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Bowman, William David

The William David Bowman file contains the following material:

  1. Twin doctors blaze dual trails WFP 23 Feb 1983 (1p)
  2. "Dr. Bill Bowman finds relaxation in model trains" MMR v.50:14(1970) (2pp)
  3. Photocopy of picture WFP 8 Oct 1958 with Jack Bowman, Bob & Ken Thorlakson (1p)
  4. Update for class reunion (1p)
  5. "Doctor [Bill] is engineer on own line" WFP March 28 1985 (1p)
  6. Picture of WD Bowman from ‘79 Ann Report of Children's Hospital (1p)
    Son of Maxwell Bowman
    Twin brother of John Maxwell Bowman

    MPC 1.0 #230

Sans titre

Brandson, Brandur Jonsson

The Brandur Jonsson Brandson file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: MMR 24:194 1944, obit & appreciation, CMAJ 51:185, Aug 1944; MMR v24(8):223 1944 (4pp)
  2. Faculty questionnaire, nd (1p)
  3. 3 newspaper clippings (photocopies): 35 years ago; 40 years ago; picture of Brandson with Eleanor Fletcher (MD 1930) (1p)
  4. Dinner to Dr Brandson MMR 14:24 1934 (1p)
  5. Letter AMKerr to Dr H Perry with attachment: checklist of files searched re hydatid cyst (2pp)
  6. Notes taken from Dr Thorlakson by A. Kerr, Nov 1983 (1p)
  7. Articles and letters donated by PHT Thorlakson, includes: (19pp)
    (a) article (in Icelandic) printed in Sameiningin 59(7) July 1944; (pp10-19)
    (b) letter, appreciation & notes in H Sigmar’s handwriting (copies); (pp5-8)
    (c) Article: Two Outstanding Canadians from The Icelandic Canadian Mar 1944 re BJB's receiving LLD(Hon) from UM (incl Dr. Mathers’ intro) (pp3-4)
    (d) 3 misc letters (pp1,2,9)
  8. Previous catalogue sheet which includes additional information (1p)
  9. Publications list, 1983 (1p)
  10. Clipping of picture and biography from Ferguson’s One Hundred Years of Surgery (3pp)
  11. Copy of letter 19 Oct 1934 (Smith/Mathers) re announcement of Emeritus (original in 1.4.1(1) filed by date) (1p)
  12. Biog from Scholfield’s The Story of Manitoba v2:453 1913 (1p)
  13. Brief biography from Man Hist Soc website (1p)
  14. Letter CS Houston to AM Kerr 21 Sept 2002 re BJ Brandson portrait (1p)
    • Grand Knight Commander of the Royal Icelandic Order of the Falcon 1935;
    • Winnipeg Medical Society granted him life membership in 1943
    • President, Manitoba Medical Students Association 1899
    • Awarded 2nd Yr Isbister Scholarship 1898
    • LLD (Manitoba) 1944
    • brother-in-law to Olafur Bjornson

Sans titre

Briggs, Edmund James Seeds Nixon

The Edmund James Seeds Nixon Briggs file contains the following material:

  1. Obits: The Lancet 12 1987 p 641; WFP nd; CMAJ 137:549 1987; Man Med 57: 1154 1987; In appreciation. Man Med 57(4):154,1987 (author: JC Haworth); WFP 4 Dec 2010 (wife) (4pp)br>

  2. Dr James Briggs Fellowship established. Children’s Hosp Research Fdn Foundation Focus 16(1):12 Feb 1988 (same page as obits)

  3. CV (5pp)

  4. 2 letters of condolence (2pp)

  5. Staff record - restricted access (26pp)

Photograph on photocopy of obituary

Sans titre

Brodie, Earle Isadore

The Earle Isadore Brodie file contains the following material:

  1. Death record info (1p)
  2. Copy of student card (1p)
  3. Responses re reunions (3pp)
  4. Article re EIB: UM Report to Donors 1995 (with picture) (2pp)
  5. Material on the Fed-Mart and Price Club (8pp)

Sans titre

Brownell, Laurence Gray

The Laurence Gray Brownell file contains the following material:

  1. CV 1988 (1p)
  2. Copy of student card (1p)
  3. Obit of his mother (1p)
    Laurence Gray is the son of Edward Gray

Sans titre

Burns, Charles William

The Charles Williams Burns file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: CMAJ 10 June 1967, pp1142-43; 1 July 1967, pp43-44; MMR Oct 1967 pp482-483; Tribune 22 May 1967; (7pp)
  2. 2 letters: re CWB’s death (2pp)
  3. Memorial card from Board of Regents Amer Coll of Surgeons (1 card)
  4. Faculty questionnaire, nd (1p)
  5. Copy of news clippings "Oak Lake boy wins honors"; no name, nd (1p)
  6. Copy of faculty and student cards (1p)
  7. Presentation of Senior Membership to CWB MMR 44:641, 1964; (1p)
  8. Canadian Medical Association Meeting - Senior Member 24 June 1964 (1p)
  9. News clippings nd; congratulatory letter (30 June 1953) on becoming president-elect of the CMA (11pp)
  10. "50 Surgeons End Sessions" 3 Nov 1953; election as Pres of Assn of Clin Surgeons sources & dates not given(2pp)
  11. Letter of thanks from Alberta CMA Pres to CWB (2pp)
  12. 17 clippings from provincial Med Assns Annual Meetings during 1954 - most don't give newspaper or date (17pp)
  13. 2 clippings: "Three Presidents" WFP 22 Sept 1953; "Eminent Citizens", nd (2pp)
  14. Letter from TC Routley of the BMA, 29 June 1954 (1p)
  15. 6 newspaper clippings re honorary LLD 1954: Tribune 5 May 1954, 20 May 1954; WFP 5 May 1954, also nd; picture from a paper nd; The Manitoban 19 May 1954; "Honorary Degrees" page from Convocation program 19 May 1954 (7pp)
  16. Univ Man press release "Burns Professorship in Trauma Studies" UM press release 17 Feb 1997; UM 1996 Report to Donors (3pp)
  17. Publications list (1p list + 3-1st pages)
  18. Clipping of picture & biography from Ferguson’s One Hundred Years of Surgery (3pp)
  19. Staff record - restricted access
    MPC 1.0 #045 AH, J-L
    See also:
    21.9 G Fahrni file Folder 3 #9 p.7 recollections

Sans titre

Byers, Herbert Percy

The Herbert Percy Byers file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: Bull MMA 13(12):638-639, Dec 1933; CMAJ 30(1):108, Jan 1934 (2pp)
  2. Letter Set 1: (12pp)
    19 January 1988: A Johnston to Manitoba College Physicians & Surgeons incl Notes on HPB by A Johnston; letter from Prov Archives of Alberta, & Druggists & Drug Stores in Lethbridge by J.E. Stokes
  3. Letter set 2: (4pp)
    22 January 1988: JB Morison (CPS(Man)) to A Johnston; obit from WFP 29 Nov 1933; letter from HPB's wife to Man Coll Phys & Surgeons 8 Jan 1932
  4. Letter set 3: (1p)
    22 January 1988: JB Morison to Registrar School of Medicine, Univ of Leeds, Eng.
  5. Letter set 4: (4pp)
    JB Morison to A Johnston: 4 Feb 1988; JB Morison to Town Council, Melita Mb, 25 Jan 1988; incl Medical Health Services from local history: Our First Century, Town of Melita, Municipality of Arthur (mentions Drs. J & W Creighton, FL Schaffner, H Lewis, Rogers, WF MacDonald, Montgomery Pearl, Rawson)
  6. Letter set 5: (2pp)
    JB Morison to JG Wade 5 Feb 1988, Dean of Medicine;
  7. Letter set 6: (10pp)
    JB Morrison to A Johnston 22 Feb 1988; copy of letter to Editor, Melita New Era from A Johnston asking for HB photo; notes from AJ typed on letter. Incl copy of AJ's biog article "Lethbridge's First Physician" on HPB with references & notes
  8. Letterset 7: (3pp)
    A Johnston to A Naimark 26 Mar 1988: JB Morison original letter in Letter set 5 above
  9. Letter set 8: (2pp)
    JB Morison 5 April 1988 to A Johnston enclosing answer from Leeds Medical School

Sans titre

Cadham, Frederick Todd

The Frederick Todd Cadham files contain the following materials:
Folder 1:

  1. Obits.: WFP Jan 30/61; WFP Jan 31/61; MMR 41:193 Mar/61; CMAJ 84:673 1961 (4pp)
  2. Faculty questionnaire, copy of faculty card and previous file sheet; cartoon (4pp)
  3. Delaat: Dr. Fred Cadham; a profile from history Man Hlth Newsletter 6(3) 1988 (3pp+copy)
  4. Retirement from Prov Lab Wpg Tribune Dec 23,1947; WFP Dec 26, 1947; UMMJ v19(2) 1948; from Board of Health WFP Apr 29, 1960 (5pp)
  5. CV with bibliography [n.d.], other CVs (10pp)
  6. “Biography: Story of Manitoba; History of Manitoba pp493-494 (4pp)
  7. Nomination for the Medal of the Prof Inst of the Civil Service 1938 (6pp)
  8. LLD (Man) 1958 - request letter, presentation speech by LG Bell; Tribune May 26/58; WFP May 30/58 (11pp)
  9. Senior membership in Canad Med Assoc - programme & brief bio; (1p)
  10. Life membership in Wpg Med Soc - presentation May 16, 1952 by Dr. D. Nicholson (2pp)
  11. Provincial Lab named after him - Dept Hlth MDH News March 1964, Bell letter re lectures (2pp)
  12. Cadham Provincial laboratory 1897-1980 history by Fox offprint from UMMJ (5pp booklet)
  13. Notes on Infantile paralysis serum credit ?Tribune 1929 & WFP Oct 2/29; on Asthma JAMA 99:453, 1933 & Werff’s Moule fungi ...1958 p.12-13 (5pp)
  14. Letters of thanks and praise re treatment by Dr. McCormack of Dr. Markley in Teaneck, N.J. (9pp)
  15. Historical note re Stanley Cup game in 1903 where Cadham played WFP May 17, 1975 (1p)
  16. Corres to Dr. Cadham: Jun23/24 - appt as Consulting Bacteriologist, WGH; Nov 24/48 - appt as Chairman of the Board of Health 1948; Jun 30/41 - thanks for presentation to CMA (3pp)
  17. Corres from FTC: 1939 - with CMAJ re article on vaccines; (4pp)
  18. Corres from FTC: 1947 - with Dr. A.R. MacLean re arthritis and vaccine (2pp)
  19. Corres from FTC: 28 Nov 1947 - to Hon. Ivan Schulz re Bacteriological laboratory (20pp)
  20. n.d.-to the Cte re "the laboratory and the proposed Govt Medical Services" specifically re laboratory technicians; 6pp)
  21. Corres 1965-67: Roper G Cadham with Dr. Loeffler et re FTC, arthritis and vaccines (6pp)
  22. Note re a Cadham ‘first’ (first description of spore asthma) 1980 (1p)
  23. Copy of letter of recommendation of Emeritus status (1p)
  24. 2 handwritten notes from Nina Cadham Smith to LG Bell re her father, & re his LLD presentation; (2pp)
  25. Note by grand daughter re the tomato juice explosion recorded in the cartoon, & hunting companions at Delta (Wild Bill Cody, Annie Oakley & Houdini) (1p)
  26. note re Founder Ducks Unlimited plus 3 publications re wild life:
    • “Manitoba; a morning on the duck march” Wpg Evening Trib Oct 23, 1931;
    • "The pinnated grouse in Manitoba” Wildlife Crusader Sept 1957,
    • “The sharp tail grouse in Manitoba” Game & Fish Sept 1954 (6pp)
  27. Staff record - restricted access (9pp)
    Folder 2:
  28. Corres 1961-67 from Robert W. Loeffler, M.D. re accomplishments & lack of recognition re FTC's breakthroughs (note: material is not in good shape because it was copied by Dr. Loeffler on a pre-Xerox copier; photocopies have been made but are difficult to read) (80pp plus copies for preservation)
    Folder 3:
    Typescripts, some annotated, of speeches and presentations; dates are given where known:
  29. "Psoriasis" read before the Wpg Med Soc (5pp)
  30. "Public health and preventive medicine" (4pp)
  31. "Lake Manitoba and water levels" (6pp)
  32. "Bacteriology of the War" read before MMA 1919 (4pp)
  33. "Pandemic influenza" read to Wpg Med Soc 1919 (8pp)
  34. "Bacteriophage" given to the Scientific Club 1929 (11pp)
  35. "Research and Dentistry" Wpg Dental Soc Jan 1931 (15pp)
  36. "Address to public health nurses" read July 8, 1931 (9pp)
  37. "On the Discovery of the Tubercle Bacillus by Robert Koch" Wpg Med Soc 1932 (7pp)
  38. "Acute bacterial infection and dental practice" read at Wpg Dent Soc 21 Mar 1934 (7pp)
  39. "Amebiasis" read before Postgrad clinic on gastroenterology 7 Feb 1936 (1p)
  40. "Subacute bacterial endocarditis" read MMC May 15, 1934 (6pp)
  41. "The submitting of specimens to the Laboratory" address to MMA Sept 3, 1935 (10pp)
  42. "Arthritis" to public health nurses Sep 5, 1935 (4pp)
  43. "Puerperal sepsis" to Sect Gynec & Obstet, Wpg Med Soc Feb 13, 1936 (10pp)
  44. "Immunity problem of poliomyelitis" to Wpg Med Soc Sept 17, 1936 (10pp)
  45. "Tissue immunity” to Wpg Surgical Club Dec 19 1938 (19pp)
  46. "Some general considerations of immunity" to Postgrad course 22 Feb 1940 (7pp)
  47. "The use of vaccines and serums" Postgrad Course Feb 23, 1940 (9pp)
  48. "Interpretation of reports on the serological examination for syphilis" PG Course Feb 24/43 (8pp)
  49. "The Disease, Chronic Arthritis Prevalent in all temperate ones..." Deer Lodge Hosp Feb 23, 1944 (8pp)
  50. "Chemo therapeutic agents and bacterial resistance" Wpg Med nd (8pp)
  51. "Correct methods for ... specimens for laboratory examination" MMA nd (6pp)
  52. On the [Distribution of biological products] ?Free Press? nd (7pp)
  53. On [Immunity and bacteriophagy] nd (8pp)
  54. "Some phases of elective localization of bacteria" to ENT Assoc, Wpg nd (6pp)
  55. "Treatment of poliomyelitis in the acute stage" Wpg Med Soc nd (6pp)
  56. [Ulcerative stomatitis] to the Dental Soc nd (10pp)
  57. "Vaccine therapy" nd (7pp)

Sans titre

Cadoret, Remi Jere

The Remi Jere Cadoret file contains the following material:

  1. 23 letters 7 memos incl RJC, J Doupe, JB Rhine, re RJC’s coming to work at Univ Man & re his work in parapsychology, 1957-58 (29pp)
  2. Harvard scholastic record; two letters from Yale University re his courses. 1958 (4pp)
  3. Application to John & Mary Markle Fdn for grant; letter of refusal from them. 1958. (7pp)
  4. Request for confidential assessment of RJC from King’s Coll, Halifax NS. 1962 (2pp)
  5. Grant-in-Aid applications to MRC 1963, 1964 (2pp)
  6. Photocopy from card file (1p)
  7. Copy of application for membership in The Canadian Physiological Society 1959 (incl bibliography on reverse). 1959 (1p)
  8. Copy of questionnaire for biographical directory. (Bibliography on reverse). nd (1p)
  9. Letter of resignation 1965 (1p)
  10. Copy of entry from Amer Men & Women of Science 17th edition 1989:90 (1p)
  11. Iowa Adoption Studies, 1975-1982, Study Description by RJC, 1988 (9pp)
  12. Book review by RJC on Alcohol and the Community: A Systems Approach to Prevention by Harold D Holder Am J Psychiatry 156:9, September 1999(2pp)
  13. Photograph from Gene Conference at Oregon Health and Science University (1p)
  14. List of several publications (1p)
  15. 50th anniversary reunion Yale University 1953 medical class (1p)
  16. ‘The Best Doctors in America’ list incl RJC in Psychiatry - Univ Iowa Press release 1999 (1p)
  17. CV 2004 (14pp)

Sans titre

Campbell, Robert Donald

The Robert Donald Campbell file contains the following material:

  1. Copy of student card; incl WFP 8 Oct 1958 article on 1958 75th anniversary Faculty of Medicine (1p)
  2. Clippings on med reunions WFP 8 Oct 1958, Trib 8 Oct 1958 (2pp)
  3. Social notes MMR Mar 1956 re honorary LLD(Grand Forks); Dec 1956 (60th Wedding Anniversary) (2pp)
  4. Registration NorthWest Territories 1904 - in Certificate cupboard
    RDCampbell is the brother of AMCampbell and the uncle of JRCampbell, MHCampbell & AACampbell

    LLD(Hon)(University North Dakota)1956

Sans titre

Campbell, William Ewart Gladstone

The William Ewart Gladstone Campbell file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: from Wpg paper Apr 1959 (?); MMR (1959) 38:363; CMAJ v80:921, 1 June 1959 (3pp)
  2. Faculty questionnaire. nd (1p)
  3. Copy of faculty and student cards (1p)
  4. Biographical sketch with pencil drawing UMMJ 14(4):41-42, Apr 1943 (2pp)

Sans titre

Carr, Ian

The Ian Carr file contains the following material:

  1. CV, October 1994 (16pp)
  2. Associated Medical Services John B Neilson Award 1996: Nomination letters from CPW Warren, AM Kerr, NR Anthonisen; award letter from Hannah Institute for the History of Medicine; invitation, menu to Award Dinner; award notice AMS Inc Corporate Report 1996-1997 (11pp)
  3. Announcements of his new book UM e-memo 24 Nov 1999; UM Press 1999; Bulletin, v33(14) Dec 2, 1999; SMART Connections Fall 2000 (4pp)
  4. "An appreciation" by Warren & Beamish Prairie Med J 67:10 1997 (1p)
  5. "Carr outlines history of medical college ..." UM Bull 27 Feb 1997 incl poster & handout (3pp)
  6. Reviews of his book WFP Dec 15, 1999; Can Bull His Med 1999; by Chuck Roland (3pp)
  7. "Meet Dr. Carr ..." Newsletter of the Hannah Institute Jan 1991 (1p)
  8. "A Dodder of Deans and a Posy of Platitudes, Medical Education in Manitoba 1883-1983" by IAC, RE Beamish, CPW Warren: draft of paper presented to Cdn Soc for Hist of Med., Sherbrooke, 1999 (12pp)
  9. "Ian Carr - a physician for social responsibility" Canadian Scientists page from ? (1p)
  10. "Light on the Prairies, The early days of St Boniface General Hospital" by IAC, StB Gen Hosp Annual Report 1985-86 (3pp)
  11. Letter Nov/98 from IAC to Hannah Institute re support of history programme (2pp)
  12. Two artices "Ophelia Syndrome" and "Medical Education - Thoughts of a Helot"; The Lancet 10 Apr 1982; North Wing v34:9-10 (2pp)
  13. Xmas letter 1998 (1p)
  14. Announcements of his wife Jean Carr's book A Month of Suppers (1 card, 1 bookmark)
    See also:
    Book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

Sans titre

Chalke, Frank Cyril Rhodes

The Frank Cyril Rhodes Chalke file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: Univ Ottawa Gazette 21 Jan 1987 (with picture); ?Wpg paper; CMAJ v136:652, 15 Mar 1987; Can J Psychiatry v32(5):405-407, June 1987 (6pp)
  2. CV (2pp)
  3. Copy of card from student card file and faculty file (2pp)

    3 Copy of letter from Howard (brother-in-law?) 20 Dec 1986 (2pp)
  4. Letter from John M Malcolm (MD1943) reminiscing on FCRC 3 Aug 1989 & acknowledgement letter & memo from AM Kerr (6pp)
  5. 5 letters & memo re Mary Chalke’s donation of W Boyd’s textbooks & FCR Chalke’s CV, articles & appreciation 1988 (5pp)
  6. Letter requesting information on his father from DR Chalke and answer from AM Kerr 1989 (2pp)
  7. Senior Membership Citation 1982 Frank Cyril Rhodes Chalke, Vancouver, BC (1p)
  8. Presidential address: The Psychiatrist as Scientist by FCRC Can Psych Assn J 19(6):533-542, Dec 1974 (10pp)
  9. Health-services planning led to the “GAME” by FCRC Univ Ottawa Gazette 16(10):12-13, Aug 1981 (2pp)
  10. More for the Mind, A Study of Psychiatric Services in Canada Can Mental Health Assn 1963(cover & title page only) (2pp)
  11. "Management of burns" by FCR Chalke, Pres MMSA UMMJ 14: 26 1943 (with pencil sketch)

Sans titre

Childe, Arthur Edward

The Arthur Edward Childe file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: CMAJ 113:977, 22 Nov 1975, a Wpg paper nd (1p)
  2. Copies from faculty and graduate card files (1p)
  3. Previous reference sheet (1)
  4. Letter from DW MacEwan re recognizing contribution of AEC to the faculty. 28 Aug 1972 (1p)
  5. Photocopy of picture from Tribune Oct 9, 1958 re his election as chairman of executive council of American Roentgen Society (1p)
  6. "Pediatricians unview link on birth woes" photocopy from WFP 6 Jul 1966 (1p)
  7. Staff record - restricted access (7pp)

Clark, Cecil William

The Cecil William Clark file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: WFP 10 Dec 1997 (CW); (1p)
  2. Faculty questionnaire, nd (1p)
  3. Copy of faculty and student cards (1p)
  4. Publications list (with 1st pp of same) (5pp)
  5. Brief bio from RL Cooke’s "Sixty Years of Surgery" 1934-94 in file 2.24.2(2) (2pp)
  6. Staff record: restricted access (5pp)
  7. Summary of request for info 23 July 2008 (1p)

Clark, W H

The W. H. Clark file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: MMR (1946) 26:193; CMAJ v54(5) May 1946 (2pp)

Corrigan, Samuel Harvey

The Samuel Harvey Corrigan file contains the following material:

  1. Obit: MMR 22:131 1942; CMAJ v47(1):84 July 1942 (2pp)
    Samuel Harvey is Cecil Edwin’s father

Creighton, James Forbes

The James Forbes Creighton file contains the following material:

James Forbes Creighton MD 1903 (Man)

  1. Obit: CMAJ v51:186 1944 (1p)
  2. Student card from file (1p)
  3. A Tale that is Told, Estevan 1890-1980- biographical notes (11pp)
  4. Saskatchewan politics: MLA 1925 (incl vote results), results of 1930 federal contest (defeated) (3pp)
  5. Obit of his son, John Osler Creighton (also a physician but not Man. MD) WFP 4 Mar 2006 (2pp)
  6. Corres fom JO Creighton re Creightons, 1996 (4pp+1 envelope)
  7. Cousin Connect Query 9738 (2pp)
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