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Stobie Family fonds

The fonds is separated into seven series. The first pertains to Margaret Stobie's research with the Bunji dialect (1965-1969) The second concerns the North Studies Project (1965-1977). William Stobie held a two year term as president of the W...

Stobie Family

William O. Pruitt Jr. fonds

The fonds contain 8 series. They include: 1.Articles, Manuscripts, Book Reviews & Reports 2. Pruitt's student papers & dissertation, 3. Taiga Biological Station, 4. Correspondence, 5. Organization, 6. Class Projects, 7. Research Mater...

Pruitt, William O.

Eileen Sykes fonds

The collection consists of literary works, her scrapbooks, illustrations from Fanella and the Forest Folk books and correspondence. It also contains collection of her photographs and tape recordings of her interviews.

Heather Robertson fonds

  • CA UMASC Mss 77, Mss Sc 77, Pc 7, Tc 67, El 18 (A.79-16, A.79-26, A.80-18, A.84-39, A.85-21, A.88-29, A.91-03, A.92-02, A.92-45, A.93-17, A.95-29, A.96-07, A.00-19, A.03-90, A.05-17, A.08-139, A.10-52, A.12-41, A.12-133, A.15-005)-A2005-017 (PC 7, TC 67)
  • Accession
  • 1981-2004
  • Part of Heather Robertson fonds

The collection contains manuscripts, correspondence and research materials relating to the books Meeting Death and Magical, Mysterious Lake of the Woods as well as 20 years worth of Robertson's correspondence with friend and coauthor Melinda ...

Robertson, Heather

Heather Robertson fonds

  • CA UMASC Mss 77, Mss Sc 77, Pc 7, Tc 67, El 18 (A.79-16, A.79-26, A.80-18, A.84-39, A.85-21, A.88-29, A.91-03, A.92-02, A.92-45, A.93-17, A.95-29, A.96-07, A.00-19, A.03-90, A.05-17, A.08-139, A.10-52, A.12-41, A.12-133, A.15-005)-A2003-090 (PC 7, TC 67)
  • Accession
  • 1942-2004
  • Part of Heather Robertson fonds

The collection contains manuscripts, correspondence and research materials relating to the two books The Road Well Kept: Branksome Hall Celebrates 100 Years and Driving Force, My Life With Birds as well as several of Robertson's other project...

Robertson, Heather

Gordon Reeve fonds

A2012-086 consists of VHS tapes, Betamax tapes, Betacam tapes, U-matic tapes, Hi-8 tapes, 16-mm film reels, 16-mm audio reels, audio tapes, and 4 digital audio tapes from the production of the films "The Will to Win" ("La rage de va...

Reeve, Gordon

C. Thomas Shay fonds

Subject areas covered by the records include: Courses taught; Courses taken; Correspondence; University of Minnesota thesis and dissertation research; Miscellaneous records; Presentations and Research.

Shay, C. Thomas

Betty Jane Wylie fonds

The fonds consists of 12 series. They include: Biographical information & awards, Play, opera, television & film scripts, writing, Organizations, Diaries Bunting Institute, Correspondence, Day Planners & Journals, Books, Ephemera, Phot...

Wylie, Betty Jane

Nick Ternette fonds

The collection contains limited correspondence, political action papers, briefs, complaints, convention proceedings, promotional and conference literature, scrapbooks, newsclippings, and resource files concerning Winnipeg city core activities, and...

Ternette, Nick

Nick Ternette Accrual

Accrual consists of correspondence, publications, reports, photographs, and committee and organization records.

David Kent fonds

The second accession (2015-076) consists of 6 series. The series are based upon correspondence and other material related to books edited and co-edited by David Kent, including the books Romantic Parodies and Regency Radical, the St. Thomas Poetry...

Kent, David A.

David Kent fonds

The 2012 accession (2012-068) consists of 8 series that include correspondence, manuscripts, indexes, and other materials related to the publication of works and anthologies edited by David Kent, including Lighting up the Terrain: The Poetry of Ma...

Kent, David A.

Leonard A. Bateman Accrual

The fonds is divided into thirteen series: L.A. Bateman’s correspondence, notes & meetings attended; reports & presentations by L.A. Bateman & related research materials; material related to L.A. Bateman's involvement in the Inter...

Bateman, Leonard Arthur

Alexander Baran accrual

TC 58 - audiotape collection has recordings of Andrej Sakharov's visit to Winnipeg on February 17, 1989; audiorecordings of Ukrainian-Canadian Conferences and Ukrainian visitors to Winnipeg.

Baran, Alexander

Henry E. Duckworth accrual

Accrual consist of seven series. They include: Biological Information, Articles & Conference Papers, Student Notes, Teaching Material, Atomic Mass Conference in Winnipeg, Correspondence & Photographs & Drawings (PC 121).

Paul Chartrand Accrual

The fonds is divided into 4 series. They include. Aboriginal Summit, Public Inquiry into the Administration of Aboriginal Justice, Royal Commission on Aboriginals & Aboriginal Issues in newspaper articles

O'Hare Family accrual

Accrual consists of textual records including share certificates from the Thistle Curling Club and certificates from the Grand Lodge Knights of Pythias of Manitoba as well as photographs of various members of the O’Hare family. Some of the more no...

Marie Barton accrual

The fonds consists of: correspondence; newspaper clippings; personal journals; education material; teaching material including visually impaired material; drafts of articles and manuscripts; published articles; photographs and ephemera; unpublishe...

Faculty of Law

  • CA UMASC UA 43, PC 139, TC 87, MC 18 (A96-57, A96-85, A97-30, A13-104, A13-105, A13-106, A13-114, A13-115, A13-116, A13-117, A13-118)-A2013-114 (PC 139, TC 87, MC 18)
  • Accession
  • 1908-2011
  • Part of Faculty of Law

The first accrual (A.13-114) is divided into 2 series. It includes Honor Lists, Calendars and files regarding various Moot Court Competitions.

Faculty of Law

Stanley Krippner fonds

This fonds comprises materials associated with Dr. Stanley Krippner’s study of the Brazilian “sensitive” Amyr Amiden. It includes a PowerPoint presentation (both in analog (annotated) and digital formats), academic publications, and “apports” (phy...

Krippner, Stanley

University Relations and Information Office fonds

  • CA UMASC Ua 16, Pc 6, Pc 31, Pc 34, Pc 80, Tc 6, Tc 8, Tc 12, Tc 13, Tc 14, Tc 16, Tc 18, Tc 22, Tc 27, Tc 29, Tc 30, Tc 52, Tc 53, Tc 54, Tc 55, Tc 56 (A.79-40, A.80-22, A.80-42, A.81-30, A.81-34, A.83-23, A.83-40, A.83-52, A.84-31, A.86-65, A.87-39, A.87-63, A.87-65, A.89-08, A.89-14, A.89-26, A.90-37, A.91-05, A.91-14, A.91-26, A.91-31, A.91-32, A.91-57, A.92-10, A.92-33, A.92-42, A.92-44, A.92-47, A.92-75, A.93-10, A.94-09, A.94-50, A.94-57, A.98-32, A.04-194)-A1989-026
  • Accession
  • 1969-1994
  • Part of University Relations and Information Office fonds

The accession consists of University of Manitoba press releases and news releases issued by the University Relations and Information Office, as well as correspondence.

University Relations and Information Office

Jonas Lehrman accrual

Accrual consists of negatives of Lehrman's Islam Gardens Photographs. These were assembled over several years of his visits to India, Pakistan, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Italy, Iran, Egypt and S. Russia. Some, but not all, were printed in his ...

Jake MacDonald Fonds

  • CA UMASC Mss 275, Pc 238, Tc 138, El 33 (A.09-06, A.11-79, A.12-02)-A2012-002 (PC 238, TC 138, EL 33)
  • Accession
  • 1996-2004
  • Part of Jake MacDonald fonds

This accession of the fonds consists of notebooks containing research for several of MacDonald's books; three photographs; personal correspondence; audio cassettes containing radio adaptations of MacDonald's works and messages from MacDo...

MacDonald, Jake, 1949-

A.H. Reginald Buller fonds

This accession consists of lantern slides which Buller used from his lectures and presentations.

Buller, A.H. Reginald

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