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Primarily correspondence between Metzger and Payne but includes other correspondents, especially after Payne's death.
Includes emails on a CD (2005) and issues of the Spiritual Press newspaper, 1975; no. 14, 16-18; and 1976: no. 18.

S.M.C.C. materials

“The Holy Communion Hour” booklet
“An Open Door – the Story of S.M.C.C.” booklet, “compiled from psychic records of Olga Park, 1914-1972”
“Dedication Prayer of S.M.C.C.”

Mary Olga Park writings

“Book of admonitions and poetry given to Mary Olga Park”
“Concerning the Supreme Wisdom and Authority Manifest in the Cosmos” (“spoken in the Silent Voice to the hearing of Olga Park… Jan. 26, 1977”)
“Mrs. O. Parks speaking for the Rector. Jan. 26, 1977”
"Biographical Sketch" of Olga Park
"Mary Olga Park" obituary by son R.B. Park [1985]

H.A.V. Green Photo Album

A carefully labeled and annotated photograph album belonging to H.A.V. Green documenting the Hamilton séances, as well as 27 loose photographs that are either duplicates or different angles of the photographs in the album. One photo, taken with Hugh Arthur Reed's camera on 1 May 1929, presents a view from the left which may not exist in the Hamilton family fonds. There is also a program brochure from the Edinburgh Psychic College from 1935.

Green, Henry Archibald Vaughan

"Lucy" Materialization of 10 March 1930, Winnipeg, MB

A photograph in a holder, taken on March 10, 1930 at a sitting held at the Hamilton residence. The photograph cover lists the names of those present on 10 March 1930, including the name of the note-taker and the special scrutineer. A note explains the procedures which were followed to preclude fraud.

Green, Henry Archibald Vaughan

Mary M. - Walter phenomena, 1929 (miniature face forms and amorphous teleplasms)

Mr. Green's copy (made with blue and black carbon) of a typescript of notes of sittings held at the Hamilton home in 1929, and two letters written by Dr. Hamilton in 1929. The cover reads "Mary M - Walter Phenomena, 1929 (Miniature Face-forms and Amorphous Teleplasms)." Mr. Green's copy does not include notes for all sittings during 1929.

Green, Henry Archibald Vaughan

Newspaper Clippings - Unique

"Spiritualism and Psychology: A Seance Puzzle: Talk with Imaginary Person: Thought Transference?", a clipping from what seems to be a British newspaper (nd). This clipping is likely not in the Hamilton family fonds (MSS 14).

Green, Henry Archibald Vaughan

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