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Margaret Avison accrual

  • CA UMASC MSS 64-A2003-109
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1987-2003
  • Fait partie de Margaret Avison fonds

This fonds was donated by Margaret Avison in the fall of 2003. It contains 12.5 cm. of textual records mostly relating to recent books published. There are 29 photographs covering 1921-2003 and six audio cassettes from 1987-2003.

Margaret Avison accrual

This accession consists of Margaret Avison's correspondence arranged A-Z, book reviews, her manuscripts "Momentary Dark" and "Concrete and Wild Carrot"; the photograph and audio collections.

David Bergen accrual

  • CA UMASC MSS 257-A2000-041
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1984-2000
  • Fait partie de David Bergen fonds

Accrual consists of 4 series: biographical materials, manuscripts, reviews, and correspondence.

David Bergen

Neil Besner Accrual

This fonds is divided into nine series consisting of clippings, correspondence, speeches, professional writing, published works and photographs.

Besner, Neil Kalman

A.H. Reginald Buller fonds

This accession contains numerous objects used for scientific experiments and imaging by Dr. Buller. There are also numerous glass lantern slides which he used for lectures and teaching.

Buller, A.H. Reginald

A.H. Reginald Buller fonds

This accession consists of a wide range of ephemera and documents from Buller. It includes attendee pins and luggage tags as well as several maps, correspondence and drafts relating to Fungi of Manitoba, and Buller's applications for several teaching positions from the early 1900s.

Buller, A.H. Reginald

A.H. Reginald Buller fonds

This accession consists primarily of lithographed wall charts purchased by Buller for teaching during his tenure at the University. There are also court records from a real estate dispute and a poem.

Buller, A.H. Reginald

John Leslie Charles fonds

  • CA UMASC Mss 241, Pc 208, Mc 8 (A.03-29, A.05-84)-A2003-029 (PC 208, MC 8)
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1908-1989
  • Fait partie de John Leslie Charles fonds

The fonds consists of material created throughout the course of Major Charles’ career as a surveyor and engineer for the Canadian National Railway. Included are several maps, reports and articles, both published and unpublished, on surveys conducted regarding the feasibility of constructing railways in the Canadian North. The fonds were created from 1908 to 1989, with the prominent dates of creation being 1959 to 1983.

Fonds consists of four main series. The first series, Personal, consists of various biographical sketches and newspaper clippings of Major Charles, itineraries of railway inspection tours, two compilations of retirement messages from Charles’ co-workers as well as his diploma from Cambridge. A copy of the memoirs of Mr. William Chandler, a friend of Charles’ is also included.

The second series consists of correspondence. It spans the years 1941-1987. It is a mix of both personal and work-related correspondence. The majority of the correspondence is to Major Charles, but here are some copies of letters from him as well.

The third series consists of articles, both published and unpublished, written by Major Charles. Most of the articles were written in the 1960s and were published in journals such as the Canadian Geographical Journal and The Engineering Journal.

The fourth series consists of railway reports. The majority of the reports deal with the feasibility of constructing railways in the Canadian North. Three of them deal with the railway in Zambia that Major Charles surveyed. There is also a photographic collection (PC 208) which consists of 30 photographs. A map collection (MC 8) is also part of the fonds. It consists of several maps that were not attached to any of the railway reports.

Charles, John L.

John Leslie Charles

  • CA UMASC Mss 241, Pc 208, Mc 8 (A.03-29, A.05-84)-A2005-084
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1908 - 2000
  • Fait partie de John Leslie Charles fonds

The fonds consists of Major J.L. Charles' biographical info; correspondence; awards and honorary degrees he received during his lifetime; his articles and reports submitted to CNR; and photographs from his work and trips around the world. There is also correpondence regarding the Canada Northlands Development Award, established at the University of Manitoba in 1970.

Charles, John L.

Albert D. Cohen Accrual

  • CA UMASC Mss 153, Pc 160, El 2 (A02-41, A2015-078)-A2015-078
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1905-2011
  • Fait partie de Albert D. Cohen fonds

This accrual consists of 8 series. The first series consists of records relating to biographical information compiled by Albert Cohen tracing his family ancestry immigrating from Europe and contains records documenting successive generations including Cohen's immediate family and grandchildren. The series also contains a few of Cohen's day planners and personal correspondence generated by Cohen and his family and friends. The second series contains records created by corporate entities related to General Distributors Ltd. (GDL) and its successor Gendis Inc. The corporate entities are separated into subseries that trace the history of the company relating to the early operations of General Distributors Ltd., its partnership with Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Ltd. later the Sony Corporation, The Frawley Corporation (Paper Mate), and Gillette Corporation. Subseries also include records created by GDL and Gendis Inc. relating to the purchasing of Metropolitan Stores of Canada Ltd., Greenberg stores, and creation and branching of SAAN stores. Following subseries deal with GDL and Gendis Inc.'s acquisition and ventures in petroleum interests. Other professional activities related to Cohen are also included in the subseries like professional correspondence, publicity, invitations, business research, and litigation. The third series documents Cohen receiving local and national awards relating to his entrepreneurial success and community involvement including Man of the Year, the Canadian Business Hall of Fame award, and Member and later Officer of the Order of Canada with certificates, photographs, and related records. The fourth series compiles Cohen's committee and professional involvement with medical and academic committees in Winnipeg, club membership with The Manitoba Club, his extensive work in planning International Distinguished Entrepreneurship Award (I.D.E.A.) ceremonies and numerous conference attendance records accompanied by speech drafts. The fifth series contains research notes, drafts, manuscripts, correspondence, and related publishing records pertaining to Cohen's five books including The Entrepreneurs: The Story of Gendis Inc., The Triangle of Success: The Gendis/Saan Story, The Story of SAAN, I.D.E.A., and Reminiscences of an Entrepreneur - How Sony came to Canada and then to the World in 1955. The sixth series relates to Cohen's personal interest in golfing, auctioning personal correspondence of Ian Fleming and donating proceeds to charity, and film and screenplay research. The seventh series consists of various booklets and brochures from airlines, tourist destinations, and hotels collected by Cohen during his international trips. The eighth series comprises 296 photographs, 66 negatives, and 12 contact sheets. The series gives a detailed visual account of Cohen's extended and immediate family, business relationships, and acquisitions along with the development of the Gendis Inc. building in Winnipeg. In addition, the series holds 12 videocassettes, 9 DVDs and 6 Betamax tapes that contain copies of mainstream movies, sports, I.D.E.A. ceremonies and footage related to Gendis Inc. milestones.

Janice Hamilton fonds

  • CA UMASC MSS 323-A2013-043
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1918-1950, [ca. 1978]
  • Fait partie de Janice C. Hamilton fonds

The second accession derives from Lillian Hamilton and James D. Hamilton’s personal records, including psychical research publications, photographs and files pertaining to some of T.G. Hamilton’s psychic experiments, and a file on family genealogy.

Hamilton, Lillian

Ukrainian National Home fonds

In addition to a variety of documents that supplement some of the series in A2011-052, the accession contains the by-laws, minutes and jubilee book of the Ukrainian Relief Society/Fraternal Association (“Vzaimna Pomich”) (1935-1968); a large number of cultural event programs (1917-1983); the texts of some of the most popular stage plays performed by UNHA drama circles during the interwar years; sheet music; a large scrapbook of posters and flyers advertising various cultural events (1913-1962); exhibit materials; artefacts (primarily plaques and awards presented to the UNHA); several original sketches and prints; and 36 large portrait and group photographs, including 2 framed, outsize collages featuring photos of every member of the Maria Zankovetska Educational and Drama Society (1917) and the Boyan Drama Society (1918).

Ukrainian National Home Association

Erlendur Haraldsson fonds

This accession comprises some of the English-language publications by Icelandic scholar Erlendur Haraldsson regarding parapsychological and deathbed phenomena such as mediums, reincarnation, and other experiences surrounding death, including books, article offprints, and a bibliography to 2014.

Haraldsson, Erlendur

Pugh Family Accrual

  • CA UMASC Mss 289, PC 140-A2017-004
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • Fait partie de Pugh Family fonds

The fonds contains newspaper clippings, a large assortment of cards and postcards, photographs, negatives, scrapbooks, sketches, printed materials, letters, and objects such as Rupert’s Land College patches and Masonic aprons.

The fonds is divided into eleven series: (1) Cards; (2) Postcards; (3) Written and Printed Materials; (4) Newspaper Clippings; (5) Organizations; (6) Sketches; (7) Photographs; (8) Negatives; (9) Scrapbooks; (10) Objects; (11) Locks of hair.

William Harold Hunt Accrual

  • CA UMASC Mss 163 (A02-57, A10-101)-A2010-101
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1870-1980
  • Fait partie de William Harold Hunt fonds

The fonds is comprised of five series. They include Manuscript for Hunt's Genealogical book Bithrights, Correspondence & research material, road maps, photograph collection & map collection.

Hunt, William Harold

Richard A. Johnson fonds

  • CA UMASC Mss 158, El 5 (A01-49, A04-89, A10-70)-A2012-135
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1932-2008
  • Fait partie de Richard A. Johnson fonds

The first accession (A.01-49) consists of lecture notes during R.A. Johnson's studies at the University of Manitoba, contributions to various periodicals on Linear and Nonlinear Circuits and Systems, his papers and thesis, notes on courses he had taught at the University of Manitoba, and his reports to the University of Manitoba, including reports on Graduate Programmes Fees, Report on Restructuring of the British Universities, Report on Credit Hour Allocation and Evaluation Methods for Fieldwork and Practica, and "The Structure of the University Year: Maximizing Flexibility and Quality." This accession also includes his research material. Johnson also donated his library of books to the University of Manitoba Libraries at this time. The second accession (A.04-89) consists of seven series: Professor Johnson's correspondence and reference materials related to the Icelandic Collection at the University of Manitoba and the fundraising efforts for the same, his reference materials on theories of university administration, his reference materials and correspondence from the period that he taught one module of the Professional Practice Seminar & Examination (PPS) offered jointly by the Association of Professional Engineers of the Province of Manitoba (APEM) and the Continuing Education Division, three 3 computer diskettes regarding the PPS, his correspondence and copies of meeting minutes relating to service on the board of the Winnipeg Community and Long Term Care Authority (before its amalgamation with the Winnipeg Hospital Authority to form the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority in December of 1999), reference materials on the geographic and social context of the works of the English novelist Thomas Hardy, and three images of the early twentieth century University of Manitoba building in what is now Memorial Park. The third accession (A10-70) consists of three series: documents regarding Johnson's employment history and career at the University of Manitoba, professional writing including reports and articles, and personal writing done for Icelandic publications.

The fourth accession (A12-135) consists primarily of research material collected by Johnson.

Johnson, Richard A. (Richard Allan)

Herbert Philip (H.P.) Crabb fonds

This accession consists of documents and photographs relating to H.P. Crabb's military service with the Royal Flying Corps (RFC), the Royal Air Force (RAF), and the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF).

Crabb, Herbert Philip

Carol Matas Accrual

  • CA UMASC MSS 140-A2003-051
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • Fait partie de Carol Matas fonds

Accession consists of personal and professional correspondence, fan mail, publicity (newspaper and magazine articles), research, various drafts of Matas' many novels, some photographs and copies of several of her books. Much of the correspondence, research and writing relates to her latest novels, the Rosie series.

Carol Matas accrual

  • CA UMASC MSS 140-A2007-023
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 2006-2007
  • Fait partie de Carol Matas fonds

Consists of professional and personal correspondence, handwritten and typed drafts of published and unpublished works, book outlines and proposals, reviews and publicity, copies of publications in English and in translation, and royalty payment records.

Ely Bronstein fonds

  • CA UMASC Mss 348, Pc 303, Mf 33, TC 170 (A.10-97, A12-16)-A2010-97 [PC 303, MF 33]
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1936 - 2010
  • Fait partie de Ely Bronstein fonds

The fonds consists of 2,484 items, nearly all of which are photocopies of articles, documents, correspondences, photo groups or artwork that the donor has acquired from various magazines, newspapers, books, associates and other archives and libraries. The vast majority of the collection relates to “Lost Horizon”, with a much smaller, though still significant, percentage relating to "Helen of Troy". Over 150 of the items fall outside the scope of either of the two aforementioned movies, being a collection of writings, photographs and artwork relating to Hollywood and the movie industry in general, as well as California travel information and info on Tibet. The fonds is divided into the series “Lost Horizon” articles, “Lost Horizon” documents and research, personal effects, "Lost Horizon” publicity stills, “Lost Horizon” production photographs, “Lost Horizon” negatives, “Lost Horizon” art, “Helen of Troy”, related interests, oversized items and "Lost Horizon" microfilm. The "Lost Horizon" articles series contains newspaper, magazine and journal articles, as well as book excerpts, related to various "Lost Horizon" subjects, such as production, reception and cast and crew biographies. The “Lost Horizon” documents and research series contains various primary sources such as interviews, scripts, theatre programs and legal documents. The personal effects series contains content related to Ely Bronstein’s personal life such as correspondences and ephemera, though the vast majority of this material relates to “Lost Horizon”. The next two series contain photographs of “Lost Horizon”, both publicity stills – scenes from the movie blown into photos – and production photos – pictures taken of the production processes or of members of the production crew. The negatives relating to “Lost Horizon” are reproduced photographic negatives, while the artwork contains movie posters and concept art. The “Helen of Troy” series contains material relating to that film, including articles, documents and publicity stills. The related interests series contains various articles and pictures related to Hollywood and the movie industry, as well as information about California and Tibet. All oversized items requiring larger boxes are included in the oversized items series. Lastly, the "Lost Horizon" microfilm series contains pressbooks and visual representations of the film on 35mm microfilm. The items are all paper photocopies of their original formats, with the exceptions of a few original correspondences, a few original newspaper clippings, the negatives and the microfilm.

Bronstein, Ely

Carol Matas accrual

  • CA UMASC MSS 140-A2008-092
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 2007-2008
  • Fait partie de Carol Matas fonds

Consists of professional and personal correspondence, handwritten and typed drafts of published and unpublished works, book outlines and proposals, reviews and publicity, copies of publications in English and in translation.

Carol Matas accrual

  • CA UMASC MSS 140-A2011-050
  • Versement d'archives publiques
  • 1993-2010
  • Fait partie de Carol Matas fonds

Consists of personal and professional correspondence, fan mail, publicity (reviews in newspapers and periodicals, as well as reviews from websites and posters advertising her appearances), research, drafts of some of Matas's novels, and copies of her novels The Proof that Ghosts Exist, The Curse of the Evening Eye, The Hunt for the Haunted Elephant, Tales of a Reluctant Psychic, Far, a student edition of Cloning Miranda, and a Spanish-language edition of Jesper. Copies of anthologies in which Matas

Ukrainian Professional and Business Club of Winnipeg fonds

The accession consists of the minutes of UPBCW Board of Directors meetings, 1994-2008; correspondence, minutes of meetings, and requests for grants submitted to the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian Professional and Business Foundation of Winnipeg (1987-1997, 2002-2006); correspondence, data on Ukrainian language programs in Manitoba’s elementary and secondary schools, and competitions and awards sponsored by the UPBCW’s Education Liaison Committee (1986-1989); materials received from and/or concerning the Ukrainian Canadian Professional and Business Federation (1990-2008); a selection of periodicals concerning Canada-Ukraine business relations (1993-2010); and a display case containing 84 member buttons with name and profession inscribed.

Ukrainian Professional and Business Club of Winnipeg

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