
  3. MHRC Annual Report 2003-2004 : description of research (1p)
  4. From the desk of Dr. Gordon Glazner - a letter from St. Boniface Hospital & Research Centre (2pp)
  5. "City prof a top guru for Yahoo answers" WFP 11 Dec 2006 (1p)
  6. "A Night to Remember for the Alzheimer Society" WFP 4 Mar 2007 (1p)
  7. "Alzheimer's am 'elusive' challenge" WFP 7 Mar 2007 (1p)
  8. "Investigating Alzheimer's, Dr. Gordon Glazner interview by CJOB" (1p)
  9. "The search for Answers" e-memo 8 Jan 2010 (1p)
  10. "Man. research links diabetes to dementia" Alzheimer Society flyer 2010 (1p)
  11. GG to host trivia challenge (1p)
  12. Cafe Scientifique public discussion on Alzheimer Disease and Dementia (1p)

Sans titre

Good, James Wilford

  1. Obit.: MMB #61:4-5 1926, Vancouver Daily Prov Sept 2 1926, Wpg Newpaper (?) Sept 2 1926, unknown source Sept 2, 1926 (8pp)
  2. Copy of resignation letter (handwritten) and acceptance letter (originals in 1.4.1(1) (2pp)
  3. Copy of invoice and confirmation for flowers for JW Good’s funeral (2pp)
  4. Corres re photos sent to C McCulloch for his history of Canadian Ophthalmology (4pp)
  5. Biographical sketch with references (1p)
  6. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)
  7. Copy of JW Good’s Appendix G in the "Report (Part II) of the North-West Mounted Police 1899, Yukon Territory" and covering letter: Pioneer Medicine in the Yukon by RB Mitchell (3pp)
  8. Newspaper clippings: "Wpg doctor returning overseas" Man Free Press 17 Jan 1917; "Sixty years ago" WFP 16 Dec 1960; "70 years ago" inaugural address 1890"; "Dr. Good returns" MFP 6 Sept 1900 (4pp)
  9. Anecdote of JWG WCQ 23(1&2):30 1970 (1p)
  10. Library reference sheet for Footprints of the common man by WE Good 1995 (1p)
  11. Note on his estate worth over half a million MMB #65, 1927:11; copy of JWG Will incl J Bennest notes; (8pp)
  12. Corres JBennest/AMKerr re archive, short article by Bennest is in list of biographical items. (6pp)
  13. Copy of his father’s teaching certificate 1859 (1p)
  14. Letter to the Editor on Professional Etiquette Man, NW & BC Lancet v1 p60-61 nd (2pp)
  15. Biographical articles: (91pp)
    • JW Good Centennial Program 1883-1983 pp8-9 (p1)
    • Winnipeg’s first medical specialist WFP 3 Dec 1938 (p2)
    • Early doctor, pioneer banker (Wpg streets) WFP 10 May 1963 (p3)
    • JW Good Medicine in Manitoba pp85-87 (p4)
    • Dr James Wilford Good "The West’s first eye specialist Generations" 21(3), Sept 1996; incl JWG timeline (pp5-9)
    • Newspaper article by The Wanderer nd (p10)
    • James Wilford Good Dict Canad Biography; (pp11-16)
    • Dr. JW Good by Douglas UMMJ 1:150 1930. (pp17-18)
    • "Good-Doctor", Dr J Wilford Good, Dean... by Gemmell UMMJ 51(3):98-103 1981 (pp19-22)
    • "Travelling dean from Wild West Winnipeg" by Roland (p23)
    • Two biographical reminiscences of JW Good by LG Bell: one typed (pp24-28), 1 handwritten, (pp29-36)
    • Dr JW Good and Manitoba Medical College by JO Todd Univ Man Quart Dec 1927 (p37-39)
    • Dr JW Good "Quite a character" 3 typed pages by RB Mitchell (pp40-42)
    • 4 copies of EW Montgomery’s article: "JW Good-The most unforgettable character I have known UMMJ 21:27-34 Oct 1949 (pp43-46); MMR 23:33-37 Feb 1943 (pp47-49); 2 typescripts one signed: GS Fahrni (pp50-62); other: EW Montgomery’s signature stamp, incl (pp63-78) Several of these slightly differ.
    • Mayba, I: "James Wilford Good" typescript (pp79-84)
    • A sketch of my recollections of Dr J.Wilfred Good by GS Fahrni (pp85-87)
    • Clipping of picture and biography from Ferguson’s One hundred years of surgery (pp88-91)
      See also:
      Manitoba Medical College minutes for period 3 June 1898 to 29 June 1900 re JWG’s deanship: particularly 8 Nov 1899 & 29 June 1900 file 1.2.1(1)

      MPC 1.0 #101 A-C
      MPC 2.0 #17

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Goodwin, Alexander McLean

  1. Obits.: CMAJ 138:656, 1 Apr 1988; Man Med 58(1):42, Spring 1988; In Memoriam-not attributed; (2pp)
  2. Faculty questionnaire, nd (1p)
  3. Copies from Faculty and student card files (1p)
  4. "Our President 1951-1952" MMR Jan 1952 (1p)
  5. Copy of picture and caption from 1922 Brown and Gold p63 (1p)
  6. "Goodwin’s Obstetric Retractors" by TF Baskett & TM Roulston J SOGC/Soc Obs & Gyn Can 15:179-180 1993 (with picture) (2pp)
  7. Corres MH Ferguson and AMG(2 letters 1973, 1 letter 1988) re his paper on Typhoid Fever dated 1925 incl in this file (2 copies, 8pp); & to MH Ferguson re history published in UMMJ (22pp)
  8. Letter from DA Goodwin (son) with biog info, 1992 (2pp)
  9. 2 publications lists (9pp)
  10. Photocopy of picture from WFP 11 Oct 1958 (2pp)
  11. Staff record: restricted access (2pp)
    Alexander M is the son of Robert M and father of David A (MD(Man)1959)
    See also:
    "Two gentlemen from Wolseley Avenue" paper read before Man History Med Soc 199? by TM Roulston in file 21.10.3

    MPC 1.0 #78 (AMG) 35mm slide of this photo found in JR Mitchell 21.9 file

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Gorrell, W Russell

  1. MMR (1946) 26: 158 (WR); CMAJ v54:417, April 1946 (2pp)
  2. Copy of student card (1p)
    James A and W Russell are brothers

Sans titre

Gunn, John Alexander

  1. Obits.: CMAJ 83:665, 17 Sept 1960. WFP 9 Aug 1960; Wpg Tribune 8 Aug 1960 (3pp)
  2. Faculty questionnaire (1p)
  3. Biographical article by CE Corrigan (2pp)
  4. John Alexander Gunn - article after resignation UMMJ v9(1) Nov 1939 (2pp)
  5. Copy from faculty and student card files (1p)
  6. Corres between Mrs Gunn and CC Ferguson re JAG (7pp)
  7. Dr Gunn becomes Chief Medical Officer, CPR Wpg Tribune 28 June 1940 (1p)
  8. Publications list incl one complete reprint (7pp)
  9. Clipping with picture and brief biography from Ferguson’s One hundred years of surgery (4pp)
  10. "Armistice day address" 1930 (16pp booklet)
  11. Copy of letter from Sidney Smith, confirming appt as Emeritus (original in 1.4.1(1) Gunn) (1p)
  12. Announcement of memorial scholarship in surgery (1p)
  13. Corres with John MacDonald for information re JAG for Military Institute of Calgary 2007 (6pp)

    MPC 1.0 #111 A-D

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Gunston, Frank Herbert

  1. The Surgical replacement of the human knee joint
  2. Ah! pity those poor battered knees ... and praise the good bone doctor WFP 8 July 1978
  3. Gunston knee helps the crippled walk Tribune 2 April 1979
  4. Announcement of Order of Canada UM Bull 31 #3 1997; Gov Gen website
  5. “MD amongst the best in the joint” WFP 28 Sept 2005
  6. Article on the Gunston knee from UMMJ 48(2) 1978

See also: 17.3.5a/b MMA Award winners files for biography

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Guyda, Harvey John

  1. CV 2008 (35pp)
  2. Career biography-short version, 2008 (2pp)
  3. McGill University Health Centre biog 2008 (3pp)
  4. Art for healing - CBC News On-line 24 Oct 2006 (2pp)
  5. Alan Ross Award from Canadian Pediatric Society, 2008, incl biog from Cdn Peds Society website; Man Med Spring 2008 (6pp)
  6. Corres with HJG 2008 (5pp)
  7. Noni MacDonald Award recipient, 2006 (HJG) - from Can Pediatric Society website 2008 (1p)
  8. Can Institutes of Health Research Institute Advisory Board Members 2003-2004 - biog (MISSING Apr 2011)

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Hamerton, John Laurence

The John Laurence Hamerton files contain the following material
Folder 1

  1. Obits.: UM webmail 14 Feb 2006; WFP; Memorial Service material 23 Mar 2006; Man Med Spring/Summer 2006 (6pp)

  2. CV 1999 (66pp)

  3. Profile: "John Hamerton" Children’s Hosp Research Fdn 16(1):6, 1988 (1p)

  4. Appointment as Human Genetics Dept Head Grand Rounds 2(4), Fall 1985; UMMJ v56(1) 1986; (2pp)

  5. Geneticist appointed distinguished professor; incl picture of C Darwin UM Bull 24(19):7, 1 June 1987 (2pp)

  6. Teddy Awards: Children’s Hosp Research Fdn 16(2):6, Summer 1988; newspaper 1988 (3pp)

  7. The Curry Award honors geneticist UM Bull 31 #3 1997 (1p)

  8. Appointed to Royal Society UM Bull 24 July 1997; WPG 11 July 1997 (2pp)

  9. Caricature Grand Rounds 1(1):7, 1983 (1p)

  10. Biographical sketch "Child Health Research in Manitoba" (1993), J Gerrard, B Doan, O Woodford (3pp)

  11. Exciting future for genetics WFP 15 Mar 1997 (includes colour picture) (1p)

  12. Hamerton reflects on genetics research career UM Bull 30(19):7, 10 Apr 1997 (1p)

  13. Program booklet of Medical Genetics Day in his honour. 1997 (7pp-1 booklet)

  14. Notice of his Order of Canada, 2002,; (2pp-one is 22 Jan 2003); Pinawa Echoes (2003 Highlights); WFP 18 Jan 2003 & 25 Oct 2003; UM Bull v36(18) 6 Feb 2003; Man Med Spr/Summer 2003; "Honouring the Best" UM website (10pp)

  15. "Good News for Sheep Producers... and Would-be Producers" Forage Focus v1(2), 2000 (1p)

  16. History of Medical Genetics by VA McKusick (pp4 & 6 re JLH) (15 dbl-sided pp)

  17. Long Term Lymphocyte Cultures - Cytogenics, Address at Children’s Hosp Wpg, c1970s (9pp)

  18. Fetus may be affected by halluinogenics WFP nd (1p)

  19. Entry in American Men and Women of Science 22nd ed. p461 (1p)

  20. Distinguished Service Award of Cdn Coll of Med Geneticists renamed to Dr. John L. Hamerton Service Award, 2007 (1p)

  21. Founders Award recipient 1996 from website of Cdn Coll of Med Geneticists; Bull v30(8) 10 Oct 1996 (2pp)
    Folder 2

  22. Staff record - restricted access (172pp)

    • Officer, Order of Canada 2002
    • Fellow of the Royal Society 1997

MPC 1.0 #79 A-C

Hamilton, Thomas Glendenning

The Thomas Glendenning Hamilton file contains the following materials:

  1. Obits.: TG:MMR 15(5) 1935; CMAJ 32:710-11 1935; WFP 7 Apr 1935; TG’s daughter: Wpg paper c18 Oct 1986 (4pp)
  2. Faculty questionnaire nd (1p)
  3. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)
  4. Copies of faculty & student cards; also Publications list & p1&2 of articles (6pp)
  5. Cards used in Manitoba Authors display for his Intention and Survival in Manitoba Authors in NJM (4 items)
  6. "Dr T Glen Hamilton, The Founder of the Manitoba Medical Review" by RB Mitchell MMR v40(3):219-22, Mar 1960 (2pp)
  7. "Arthur Conan Doyle’s Winnipeg adventure: 1923" by Rodin, Kerr, Sherlock Holmes Review v2(2) 1989, 2 copies (16pp)
  8. Corres AM Kerr & AE Rodin re TGH (6 letters), Printed article & typed ms: "Thomas Glen Hamilton Winnipeg Physician, and Spiritualist" Man Med v60(3), 1990 (19pp)
  9. Our American Adventure by AC Doyle title page with inscription to TGH. Incl clipping from Man Free Press Jul 1923; copy of note by Lillian Hamilton; copy of note from AC Doyle to Mrs TGH (3pp)
  10. "Kindred souls: The meeting of Drs Arthur Conan Doyle and Thomas Hamilton" by AE Rodin, AM Kerr, JD Key CMAJ v135:1216-1217, 15 Nov 1986 (2pp)
  11. Four clippings on Hamilton House (185 Henderson Highway):
    • "The essence of melodrama" Wpg Sun 25 Mar 1985;
    • "Rumors of ghosts surround Hamilton House" The Herald v70(43) 28 Oct 1987;
    • "The spectres of doubt" Wpg Sun 5 Apr 1992;
    • "Looking for ghosts? Try the UofM" Bull v42(13) 30 Oct 2008 (5pp)
  12. Letter from The Great Herd of Bisons of the Fertile Plains, The Sherlock Holmes Society of Winnipeg, Manitoba 7 Feb 1991 (1p)
  13. Psychic phenomena. Book review of Margaret Lillian Hamilton’s "Is survival a fact?" (1p)
  14. "The reality of psychic phenomena" by DF Campbell UMMJ 22(1):12-19, Oct 1950 (8pp)
  15. Teleplasmic phenomena in Winnipeg by TGH 1929; booklet (incl 18 photographs) Quarterly Transactions B.C.P.S. (1booklet pp179-208+15 plates photographs)
  16. 5 adverts for draft bio sketches for :TGH; GF Hamilton; JD Hamilton; JAH; JS Hamilton (5pp)
  17. Corres Brown/Kerr re material on TGH in CPS Gordon Bell Memorial Fund (Archives #4.5.4) (1p)
  18. Article on Hamilton Alumni J Dec 2000 (1p)
  19. Announcement of lecture on researching the TGH archives 2003 (W. Meyer zu Erpen) (1p)
  20. "Man’s research involved spirits..." The Metro 27 Oct 2004 (1p)
  21. 4 excerpts on Internat’l Survivalist Society’s web pages from TGH’s book Intention and Survival (8pp)
  22. Your on-line psychic resource UM Bull v40(19) 22 Feb 2007 (1p)
  23. University of Manitoba Special Collection - features Dr. Hamilton’s research into paranormal Wpg Real Estate News 23 Feb 2007 (3pp)
  24. TG Hamilton Lecture series notices: DJ Bem 29 Sept 2004; M Macy 21 Oct 2007; (3pp)
  25. "The spirits moved him: local MD" Wpg Real Estate News editorial (2pp)
  26. "Ghost Story" review of book Widows of Hamilton House WFP Books Assn of Man Book Publishers insert 29 Nov 2008 (2pp)
  27. Article re baby books of TGH's twin sons Bull v44(4) 20 May 2010 (1p)
    See also:
    • Archives and Special Collections, Elizabeth Dafoe Library University of Manitoba
    • Book in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

Sans titre

Handford, William Cuthbert

The William Cuthbert Handford file contains the following material:

  1. Obit: MMR Apr 1961 (1p)
    William Cuthbert is the father of Robert Gerald Handford

MPC 3.6 #6,23,25,33,34

Sans titre

Havens, Betty J.

The Betty J Havens file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: WFP, 2,4,5,6 Mar 2005, G&M, 5 Mar 2005; Man Med Spr/Summer 2005; CIHR website for the Institute of Aging 16 April 2005 (5pp)
  2. CV 1994 (27pp)
  3. Corres from Gaston Harnois, WHO 21 Aug 1984 (1p)
  4. "Researcher’s historical files a unique contribution" Bull 19 Aug 1999 (1p)
  5. MMA Health & Safety Award Bull v32(3) 7 May 1998 (1p)
  6. CHSRF 2003 Health Services Research Advancement Award; UM announcement; Bull v.37(8) 21 Aug 2003; UM Annual Report 2003-2004 (3pp)
  7. Order of Canada, gg website; WFP 10 Feb 2005; (2pp)
  8. Material on BH re naming R060 "The Dr. Betty Havens Seminar Room" 2005 (10pp)
  9. Honourary degree from University of Waterloo 1994 from UW website (1p)
  10. CAG (Can assn of Gerontology) Betty Havens Award in Longitudinal Research (1p)
  11. Staff file: restricted access (75pp)
  12. "Study on aging is ready to retire" Bull v42(14) 13 Nov 2008 (1p)
  13. Centre on Aging Betty Havens Memorial Graduate Fellowship award Bull v42(17) 29 Jan 2009; Centre on Aging website, 2009-10 (2pp)
    See also:
    • file 17.3.5a/b MMA Award winners files for biography

Hennen, Brian K E

The Brian K E Hennen file contains the following material:

  1. Announcement of appointment as Dean CMAJ 160:1865, 1999; UM Bull 25 Feb 1999; e-mail from Vice-President Academic; brief bio (5pp)

  2. "Dr. Brian Hennen, strengthening Manitoba’s medical community" M.D.News Wpg edition May 2000 (article with pictures) (complete journal:3pp on BKEH)

  3. W. Victor Johnston Award by the College of Family Physicians, 2000 announcement (1p)

  4. Message from the Dean: Man Med Spring 2000; Winter 2003-2004; Fac Med Annual Report 1999-2003; (4pp)

  5. "Dean Hennen enticed by new challenger" UM Bull Oct 18, 2001 (with picture) (2pp)

  6. Ian McWhinney Award 2003; CCFP SOT Newsletter 11(2), Fall 2003 (1p)

  7. Retirement reception announcement, invitation, 2004 (2 copies of card + 3 pp)

  8. CV 2000 (13pp)

  9. Letter offering self as WRHA board member, Jan 18, 2000 (2pp)

  10. Medical Hall of Fame Discovery Days introductory speech by BKEH 18 Oct 2002 (3pp)

  11. "Treat your fellow MDs with respect" WFP 1 July 2003 (1p)

  12. Anecdotes of BKE as Dean by JE Anderson, 26 June 2005 (3pp)

  13. Invitation to unveiling BKEH's portrait in A106; (1p)

  14. Note re Hennen from "History of the Coll Family Practice" Can Fam Physician Jan 1979 p51 (1p)

  15. "Gaps and Silos, Persons with Developmental Disabilities Move to the Community": Study leave report by BKEH with attendant corres (49pp)

  16. "A Generalist’s Overview of Medical Council Exam Results by UWO Students, 90-91" by BKEH (8pp)

  17. BKE card from Dalhousie (1 card)

MPC 1.0 #271 A (#2 below) &B
MPC 4.3 #118 Collection of 106 photos of faculty & staff at BKEH retirement reception (many good photographs)

Sans titre

Hillsman, John (Albert) Burwell

The John Albert Burwell Hillsman file contains the following material

  1. Obit.: UMMJ 53(1):47, 1983 (1p)

  2. Copy of mention of JABH from Medicine in Manitoba by RB Mitchell, 1955 (on same page as item 1)

  3. Faculty questionnaire, 1933 (1p)

  4. Copies from faculty and student card files (1p)

  5. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)

  6. Cards used in Manitoba Authors display plus copy of corrections to these cards (5pp)

  7. Newspaper clipping: "Winnipeg doctors sew man’s heart while guns roar" Wpg paper 25 July 1944 (1p)

  8. 8 letters re JABH’s credentials for his ChM, 1933; incl two memos by AM Kerr re the ChM (8pp)

  9. Reviews of "Eleven Men and a Scalpel": MMR 28:377 July 1948; CMAJ 58:534, May 1948 (1p)

  10. Publications list, incl 1st two pages of each (4pp)

  11. The Army Medical Organization (3pp)

  12. The Field Surgical Unit by JABH CMAJ v58, Jan 1948:61-63 (2pp)
    See also:
    -book in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

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