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Series consists of 14 publications by Dr. Friesen, among other authors.

Henry G. Friesen's Office Material

Series consists of material from Dr. Friesen's office, some of which is decorative. It includes, a pen holder, a clock, photos of Dr. Friesen and his wife, and some art pieces.

Digital Media

Series consists of video tapes, audio tapes, CDs and a floppy disc. The digital media contains films, interviews, photos and recorded events.


Series consists miscellaneous information regarding finances, research articles and personal effects.


Series consists of the organization and execution of the MBCI class of 1952 reunion. It also includes Peter Isaak's Speech at the MBCI graduation of 2002 as the representative of the class of 1952. 2 photos of the graduates and other speeches...


Series consists of various memorandums regarding various topics of the professional associations in question, some of which include the Medical Research Council and Canadian Institutes of Health Research.


Series consists of material from the Coopers and Lybrand Consulting Group and Price Water House Coopers Consulting group, which aided in the strategic planning of health and economic development. It is organized within reports and other textual ma...


Series consists of various reports in relation to the operations of Medical Research Council and Canadian Institutes of Health Research. It also includes copies of President's Reports of the Medical Research Council.

Professional Associations

Series consists of material related to research based professional associations some of which Dr. Friesen either lead or was highly involved with.

Hall of Fame

Series consists of material pertaining to the Canadian Hall of Fame. It includes the induction of Dr. Friesen, among others. 1 book called, "Founders' Tribute 2014" can also be found in this series.


Series consists of material on convocations at various institutions including speeches and convocation programmes.


Series consists of professional and some personal correspondence. It also includes congratulatory letters.

Friesen's Career

Series consists of material related to Dr. Friesen's career as a doctor and head of professional associations. It also includes records related to his pension.

Biographical Information

Series contains certificates, trophies, medals and plaques received by Dr. Friesen during this academic and professional careers. This series also includes Dr. Friesen's biographical and educational information.

Personal Records

Contains material related to the history of the Friesen family and Friesen's personal records.

Friesen, Henry George

Legacy Media

Legacy media, consisting of 3.5" and 5.25" floppy disks and CDs containing photographic material.

Martens, Patricia Joan


Patricia Martens' calendars, containing both personal and professional appointments.

Martens, Patricia Joan

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