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Simma Holt fonds

The fonds consists of 8 series: They include: Biographical & Family Material, Diaries & Journals, Manuscripts & Columns, Correspondence, Gerald Eaton Murder Case, Leaky Condo Material, Photograph Collections (PC 103) & Tape Collection TC 66

Holt, Simma

Nan Shipley fonds

  • CA UMASC MSS 021-A1979-014
  • Accession
  • 1940-1978
  • Part of Nan Shipley

The collection includes lecture notes, manuscripts and published articles, radio and television scripts, maps, photographs, newspaper clippings, magazine articles and scrapbooks. In addition, there are three boxes of traditional stories, recorded in the scrapbooks of Alex Grisdale of Scanterbury (Brokenhead reserve) (2 boxes) and transcribed by Nan Shipley (1 box).
The map collection is noteworthy for its maps of the old trails used by Indigenous peoples which crossed the prairie provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

The photograph collection contains pictures of historic sites throughout Manitoba. It is particularly valuable, however, for its record of old and new, urban and rural transportation in Manitoba (e.g. Red River carts, streetcars, railways, steamships, dog sleds and air transport). It provides a pictorial record of hydro developments in northern Manitoba and of the growth and demise of northern towns and settlements. Major and cottage industries, wildlife, flora and fauna of Manitoba are included. Among the portraits are Indigenous peoples, early missionaries and settlers and contemporary civic minded individuals. The research materials are on miscellaneous topics paralleling those of the picture collection.

Shipley, Nan

Nick Ternette fonds

The collection contains limited correspondence, political action papers, briefs, complaints, convention proceedings, promotional and conference literature, scrapbooks, newsclippings, and resource files concerning Winnipeg city core activities, and radical, left wing politics of the 1970's and 1980's.

Ternette, Nick

Margaret Stobie fonds

Contains research material used in writing her book Frederick Philip Grove (1973). Includes correspondence, interviews (tapes and typescripts), research notes and news articles. There are also copies of three articles on the Graphic Press plus a paper on "Friedrich Hebbel" delivered to the English Club in Simcoe, Ontario (1932). The fifteen tapes have been transferred to the Tape Collection, TC 2.

The Collection gives a glimpse of the rural Manitoba towns in which Frederick Grove lived and taught. The private interviews, based on recollections, reflect the communities' attitudes and feelings toward Grove. The collection especially highlight recollections of former students and show a personal, intimate aspect of Grove's unique character and lifestyle.

Stobie, Margaret

Alumni Association Inc. of the University of Manitoba fonds

The fonds contains: minutes and correspondence of the Board of Directors and Committees, including the Centennial Committee; files on awards, fund raising and advertising activities; correspondence with branches of the Association and other Canadian and American Alumni Associations; annual reports; miscellaneous correspondence of former Alumni Executive Director, John M. Gordon. Most records date from 1950 to 1975.

Alumni Association Inc.

Eli Mandel fonds

  • MSS 18-A1984-037, A1985-011, A1987-056, A1992-022
  • Accession
  • 1922-1986
  • Part of Eli Mandel fonds

The collection reflects the work of Eli Mandel as a creative writer and as an academic scholar. There are manuscript and typescript copies of most of his poems and critical works, frequently in many drafts, as well as drafts of his published anthologies. His formal articles are supplemented by notes for his lectures to university classes and other audiences. The correspondence includes exchanges of letters with many of his contemporary Canadian writers and scholars. There is a limited amount of material concerning members of Mandel's family, especially his first wife, Miriam (Minovitch) Mandel.

Mandel, Eli

John Newlove accrual

Accrual includes manuscripts of several of John Newlove's poetry books and short stories. Of his twelve publications, this fonds contains literary manuscripts of nine of them along with the related correspondence. Typescripts of publications included are Grave Sirs (1962), Moving in Alone (1965), The Cave (1968), Lies (1972), and The Night the Dog Smiled (1986). An unpublished manuscript is also included. Most of the collection is comprised of journals, correspondence, manuscripts and notes from the mid-1960s to 1986.

There is a large amount of correspondence, both private and business. The private correspondence includes letters to and from Newlove's family, friends and writers. The correspondence includes substantial communications between Newlove and other writers such as Earle Birney, Irving Layton, Al Purdy, John Metcalf, Alden Nowlan, Bernie Childs, Patrick Lane, and others. The business correspondence deals with publishers, universities, various magazines and organizations. The correspondence is essential in understanding how the Canadian literary and publishing scenes "work".

John Newlove's literary essays are also included as are a number of others about Newlove. Also included are John Newlove's opinions and reports and manuscripts and their authors which he edited or was asked to advise on.

Most of this fonds deals with the literary and personal development of John Newlove as reflected in the journals, manuscripts, edited revisions, reviews, reports, essays and correspondence.

Keystone Agricultural Producers fonds

The Keystone Agricultural Producers Collection consists mainly of office files of the Manitoba Farm Bureau which were generated from 1965-1984. Also included are files produced prior to 1965 by the Manitoba Farm Bureau's predecessors.

These files, arranged for the most part in their original chronological order, contain the following: by-laws; reports; submissions; minutes; news releases; and correspondence of the Manitoba Farm Bureau and its eighteen-member organizations. Also included are materials from outside related organizations such as L'Union Catholique des Cultivateurs, National Farmers Union, federations of agriculture of other provinces, etc.

After the proper chronological sequencing, up to 1984, there are files which were not included in this manner. They cover other activities which took place during 1979 and 1980.

Significantly, the Manitoba Farm Bureau's early files are not as complete as the later ones. This is due to a basement flood which occured in the basement of the Manitoba Farm Bureau headquarters which destroyed a number of them.

Keystone Agricultural Producers

Sheila Rabinovitch Tape Collection

  • CA UMASC MSS 416, TC 74, TC 74A (A87-24, A13-109)-A1987-024 (TC 74 & 74A)
  • Accession
  • 1970-1981
  • Part of Sheila Rabinovitch fonds

The Sheila Rabinovitch Tape Collection is the work of one of Winnipeg's better known free lance writer, interviewer and broadcaster. It consists of some 70 interviews and 90 hours of recordings, mostly with Winnipeg residents, conducted between 1970 and 1981. Mrs. Rabinovitch conducted most of these interviews either on her own initiative or by request with the intention of using part or all of them for broadcast on various CBC radio programs of cultural and artistic interest to Canadians. Most of her works were aired on radio. Only three or four of approximately fifteen full-length, completed programs are to be found, however, in their entirety in the collection. The rest are preparatory in nature, offcuts and excerpts of various personalities on a wide range of topics.

As one might expect, there is an uneven quality to the collection. Some of the interviews are the finished product, i.e. comprehensive, insightful, and informative--ready for broadcast. This is particularly so of those on John W. Dafoe, Ralph Connor, John MacAulay, and Judge Lewis St. George Stubbs. Some of these have won awards for their excellence.

Many of the rest tend to be short excerpts, disjointed and relatively undeveloped. The very range of Mrs. Rabinovitch's interests makes for a somewhat eclectic collection, broader than it is deep. All of her own recordings are exceptionally clear and easy to listen to. A few of the early voice recordings of various personalities, however, are hard to hear. Thanks to recently-announced funding from the John W. Dafoe Foundation, many of the tapes of pertaining to John W. Dafoe will soon be transcribed. Unfortunately, most of the rest of the interviews will not be transcribed for the foreseeable future. (At the time of preparing this register, a grant application was being made for funds to transcribe the John W. Dafoe tapes.)

The interviews were originally recorded onto 5" or 7" reel-to-reel tapes. A few were produced on 10" broadcast tapes. The entire collection of these original recordings has been preserved and is listed and described herein under the call # 74A. Most, but not all, of these tapes were duplicated onto cassette tape recordings for ease of use and preservation purposes. Stored separately from the reel-to-reel parent collection, the cassettes are under the call # 74. Each individual interview is described later in this register whether reel-to-reel or cassette. Missing from her original collections are #s 11, 29, 34, 38, 46, 48, 49, 50 and 52.

The collection is a rare and unique oral presentation, if not oral history, of many of the personalities and events that figured prominently in the history of Winnipeg. Since radio stations and broadcast corporations seldom keep such programs for archival purposes, this collection takes on more than passing interest. To a Department that already houses the papers of John W. Dafoe, Ralph Connor (Rev. William Gordon), and Judge Stubbs, the work of Mrs. Rabinovitch takes on special value.

Those interviewed or discussed are, on the whole, prominent western Canadians in the fields of agriculture, literature, journalism, education, the law and, above all, the arts. The development of art, education, journalism, and literature are all well detailed. There is also much of interest here to the student of women's literature and art and of the expanding role of women, generally, in modern Canadian society.

Rabinovitch, Sheila

University Relations and Information Office fonds

  • CA UMASC Ua 16, Pc 6, Pc 31, Pc 34, Pc 80, Tc 6, Tc 8, Tc 12, Tc 13, Tc 14, Tc 16, Tc 18, Tc 22, Tc 27, Tc 29, Tc 30, Tc 52, Tc 53, Tc 54, Tc 55, Tc 56 (A.79-40, A.80-22, A.80-42, A.81-30, A.81-34, A.83-23, A.83-40, A.83-52, A.84-31, A.86-65, A.87-39, A.87-63, A.87-65, A.89-08, A.89-14, A.89-26, A.90-37, A.91-05, A.91-14, A.91-26, A.91-31, A.91-32, A.91-57, A.92-10, A.92-33, A.92-42, A.92-44, A.92-47, A.92-75, A.93-10, A.94-09, A.94-50, A.94-57, A.98-32, A.04-194)-A1989-026
  • Accession
  • 1969-1994
  • Part of University Relations and Information Office fonds

The accession consists of University of Manitoba press releases and news releases issued by the University Relations and Information Office, as well as correspondence.

University Relations and Information Office

J. Edgar Rea fonds

MSS 73 contains transcriptions of ten oral histories conducted by Brian McKillop and Paul Barker in 1969-1970 with prominent Winnipeg political, labour, and social leaders of the 1920s and 1930s. These include interviews with Stanley Knowles, C.E. Simonite, Michael Harris, Mitch Sago, Tom Green, Fred Tipping, Gloria Queen-Hughes, Chester King, Norman Penner, and Marshall J. Gauvin.

Rea, J. Edgar

J. Edgar Rea fonds

This collection contains 203 unpublished student research papers submitted to Professor Rea by his leading students between 1968 and 1987 on the broad subjects of Manitoba and western Canadian history. Topics include Manitoba and Winnipeg biographies (43), Manitoba provincial and Winnipeg municipal politics (28), labour history (16), ethnic history (15), social history (10), business history (9), Native history (7), agriculture history (7), educational history (7), fur trade history (5), Red River Settlement history (5), women's history (4) and medical history (4).

Rea, J. Edgar

Margaret Avison accrual

The initial collection consists of several hundred unpublished poems written by Margaret Avison between 1935 and the late 1970s. A later accession received in 1996 adds correspondence from various literary associates & covers the late 1950s into the mid 1990s. In several instances other writers & poets send samples of their work for Avison's comments. There is a lengthy correspondence between Avison and the American poet Fredrick Bock. The Collection includes two thesis about the works of Margaret Avison and several of her unpublished essays & poems.

The 2001 accrual contributes photographs, audiotapes, to the existing fonds, as well as material relating to Avison’s work such as worksheets, manuscripts, published copies, and reviews. It also includes correspondence from the 1980s to 2001, material relating to the honours and awards that she received, and lectures and readings. This accrual contains Avison’s Bible study notes created from 1967 to 2001.

Avison, Margaret

Simma Holt fonds

  • CA UMASC MSS 103-A1990-020, A1990-038, A1990-048
  • Accession
  • 1941-1989
  • Part of Simma Holt fonds

Simma Holt's collection is arranged under the main series of personal, publications, and politics. Under the series heading of publications, the papers are organized according to her four books: Terror in the Name of God , Sex and the Teen Age Revolution , The Devil's Butler , and The Other Mrs. Diefenbaker . In addition, there are sub-series for Holt's work as a journalist for the Sun and her work as a lecturer and free-lance columnist.

One of the most important holdings under the sub-series of journalism is a bound volume containing the complete series of The Vancouver Express , the newspaper that began with the lockout of Pacific Press employees on February 21, 1970 and ended when they returned to their jobs on May 15, 1970.

Of the four books published by Holt, Terror in the Name of God is the richest source of documents and photographs. The collection contains letters and records by early Freedomite leaders dating back to the 1920s. Holt went to Ottawa to research Freedomite origins; while there the police gave her access to secret files. Of the photographs, Holt wrote: "So fantastic and bizarre have been the antics of the Sons of Freedom Doukhobors in Canada that photographers have come from across the country and around the world to capture on film the fragments of their strange way of life." The photograph collection contains an album of over five-hundred pictures pertaining to the history of the Doukhobors. In addition, there are approximately 1,000 photos in this collection. These photos were acquired from the RCMP in Nelson B.C., the Vancouver Sun's photographer George Diack, former Nelson freelancer for CBC and the Sun Alice Jane Sloan, and former Nelson News photographer Bob Blackmore. The manuscript collection contains records of Doukhobor trials regarding bombings and burnings in B.C. in 1953, 1958, and 1962.

Holt's tape collection includes many interviews that pertain to The Other Mrs. Diefenbaker . Holt interviewed Edna's relatives as well as many of Diefenbaker's colleagues in parliament such as T.C. Douglas, Paul Martin, and Senator David Walker. She also interviewed Judge Roy Hall about the Atherton case which Diefenbaker successfully defended. Also in the tape collection are telephone conversations of the Satan's Angels motorcycle gang, taped by the police and interviews with Donna, the main character in The Devil's Butler .

In addition to material pertaining to her four books, Holt's collection includes an unpublished manuscript called "Divorce Lawyer," a biography of Neil Fleischman. In the tape collection are eighteen interviews with Hugh Pickett, Canada's best known impresario who became the owner and head of Famous Artists in Vancouver. Holt and Pickett had plans to publish a book using the taped interviews.

Both Terror in the Name of God and The Other Mrs. Diefenbaker evolved through many drafts and revisions. These edited drafts are also in Holt's collection.

During Holt's five year stint in politics, she maintained a voluminous correspondence. Unedited copies of letters written as a member of parliament between July 1974 and June 1979 are also in the collection.

Holt, Simma

Kenneth McRobbie fonds

The collection contains McRobbie's poetic and historical endeavors. Included are his poetry, publications, activities and translations. Also included are articles and reviews on his work, and correspondence, which span more than three decades. This correspondence is with contacts, both foreign - mainly Hungarian, and domestic. His translations include novels by Laszlo Nagy, Miguel Angel Asturias and Maria Krisztinkovich, and poetry by Ferenc Juhasz, Gyorgy Petri and Miklos Radnoti to name but a few.

McRobbie, Kenneth

Andrew Suknaski fonds

This accession consists of publications containing poetry by Suknaski, or, publications containing reviews or discussion of his work.

Suknaski, Andrew

Thistledown Press Ltd. fonds

The Thistledown Press Ltd. fonds documents all of the activities of this Saskatoon-based literary publishing house from its inception in 1975 until 1985. Its business records consist of daily office journals (1977-1985), budgets, business correspondence (with granting institutions, governments of Saskatchewan and Alberta, arts councils and literary presses), legal, accounting, marketing and taxation records.

Of the fonds' important literary holdings, there are a substantial number of original manuscripts and a collection of every book published by Thistledown Press at the time of processing the fonds (101 titles in all, many of which are in both hardcover and softcover). These are all in mint condition (some are signed) and have been included after each series of manuscripts.

Also included are submission and rejection records, literary correspondence with poets, editors and other writers, author tours, workshops and book launchings. The overall coverage of the fonds is its greatest strength. The number of original manuscripts is most significant. Contained in literary correspondence records are letters from such luminaries as Earle Birney, W.P. Kinsella, Robert Kroetsch, Margaret Laurence, Dorothy Livesay, John Newlove and Alden Nowlan.

The Thistledown Press Photograph Collection consists mainly of authors' photographs as they appeared in the published books. In some cases there are photographs which were used in the book itself. The collection is fairly complete until the early-1980s. The records indicate at the beginning of press, author's and book photographs were retained, but by the early-1980s, they were routinely returned to authors.

Thistledown Press Ltd.

Fredelle Maynard fonds

  • CA UMASC MSS 136-A1991-010, A1992-012
  • Accession
  • ca.1915-1989; predominately 1932-1989
  • Part of Fredelle Maynard fonds

Fonds consists of materials created throughout the course of Maynard's career as a teacher, writer and journalist. There are also some materials pertaining to her personal life in the form of correspondence and photographs.

Fonds were created from 1915 to 1989, with the prominent dates of creation being 1950 to 1989. Maynard created the records both in Canada and the United States, with the bulk of the records being created in Durham, New Hampshire and Toronto, Ontario.

Fonds consists of four main series. The first is Correspondence. This is divided into two sections. The professional section consists of letters to and from Maynard's agents, editors, fans and other groups related to her literary career. The correspondence spans the years 1964-1989. The personal correspondence section is fairly small at the moment. It contains a letter from the Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba (1945), a letter from Maynard's parents (mid-1940s), a letter to Max Maynard (1946), a letter from J.D. Salinger (1972), letters from Ruth Small (1985), letters from Marion Mainwaring, and other correspondence from friends and family.

The second series covers her Literary Career. There are sections regarding three of her books, Raisins and Almonds , The Child Care Crisis, and The Tree of Life . As well, her published magazine articles, including both drafts and final versions, are located here. The topics of articles include children, health, marriage, travel, and education and span the years 1950 to 1989. There is also a newspaper clipping section. There are some clippings regarding Maynard and her family from 1932, the 1940s and the 1960s. Most of the clippings are reviews or reactions to her published books. There is a section in this series that deals with Maynard's television show on parenting. This section includes scripts and sound rolls from 1984. There is an unpublished material section that includes typescripts and manuscripts, as well as poetry and other writings by Maynard. Most of the poetry is from the 1930s, when Maynard was a schoolchild.

The third series covers Maynard's academic career. This includes correspondence with students and parents from Dover High School in the 1960s. As well, there is marked student work, speeches, articles and examples of grading. The series involves the years that Maynard spent as a high school honors English teacher at over High School in New Hampshire.

The final section includes material from Maynard's Public Speaking Career. It includes typescripts of speeches she gave on many different occasions. The topics include her books, education, children, writing, midlife, Jewish mothers, an acceptance speech, and an eulogy. There are also dozens of brochures indicating when and where Maynard spoke that span the years 1982 to 1989.

Besides the four main series there is also a miscellaneous section. This includes recipes and partial notes; a transcript of her appearance on Donahue; several calling cards created by her daughter, Joyce Maynard; a script of the 1985 Raisins and Almonds theatre production; and material relating to The Radcliffe Institute, of which Maynard was a member, spanning the years 1967 to 1972.

Another section is the Other Family Members section. This consists mainly of correspondence to and from other family members of Maynard's. There are many letters between her parents, Boris and Rona Slobinsky, during their courtship in 1915. There are letters to Rona Bruser regarding the 1964 publication of Maynard's article, "Jewish Christmas." There is a letter to Maynard's sister, Celia, from their mother. As well, there is correspondence with Joyce Maynard from her father (1965), Doubleday Books (1971-72), J.D. Salinger (1972), and a fan (1989). There is a letter to Max Maynard from a student, and a 1980 letter to Sydney Bacon from Carl Rakosi. Finally, there are several articles written by Joyce Maynard for The New York Times in the 1970s.

There is also a Photograph Collection (PC 143). Included in this collection is a photograph of a letter from Boris Bruser to Rona Slobinsky (1915), a photograph of Maynard (1983), five photographs of Maynard and Sydney Bacon's wedding (1989), and a photo collage from Maynard's memorial service (1990). There are also thirteen video cassettes regarding Maynard's television show in the mid-1980s.

Included in the Tape Collection (TC 90) are twenty-two tapes dealing with various subjects including speeches, interviews, and conversations. The audio tapes are mainly from 1983-1988, with a few undated.

Maynard, Fredelle

Helen Glass fonds

The papers in the fonds range from the early part of the 1950s to the 1990s and reflect the career of Dr. Helen P. Glass as a nursing educator, researcher, practitioner, and administrator at the provincial, national and international levels.

The fonds consists of vitae, biographical sketches, photograph, professional correspondence, materials relating to awards, speeches and addresses, conferences presentations, drafts and copies of publications, university course materials, and papers about consultations and review board activities. Her contribution to professional nursing and health associations - provincial, national and international - constitute a large portion of the fonds. These include the Canadian Nurses Association, Canadian Nurses Foundation, Victorian Order of Nurses, Canadian Red Cross, Canadian University Nursing Students Association, Canadian Association of University Schools of Nursing, International Nurses Association, World Health Organization, International Council of Nurses, National League of Nursing, Royal College of Nursing, National Federation of Nurses’ Unions, National Association of Occupational Health Nurses, Manitoba Association of Registered Nurses, Manitoba Educational Research Council, Manitoba Health Research Council, and Manitoba Nursing Research Institute. Correspondents include Ginette Rogers and Monique Begin.

Also included is the background work on her “Study of the Use of Clinical Facilities by Nursing Students in the Province of Manitoba,” and a manuscript copy of the assembled study. The notes include proposals, applications for project renewal, reports, interviews, correspondence, and data analysis. The study was published in 1977 by Dr. Glass, Patricia Zimmer, and Carolyn Vogt, and was funded by a Health and Welfare Canada National Health Grant.

Glass, Helen

Dorothy Livesay fonds

The fonds is divided into eighteen series biographical information, family correspondence, correspondence, bibliographical information, reviews, Livesay's notes, Book-Journey With Myselves, short stories, essays & articles, poetry drafts, business papers, academic material, talks & addresses, organizations & associations, articles (mainly for newspapers, programs, pamphlets & publisher's calendar, newspaper articles of interest and writing by others.

Livesay, Dorothy

Prairie Theatre Exchange fonds

At this point the collection's records are largely limited to the theatre seasons from 1973-1974 to 1981-1982. This period includes the eight seasons during which the organization was known as the Manitoba Theatre Workshop and its first season operating as the Prairie Theatre Exchange.

The administrative and production files have been grouped together by season. In certain cases, events that generated a number of files were given their own separate series. These include the 1977 Summer Theatre Project, the 1979 Playwright Search and the 1980 and 1981 Drama Festivals.

The files in the seasonal series document the various activities undertaken by the Manitoba Theatre Workshop, including its theatre classes, educational outreach programmes, school tours, TV productions and the provincial drama festivals. Most of the seasonal series also contain files of press releases and press clippings as well as other promotional material. The many files dealing with grant applications and various aspects of fundraising are evidence of the Workshop's constant struggle to stay afloat financially.

Production files dealing with individual shows are arranged chronologically at the end of each seasonal series. These files contain equity contracts, production and rehearsal schedules, correspondence, programs, promotional material and, in some cases, the script. Most of the major productions produced or hosted by MTW/PTE during its first nine years of existence are represented but the holdings are not exhaustive. For a complete list of productions, the researcher is advised to consult Peter Spencer's 1983 thesis "The History and Contribution of the Manitoba Theatre Workshop/Prairie Theatre Exchange".

Miscellaneous and cumulative files that could not easily be placed into a seasonal series are grouped together near the end. The final series is a collection of scripts representing the productions staged by Prairie Theatre Exchange. The title "script" is somewhat misleading since most of these files also contain programs, rehearsal schedules, production notes, blocking diagrams and other related documents. The scripts themselves are usually extensively annotated.

Prairie Theatre Exchange fonds

Henry E. Duckworth accrual

The fonds is comprised of biographical data, correspondence, desk journals, hundreds of speeches and academic papers, University of Manitoba vice-presidential and chancellorship papers, University of Winnipeg president papers and affiliation papers documenting his various positions in international and national scientific organizations.

Duckworth, H. E. (Henry Edmison)

Eli Mandel fonds

  • CA UMASC MSS 18-A1992-071
  • Accession
  • 1922-1990, [19-?]
  • Part of Eli Mandel fonds

Includes personal documentation, poetry, prose, academic material, alien files, and correspondence.

Mandel, Eli

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