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Correspondence: Simos, Irving ; Sapir, P. ; Brand, J. ; Wienckowski, L.A. ; Shephard, A.H. ; Saunder, M.G. ; Condo, W.J. ; Ray, M. ; Rubinstein, E. A. ; Moran, J. ; Gutter, F.J. ; Gordon, J. ; Duckworth, H.E. ; McLeod, G.

Award notification

Grant award M.H. 08748-01, Grant application, Summary of progress report, Application for grant extension, Annual report of expenditures, Notice of award, Termination report

D.R.B. Annual Progress Reports

Effects of adverse envirornmental conditions on intellectual & perceptual processes, Effects of adverse envirornmental conditions on performances, Effects of adverse envirornmental conditions on intellectual & perceptual processes, Effects...


Correspondence: Rule, Brenden ; Fenz, W.D. ; Heron, W. ; Ogilivie, J.C.


Correspondence: Hoyt, R. ; Lowe, R.H. ; Northey, W.H. ; Smith, A.H. ; Suedfeld, P. ; Northey , W.H. ; Pickett, B. ; Winser, C.A.


Zubek's Assessment N.R.C. Applications. Correspondence: Van Laer, J. ; Park, F.R. ; Condo, W.J. ; N.R.C. ; Wright, H. ; Rabinovitch, M.S. ; Agnew, Neil ; Royce, J. ; Mackinnon, George ; Schnore, Morris ; Walley, Roc.; Newbigging, P.L. ; Foley...

Miscellaneous Research Notes

Personality characteristics of volunteer & non volunteers for Sensory Deprivation, Future projects (non isolation), Effects of S.D. on a battery tasks, Short term research, Future research, Social interaction in isolation, Long eye syndrome, R...

Zubek's Research Notes

EEG records low light & noise at Gen. Hospital, Includes Jean Mary Sheppard's analysis on alpha determination

McGill Examinations

Psychology 33A, Psychology 33B, Psychology 33B Supplemental exam, References for Developmental & Child Psychology

Student research at John's Hopkins

Reading List - Vision Seminar, Reading for Personality Seminar, Basic Readings for Personality, Reading Lists for Vision Seminar, Second Term


Correspondence: Farrell, R.J. ; Wright, N. ; Kovac, D. ; Schonberger, J. ; Tkac, P. ; Jackson, W. ; Con. Gen. Czech ; Podietz, L. ; Henry, K. Zubek articles, notes relating to Peatman letter


Correspondence: Farrell, R.J. ; Marjerrison, G. ; Wright, N. ; Fine, B.J.; Heron, W. ; Malmo, R.B. ; Suedfeld, P. ; Schonberger, J. ; Podietz, L. ; Tkac, P. ; Henry, K.R. ; Scott, S. articles by Richard Farrell, articles by Gordon Marjerrison, ...

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