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Richard Allan "Dick" Johnson fonds

The first accession (A01-49) consists of lecture notes during R.A. Johnson's studies at the University of Manitoba, contributions to various periodicals on Linear and Nonlinear Circuits and Systems, his papers and thesis, notes on courses he ...

Johnson, Richard A. (Richard Allan)

R. A. Johnson fonds

The fonds consists of his lecture notes during his studies at the University of Manitoba, contributions to various periodicals on Linear and Nonlinear Circuits and Systems, his papers and thesis, notes on courses he had taught at the University of...

Johnson, Richard A. (Richard Allan)

Michael Ewanchuk accrual

The fonds consists of Michael Ewanchuk's papers pertaining to his career as the Inspector of Schools, educator and organizer of the Ukrainian curriculum at the public schools. There are over 900 photographs pertaining to his early years in Gi...

Ewanchuk, Michael

Marvin Francis fonds

  • CA UMASC Mss 247, Pc 250, Tc 141, El 12 (A.06-51, A.09-26)-A2006-051
  • Accession
  • 1985-2005
  • Part of Marvin Francis fonds

The Marvin Francis fonds displays a wealth of background information on the state of Native people in Canada in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, as well as showing the depth and versatility of a uniquely gifted artist. It consists of four s...

Francis, Marvin

Ely Bronstein A2012-027 and A2015-085 Accession)

  • CA UMASC Mss 348, Pc 303, Mf 33, TC 170 (A.10-97, A12-16)-MSS 460 (A2012-027, A2015-085)
  • Accession
  • [ca. 1400] - 2015
  • Part of Ely Bronstein fonds

Records consist of artwork and textual records acquired by Bronstein, as well as textual material which documents and contextualizes these acquisitions. Also included are family records originating from Russia, as well as a compilation tape of the...

George Swinton accrual

The fonds is separated into 13 series. They include: biographical information, correspondence with publishers, correspondence, manuscripts & drafts, articles & speeches, reviews & brochures of Swinton's work, miscellaneous, sketch...

Angus Shortt Accrual

This accrual is divided into five series. They include: Unpublished manuscripts, published manuscripts, painted ashtrays, framed painting & unframed paintings.

John Newlove accrual

Accrual includes manuscripts of several of John Newlove's poetry books and short stories. Of his twelve publications, this fonds contains literary manuscripts of nine of them along with the related correspondence. Typescripts of publications ...

Agricore United accrual

The fonds consist of 6 ledger books used by United Grain Growers in the management of their property in the three Prairie Provinces. The ledgers are generally organized by province, and then locale alphabetically. The buildings include elevators, ...

Agricore United

Hugh Allan accrual

Accrual consists of 11 series. They include: sports, royal visits, celebrities, politicians, personalities, city scapes, disasters & accidents, city scapes II, Winnipeg Tribune, freelance, and oversize.

Alexander Baran accrual

This fond consists of Rev. Baran's identification documents; education documents; travel documents; awards and honors; his father's (Viktor Baran) diary; and a photograph collection depicting his childhood and 50 years of priesthood.

Baran, Alexander

Margaret Avison accrual

This fonds was donated by Margaret Avison in the fall of 2003. It contains 12.5 cm. of textual records mostly relating to recent books published. There are 29 photographs covering 1921-2003 and six audio cassettes from 1987-2003.

Leonard A. Bateman Accrual

The fonds is divided into two series: Professional Notes recorded by E. V. Caton and L.A. Bateman’s photographs. In total the photograph collection consists of 666 photographs, 73 lantern slides, and 110 negatives.

Bateman, Leonard Arthur

Michael Kinnear fonds

The fonds is divided into 3 series. They include: Manitoba election material, electronic records EL 19 & maps MC 27.

Kinnear, Michael

Margaret Avison accrual

The seventh accrual (A.08-44) consists of manuscript copies of later works, some correspondence, press articles written after Margaret Avison’s death and a photograph.

Avison, Margaret

Margaret Avison accrual

The ninth accrual (A.09-54) consists of manuscripts of I am here and not not-there as well as photographs, other textual material and electronic media.

Avison, Margaret

Jennifer Shay fonds

Contains one series of letters written by Jennifer Shay and received by her mother, Kathlene Walker.

Shay, Jennifer

Oleh Gerus accrual

The accession consists of documents and photos concerning the emigration of the Gerus family from western Ukraine (then part of Poland) to Canada, via Displaced Persons camps in the British zone of occupied Germany, in 1944-1950, as well as a numb...

Gerus, W. Oleh

Robert Klymasz fonds

The fonds consists of Robert and Shirley Klymasz correspondence, 1995-2007, various cultural events and research projects; Shirley Klymasz biographical info and her art work.

Klymasz, Robert Bogdan

Robert Klymasz fonds

This accession consists of biographical information; Winnipeg Papers on Ukrainian Book Culture manuscript (2009); research material and correspondence; photographs from "Leadership Courses" organized by the Ukrainian National Youth Fede...

Klymasz, Robert Bogdan

Eileen Sykes fonds

The collection consists of literary works, her scrapbooks, illustrations from Fanella and the Forest Folk books and correspondence. It also contains collection of her photographs and tape recordings of her interviews.

Heather Robertson fonds

  • CA UMASC Mss 77, Mss Sc 77, Pc 7, Tc 67, El 18 (A.79-16, A.79-26, A.80-18, A.84-39, A.85-21, A.88-29, A.91-03, A.92-02, A.92-45, A.93-17, A.95-29, A.96-07, A.00-19, A.03-90, A.05-17, A.08-139, A.10-52, A.12-41, A.12-133, A.15-005)-A2005-017 (PC 7, TC 67)
  • Accession
  • 1981-2004
  • Part of Heather Robertson fonds

The collection contains manuscripts, correspondence and research materials relating to the books Meeting Death and Magical, Mysterious Lake of the Woods as well as 20 years worth of Robertson's correspondence with friend and coauthor Melinda ...

Robertson, Heather

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