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Cadham, Frederick Todd

The Frederick Todd Cadham files contain the following materials:
Folder 1:

  1. Obits.: WFP Jan 30/61; WFP Jan 31/61; MMR 41:193 Mar/61; CMAJ 84:673 1961 (4pp)
  2. Faculty questionnaire, copy of faculty card and previous file sheet; cartoon (4pp)
  3. Delaat: Dr. Fred Cadham; a profile from history Man Hlth Newsletter 6(3) 1988 (3pp+copy)
  4. Retirement from Prov Lab Wpg Tribune Dec 23,1947; WFP Dec 26, 1947; UMMJ v19(2) 1948; from Board of Health WFP Apr 29, 1960 (5pp)
  5. CV with bibliography [n.d.], other CVs (10pp)
  6. “Biography: Story of Manitoba; History of Manitoba pp493-494 (4pp)
  7. Nomination for the Medal of the Prof Inst of the Civil Service 1938 (6pp)
  8. LLD (Man) 1958 - request letter, presentation speech by LG Bell; Tribune May 26/58; WFP May 30/58 (11pp)
  9. Senior membership in Canad Med Assoc - programme & brief bio; (1p)
  10. Life membership in Wpg Med Soc - presentation May 16, 1952 by Dr. D. Nicholson (2pp)
  11. Provincial Lab named after him - Dept Hlth MDH News March 1964, Bell letter re lectures (2pp)
  12. Cadham Provincial laboratory 1897-1980 history by Fox offprint from UMMJ (5pp booklet)
  13. Notes on Infantile paralysis serum credit ?Tribune 1929 & WFP Oct 2/29; on Asthma JAMA 99:453, 1933 & Werff’s Moule fungi ...1958 p.12-13 (5pp)
  14. Letters of thanks and praise re treatment by Dr. McCormack of Dr. Markley in Teaneck, N.J. (9pp)
  15. Historical note re Stanley Cup game in 1903 where Cadham played WFP May 17, 1975 (1p)
  16. Corres to Dr. Cadham: Jun23/24 - appt as Consulting Bacteriologist, WGH; Nov 24/48 - appt as Chairman of the Board of Health 1948; Jun 30/41 - thanks for presentation to CMA (3pp)
  17. Corres from FTC: 1939 - with CMAJ re article on vaccines; (4pp)
  18. Corres from FTC: 1947 - with Dr. A.R. MacLean re arthritis and vaccine (2pp)
  19. Corres from FTC: 28 Nov 1947 - to Hon. Ivan Schulz re Bacteriological laboratory (20pp)
  20. n.d.-to the Cte re "the laboratory and the proposed Govt Medical Services" specifically re laboratory technicians; 6pp)
  21. Corres 1965-67: Roper G Cadham with Dr. Loeffler et re FTC, arthritis and vaccines (6pp)
  22. Note re a Cadham ‘first’ (first description of spore asthma) 1980 (1p)
  23. Copy of letter of recommendation of Emeritus status (1p)
  24. 2 handwritten notes from Nina Cadham Smith to LG Bell re her father, & re his LLD presentation; (2pp)
  25. Note by grand daughter re the tomato juice explosion recorded in the cartoon, & hunting companions at Delta (Wild Bill Cody, Annie Oakley & Houdini) (1p)
  26. note re Founder Ducks Unlimited plus 3 publications re wild life:
    • “Manitoba; a morning on the duck march” Wpg Evening Trib Oct 23, 1931;
    • "The pinnated grouse in Manitoba” Wildlife Crusader Sept 1957,
    • “The sharp tail grouse in Manitoba” Game & Fish Sept 1954 (6pp)
  27. Staff record - restricted access (9pp)
    Folder 2:
  28. Corres 1961-67 from Robert W. Loeffler, M.D. re accomplishments & lack of recognition re FTC's breakthroughs (note: material is not in good shape because it was copied by Dr. Loeffler on a pre-Xerox copier; photocopies have been made but are difficult to read) (80pp plus copies for preservation)
    Folder 3:
    Typescripts, some annotated, of speeches and presentations; dates are given where known:
  29. "Psoriasis" read before the Wpg Med Soc (5pp)
  30. "Public health and preventive medicine" (4pp)
  31. "Lake Manitoba and water levels" (6pp)
  32. "Bacteriology of the War" read before MMA 1919 (4pp)
  33. "Pandemic influenza" read to Wpg Med Soc 1919 (8pp)
  34. "Bacteriophage" given to the Scientific Club 1929 (11pp)
  35. "Research and Dentistry" Wpg Dental Soc Jan 1931 (15pp)
  36. "Address to public health nurses" read July 8, 1931 (9pp)
  37. "On the Discovery of the Tubercle Bacillus by Robert Koch" Wpg Med Soc 1932 (7pp)
  38. "Acute bacterial infection and dental practice" read at Wpg Dent Soc 21 Mar 1934 (7pp)
  39. "Amebiasis" read before Postgrad clinic on gastroenterology 7 Feb 1936 (1p)
  40. "Subacute bacterial endocarditis" read MMC May 15, 1934 (6pp)
  41. "The submitting of specimens to the Laboratory" address to MMA Sept 3, 1935 (10pp)
  42. "Arthritis" to public health nurses Sep 5, 1935 (4pp)
  43. "Puerperal sepsis" to Sect Gynec & Obstet, Wpg Med Soc Feb 13, 1936 (10pp)
  44. "Immunity problem of poliomyelitis" to Wpg Med Soc Sept 17, 1936 (10pp)
  45. "Tissue immunity” to Wpg Surgical Club Dec 19 1938 (19pp)
  46. "Some general considerations of immunity" to Postgrad course 22 Feb 1940 (7pp)
  47. "The use of vaccines and serums" Postgrad Course Feb 23, 1940 (9pp)
  48. "Interpretation of reports on the serological examination for syphilis" PG Course Feb 24/43 (8pp)
  49. "The Disease, Chronic Arthritis Prevalent in all temperate ones..." Deer Lodge Hosp Feb 23, 1944 (8pp)
  50. "Chemo therapeutic agents and bacterial resistance" Wpg Med nd (8pp)
  51. "Correct methods for ... specimens for laboratory examination" MMA nd (6pp)
  52. On the [Distribution of biological products] ?Free Press? nd (7pp)
  53. On [Immunity and bacteriophagy] nd (8pp)
  54. "Some phases of elective localization of bacteria" to ENT Assoc, Wpg nd (6pp)
  55. "Treatment of poliomyelitis in the acute stage" Wpg Med Soc nd (6pp)
  56. [Ulcerative stomatitis] to the Dental Soc nd (10pp)
  57. "Vaccine therapy" nd (7pp)

Cadham, Frederick Todd

Cadham, Roper Galloway

The Roper Galloway Cadham file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: newspaper Apr 22, 1988; CMAJ 139(1):77, July 1988; also his wife’s from 1976 (2pp)
  2. Faculty questionnaire, 1948 (1p)
  3. Copy of faculty and student cards (1p)
  4. Publications list and 4 reprint (1 on tuberculosis, 1 on communicable diseases, 2 on polio, all in Winnipeg) (6pp+1-4pp & 1-10pp booklets)
  5. An interview with RGC by N Pohorecky 18 June 1979 plus additional info from Med Coll calendars (2pp)
  6. Copy of letter from WA McIntosh to Dean Mathers re Cadham’s appointment as Prof of Bacteriol (1p)
  7. Staff record - restricted access (9pp)
  8. Note from RGC's daughter re RGC's class of 1938 50th reunion (1p)

Cadham, Roper Galloway

Cadoret, Remi Jere

The Remi Jere Cadoret file contains the following material:

  1. 23 letters 7 memos incl RJC, J Doupe, JB Rhine, re RJC’s coming to work at Univ Man & re his work in parapsychology, 1957-58 (29pp)
  2. Harvard scholastic record; two letters from Yale University re his courses. 1958 (4pp)
  3. Application to John & Mary Markle Fdn for grant; letter of refusal from them. 1958. (7pp)
  4. Request for confidential assessment of RJC from King’s Coll, Halifax NS. 1962 (2pp)
  5. Grant-in-Aid applications to MRC 1963, 1964 (2pp)
  6. Photocopy from card file (1p)
  7. Copy of application for membership in The Canadian Physiological Society 1959 (incl bibliography on reverse). 1959 (1p)
  8. Copy of questionnaire for biographical directory. (Bibliography on reverse). nd (1p)
  9. Letter of resignation 1965 (1p)
  10. Copy of entry from Amer Men & Women of Science 17th edition 1989:90 (1p)
  11. Iowa Adoption Studies, 1975-1982, Study Description by RJC, 1988 (9pp)
  12. Book review by RJC on Alcohol and the Community: A Systems Approach to Prevention by Harold D Holder Am J Psychiatry 156:9, September 1999(2pp)
  13. Photograph from Gene Conference at Oregon Health and Science University (1p)
  14. List of several publications (1p)
  15. 50th anniversary reunion Yale University 1953 medical class (1p)
  16. ‘The Best Doctors in America’ list incl RJC in Psychiatry - Univ Iowa Press release 1999 (1p)
  17. CV 2004 (14pp)

Cadoret, Remi Jere

Cameron, Alexander Thomas

The Alexander Thomas Cameron files contain the following material:
Folder 1:

  1. Obits: Biochem J 43(1):1-2, 1948; WFP 26 and 27 Sept 1947 (2); CMAJ v57(5):504-505 J Fisheries Research Board Aug 1948; UMMJ 19(1):3, Nov 1947 (incl picture) (7pp)
  2. Obits: son and daughter WFP 26 Oct 2006G&M 10 Nov 2005; On Manitoba Aug 2006; WFP cApr 2008 (4pp)
  3. Faculty questionnaire nd (1p)
  4. Copy from faculty card file (1p)
  5. Manitoba Author information sheet (1p)
  6. Corres between Santiago Pi Suner & ATC re finding employment elsewhere for profs, lab investigators & physicians as a result of the Spanish Civil War (2pp)
  7. Transcript of last message from ATC to the incoming 1st Year, 20 Sept 1947 (1p)
  8. Letter, ATC re his account from London also mentions Spanish translation of his text book, 23 June 1931 (1p)
  9. Biog items: Centennial (Historical) Program 1883-1983 ; cover of ATC's article on "The Taste Sense and the Relative Sweetness of Sugars and Other Sweet Substances"; (2pp)
  10. Interview with ATC's wife re her father Dr. Charles Napier Bell WFP 6 Mar 1971 (2pp)

    10.Thumb Nail Sketches - cartoon of ATC UMMJ 10(3):79, Mar 1939 (1p)
  11. Biog note from G Fahrni’s 1980 "Recollections of Medicine and the Manitoba Medical School 1906-1946" (3pp)
  12. Distinguished Order of St Michael & St George (CMG): Wpg paper c1946; 3 news accounts of posthumous award accepted by ATC’s son (3pp)
  13. MV "A.T. Cameron" Fisheries Research Vessel named for ATC. Can Shipping & Marine Engineering News May 1958; WFP 31 May 1958 (1p+2 paged booklet)
  14. "Our Inspiration from Men of Genius" ATC’s address to students receiving awards, May 1931 (8pp)
  15. Cards used in Manitoba Authors display. (6-5x3 cards)
  16. Corres with JB Collip re photo of ATC for Royal Society of Canada biography, 1947 (2pp)
  17. Corres J Currie and ATC’s family requesting biographical & archival material (4pp)
  18. Publications lists (2pp)
  19. Corres with Amer Acad Arts & Science re AT Cameron 1977 (3pp)
  20. Dedicated to the memory of ATC UMMJ 1947 2-3 (1p)
  21. Notes on ATC by Ian Carr (3pp)
  22. Corres A Thornton-Trump/Suzanne Doyle 10 Sept 2008; (1p)
  23. Cameron-Gilmour Memorial Lecture 2006 poster from Internal Medicine: Endocrinology (1p)
  24. Reprint "the diagnostic Value of the Plasma Proteins CMAJv46:255-261, 1942 (1 booklet of 18pp)
  25. Photo of title page of ATC's The Biochemistry of Medicine 1933 (1 photo)
  26. Staff record: restricted access (3pp)
    See also:
    • Valedictory Address May 1931 in Bjornson file
    • Book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM
      Folder 2:
      Contains looseleaf notes and journal reviews for The Biochemistry of Medicine, by ATC & Clifford R Gilmour. Lond Churchill 1933.(43pp)
      pp 2-8 were originally clipped together
      pp 14-21 were originally clipped together

      Also included:
    • discussion: Dr. Hunter’s paper re gall-stones (pp44-45)
    • corres with V du Vigneaud re errata in the text (pp46-48)
    • corres with E Clarke re criticisms of the text (pp49-52)
      Folder 3:
      Contains looseleaf notes & journal reviews for The Biochemistry of Medicine, by ATC & CR Gilmour. 2nd ed. Lond.Churchill 1935. (33pp)

      Also included:
    • corres with RR Swan on the treatment of lead poisoning, (pp34-36)
    • corres with HM Walker on the use of emmenin in menopausal disturbances; the use of vitamins A & D, (pp37-38)
    • corres with MM Wintrobe on pernicious anemia and hyperthyroidism; the normal development of the blood in the fetus (pp39-40)
    • corres with SC Peacock on alkaptonuria (pp41-42)
      Folder 4
      Contains looseleaf notes for additions and corrections for the 3rd ed. A Course in Practical Biochemistry for Students of Medicine by ATC and FD White 2nd ed. Lond. Churchill, 1932. Incl also Urea Clearance Test (22pp)
      Folder 5:
      Contains looseleaf notes & journal reviews for A Course in Practical Biochemistry for Students of Medicine by ATC & FD White. 4th ed Churchill 1940.

      also incl:
    • Bromsulphthalein test for hepatic function (pp8-9)
    • corres with WA Perlzweig on urea clearance test (p19)
    • corres with DM Greenberg (pp20-21)
      Folder 6:
      Contains looseleaf notes for additions & corrections for the 5th ed.; journal reviews for the 4th ed. A Textbook of Biochemistry for Students of Medicine and science. 4th ed. Lond.Churchill 1933.

      Also incl:
    • corres with JR Edisbury re a journal reference to Hess’s preparation of a vitamin D concentrate (p2)
    • corres with LB Mendel which mention’s Vincent’s death in 1934 (pp23-24)
    • a copy of William Weston’s Vitamin Chart (p25)
      Folder 7:
      Contains looseleaf notes on Textbook of Biochemistry 5th ed. (30pp)

      Also includes:
    • 1st and 2nd year timetables for 1942-43, (pp31-35)
    • The densities of krypton and xenon by RB Moore from Trans Chem Society v98, 1908, (p36 (8pp booklet))
    • Note on a retinal reflex in the frog following benzene administration by ATC and FA Sedziak, (p38-41)
    • The spectrum of radium emanation by HE Watson from Proc Royal Soc v.83, 1909, (p42 (12pp booklet))
    • The spectrum of radium emanation by ATC and Sir William Ramsay Proc Royal Soc v81, 1908 (p43)
    • corres with E Schorr with reference to the destruction of vitamin B1 in bread making, Vincent attaching copy of the Retinal reflex in frog paper; comments on new medical bldg & ‘methodistical mind’ (pp44-45)
      Folder 8:
      Contains looseleaf notes & journal reviews on: Recent Advances in Endocrinology Lond. Churchill, 1933. (22pp (pp6-8 & pp10-12 each clipped together))

      Also includes:
    • An excerpt from Limey by James Spenser: from chapter 19 "In the big yard" (At San Quentin) (p23)
    • Lecture notes on "The master gland of the body" (pp24-29)
    • Anomalies and curiosities of medicine by GM Gould & WL Pyle, Phila. Saunders, 1898 (pp30-36)
    • Copies from 18 journals of reviews of Recent Advances in Endocrinology by ATC (pp37-50)

      corres with
    • FB Hutt on pyrothyroprivic tetany in the fowl and treatment with calcium gluconate (pp51-52)
    • JB Collip re Dr Thomson’s abstract of JBC and ATC’s work on anti-hormone (pp53-56)
      Folder 9:
      Contains looseleaf notes and journal review on Recent Advances in Endocrinology. 3rd ed Churchill 1936 (8pp)

      Also incl:
    • Post graduate course program in Clinical Endocrinology 1936-1937, & lectures 1939-40 (pp9-12)
    • The association for the study of internal secretions program. 21st annual scientific session 1937, (p13(6pp booklet))
    • reviews of Recent Advances of Endocrinology, 3rd ed) (pp14-15)

      corres with:
    • GE Gollop re salt (pp16-17)
    • MAB Brazier on the correlation between the impedance angle and thyroid function (pp18-22)
      Folder 10:
      Contains looseleaf notes on Recent Advances in Endocrinology. 4th ed. Lond.Churchill 1940

      Also includes:
    • corres with H.L. Sheehan re Recent Advances in Endocrinology (pp47-51)
    • corres with Chas. H O'Donoghue re ATC's book (p52)

      other material:
    • "The Production of decreased growth-rate and of organ hypertrophy in the young white rat by the thyrotrophic hormone of the anterior pituitary" Trans R.S.C Sect V, 1941 (pp53-55)
    • Reviews of the 4th ed. incl one in Spanish with translation (pp56-72)
      Folder 11: Contains looseleaf notes on: Recent Advances in Endocrinology 5th ed. (42pp)
      also includes:
    • corres with M.G. deNavarre re externally applied estrogens (pp42-45)
    • corres from Charles Hunter to ATC re Burns Walker's comments on ATC's Endocrinology (p46)
    • corres with S.L. Simpson (London, England) re Recent Advances in Endocrinology (pp47-48)
    • Reviews of Recent Advances in Endocrinology (pp49-65)
      MPC 1.0 #50

      See Valedictory Address May 1931 in Bjornson file
      See book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

Cameron, Alexander Thomas

Campbell, Alexander A

The Alexander A Campbell file contains the following material:

  1. Obit WFP 1 Oct 2007; CMAJ v178(1) 1 Jan 2008; G&M 9 Aug 2001 (twin) (3pp)
  2. Copy of student card (1p)
    AA Campbell is the son of AM Campbell, the brother of JR and MH Campbell and the nephew of RD Campbell

Campbell, Alexander A

Campbell, Alexander Murray

The Alexander Murray Campbell file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: MMR 45(2):131, Feb 1965; Wpg paper cJan 1965; CMAJ v92:435 Feb 20, 1965 (3pp)
  2. Faculty questionnaire, nd (1p)
  3. Notice of where to get a biographical sketch of AMC (1p)
  4. Copy from faculty and student card files (1p)
  5. Letters McFarland/Kerr re his registration certificate (the certificate itself is kept in Archives Cupboard in certificate holder #3) (Letters missing January 2011)

    MPC 1.0 #51
    JRCampbell MD 1937), MHCampbell (MD 1933) and AACampbell (MD 1950) are all sons of AMCampbell
    RDCampbell (MD1893) is a brother of AMCampbell (MD1904)
    See also:  note on RDCampbell (MD 1893) in general “C”s

Campbell, Alexander M

Campbell, Joseph Robert

The Joseph Robert Campbell file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: 1987 prob WFP (1p)
  2. Copy of student card (1p)
    JRCampbell is the brother of MHCampbell and AACampbell, the son of AMCampbell and the nephew of RDCampbell

Campbell, Joseph R

Campbell, Murray Hogg

The Murray Hogg Campbell file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: Wpg paper Dec 1979 (1p)

  2. Copy of student and faculty cards (1p)

  3. Publications list and reprints of articles (Hodgkins Disease); (Dr. JC Schultz) (2pp)

  4. Resignation as Supt of Dynevor Hosp to join AM Campbell’s practice CMAJ 56(4):464 (1p)
    See also:
    -file 21.9 John Christian Schultz
    -Senior Member, Canadian Medical Association, 1977
    -President, Winnipeg Medical Society 1963-64
    -President, Manitoba Historical Society 1957-59
    -President and Life Member, Winnipeg Philatelic Society
    -MHC is the son of AM Campbell, the brother of AA and JR Campbell and the nephew of RD Campbell

Campbell, Murray H

Campbell, Robert Donald

The Robert Donald Campbell file contains the following material:

  1. Copy of student card; incl WFP 8 Oct 1958 article on 1958 75th anniversary Faculty of Medicine (1p)
  2. Clippings on med reunions WFP 8 Oct 1958, Trib 8 Oct 1958 (2pp)
  3. Social notes MMR Mar 1956 re honorary LLD(Grand Forks); Dec 1956 (60th Wedding Anniversary) (2pp)
  4. Registration NorthWest Territories 1904 - in Certificate cupboard
    RDCampbell is the brother of AMCampbell and the uncle of JRCampbell, MHCampbell & AACampbell

    LLD(Hon)(University North Dakota)1956

Campbell, Robert D

Campbell, William Ewart Gladstone

The William Ewart Gladstone Campbell file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: from Wpg paper Apr 1959 (?); MMR (1959) 38:363; CMAJ v80:921, 1 June 1959 (3pp)
  2. Faculty questionnaire. nd (1p)
  3. Copy of faculty and student cards (1p)
  4. Biographical sketch with pencil drawing UMMJ 14(4):41-42, Apr 1943 (2pp)

Campbell, William Ewart Gladstone

Cantor, Sheila Louise

The Sheila Louise Cantor file contains the following material:
Folder 1

  1. Obits.: WFP nd; HSC CentreScope 16(6):8 June/July 1988 (2pp)
  2. CV 1986 (7pp)
  3. Publications list (4pp)
  4. "Is childhood schizophrenia a cholinergic disease? II Oculomotor and vestibular functioning" by SLC & D Ireland (ms copy) (27pp)
  5. "Childhood psychosis assessment & treatment unit proposal" (ms copy) nd, attributed to SLC (17pp)
    Folder 2
  6. Staff record - restricted access (90pp)

Cantor, Sheila Louise

Carr, Ian

The Ian Carr file contains the following material:

  1. CV, October 1994 (16pp)
  2. Associated Medical Services John B Neilson Award 1996: Nomination letters from CPW Warren, AM Kerr, NR Anthonisen; award letter from Hannah Institute for the History of Medicine; invitation, menu to Award Dinner; award notice AMS Inc Corporate Report 1996-1997 (11pp)
  3. Announcements of his new book UM e-memo 24 Nov 1999; UM Press 1999; Bulletin, v33(14) Dec 2, 1999; SMART Connections Fall 2000 (4pp)
  4. "An appreciation" by Warren & Beamish Prairie Med J 67:10 1997 (1p)
  5. "Carr outlines history of medical college ..." UM Bull 27 Feb 1997 incl poster & handout (3pp)
  6. Reviews of his book WFP Dec 15, 1999; Can Bull His Med 1999; by Chuck Roland (3pp)
  7. "Meet Dr. Carr ..." Newsletter of the Hannah Institute Jan 1991 (1p)
  8. "A Dodder of Deans and a Posy of Platitudes, Medical Education in Manitoba 1883-1983" by IAC, RE Beamish, CPW Warren: draft of paper presented to Cdn Soc for Hist of Med., Sherbrooke, 1999 (12pp)
  9. "Ian Carr - a physician for social responsibility" Canadian Scientists page from ? (1p)
  10. "Light on the Prairies, The early days of St Boniface General Hospital" by IAC, StB Gen Hosp Annual Report 1985-86 (3pp)
  11. Letter Nov/98 from IAC to Hannah Institute re support of history programme (2pp)
  12. Two artices "Ophelia Syndrome" and "Medical Education - Thoughts of a Helot"; The Lancet 10 Apr 1982; North Wing v34:9-10 (2pp)
  13. Xmas letter 1998 (1p)
  14. Announcements of his wife Jean Carr's book A Month of Suppers (1 card, 1 bookmark)
    See also:
    Book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

Carr, Ian

Carter, Stefan Andrew

The Stefan Carter file contains the following material:

  1. CV 2005; earlier; (4pp+ 3pp)
  2. Bibliography 2005; 1992 (19pp+ 8pp)
  3. Copy of entry in Pioneers of Cardiology in Canada 1820-1970, pp220-221, 1988 (1p)
  4. "Walking studied to cut leg pain" WFP 15 Mar 1978 (1p)
  5. "Personal Freedom and fatty foods" letter to the editor WFP 25 Nov 2004 (1p)
  6. Reviews etc of "Mozart: A Meditation on his Life and Mysterious Death" WFP 24 Nov/05; The Metro 23 Nov/05; The Times 23 Nov/05; Coming Events McNally-Robinson 25 Nov/05, WFP 22 Jan 2006 & 22 Mar 2006; Bull v39(19), 23 Feb 2006; Advert in Manitoba Opera program; Brodie Health Sciences Book Store Jan 2006; On Manitoba April 2006; Man Med Spring/Summer 2006; (13pp)
  7. Holocaust horrors recalled for students, WFP 12 May 2006; (1p)
  8. "Digital Systolic Pressures in the Lower Limb in Arterial Disease" title page Circulation (1971) 43:1971 (1p)
  9. Letter to editor WFP 27 Apr 2010 (1p)
    Father of Joel Carter

Carter, Stefan Andrew

Chalke, Frank Cyril Rhodes

The Frank Cyril Rhodes Chalke file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: Univ Ottawa Gazette 21 Jan 1987 (with picture); ?Wpg paper; CMAJ v136:652, 15 Mar 1987; Can J Psychiatry v32(5):405-407, June 1987 (6pp)
  2. CV (2pp)
  3. Copy of card from student card file and faculty file (2pp)

    3 Copy of letter from Howard (brother-in-law?) 20 Dec 1986 (2pp)
  4. Letter from John M Malcolm (MD1943) reminiscing on FCRC 3 Aug 1989 & acknowledgement letter & memo from AM Kerr (6pp)
  5. 5 letters & memo re Mary Chalke’s donation of W Boyd’s textbooks & FCR Chalke’s CV, articles & appreciation 1988 (5pp)
  6. Letter requesting information on his father from DR Chalke and answer from AM Kerr 1989 (2pp)
  7. Senior Membership Citation 1982 Frank Cyril Rhodes Chalke, Vancouver, BC (1p)
  8. Presidential address: The Psychiatrist as Scientist by FCRC Can Psych Assn J 19(6):533-542, Dec 1974 (10pp)
  9. Health-services planning led to the “GAME” by FCRC Univ Ottawa Gazette 16(10):12-13, Aug 1981 (2pp)
  10. More for the Mind, A Study of Psychiatric Services in Canada Can Mental Health Assn 1963(cover & title page only) (2pp)
  11. "Management of burns" by FCR Chalke, Pres MMSA UMMJ 14: 26 1943 (with pencil sketch)

Chalke, Frank Cyril Rhodes

Charach, Ronald H

The Ron H Charach file contains the following material:

  1. UM Alumni J Aug/99 noting his two published books "Blood and Bone" & "Past Wildflowers" (1p)
  2. Photocopy of letter to the editor from Charach UM Alumni J Jul 1998 (1p)
  3. "Poetic chronicle of medical practice and medical life" Man Med 59:170 1990 (1p)
  4. "Prairies nurtures poet" article and picture WFP Jun 6,2000 (1p)
  5. Re: Dungenessque: Alum J v61(3)Dec 2001; "Dr. Ron Charach an interview" Doctor’s Review April 2002 (2pp)
  6. Note and picture from Alumni J 59:20 1999 (1p)
  7. Web-site: This site has Biography, Poems,Writing Philosophy, Published Works and Other Information of RHC; mentions award of Henry Fuerstenberg Prize for Poetry 2003 (20pp)
  8. Web-site: , This site has four of RHC’s poems listed. (6pp)
  9. "Can Lassie afford to get medical help?" Medical Post v.38 No.32 Sept 10, 2002 (2pp)
  10. Life in the late hours - poem published in Books in Canada October 1988:16 (4pp)
  11. Notice of publishing of Elephant Street OnManitoba Aug 2003 (MISSING Jan 2011)
  12. New book: Cowboys & Bleeding Hearts OnManitoba Aug 2009; cover; WFP 21 Nov 2009 (3pp)
    See also:
    File 1.4.9
    Book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

Cherniack, Louis

The Louis Cherniack file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: WFP cSept 1982; "Appreciation" by ES Hershfield UMMJ 53:49 1983; (3pp)
  2. Faculty questionnaire, 1947; incl letter re questionnaire & WWII service (2pp)
  3. Copy of cards from faculty and student card files (2pp)
  4. Notice of special faculty dinner honoring retired staff, LC amongst those honored (1p)
  5. Manitoba Authors reference sheet plus three cards for displays (1p+3 cards)
  6. Copy of letter to MH Ferguson from LC giving his cv, 1982 (1p)
  7. "The New Medical Line against TB and RD; Introducing our New Associate Medical Directors San Board of Man News Bull 9(1), Jan 1968 incl good photos of LC, Reuben Cherniack, Earl Hershfield & CB Schoemperlen (4pp bulletin)
  8. "Malignant Neoplasms of the Lung; Bronchogenic Carcinoma; Chronic Obstructive Airway Disease" by LC (21pp)
  9. "Physiotherapy in th management of chronic respiratory disease" Therapeutic Notes Illustrated #6, 1970 (2pp only)
  10. "Pathologic Physiology of the Lung" by LC MMR 28(3), Mar 1948 (1p)
  11. Book Review: Respiration in Health & Disease (with RM Cherniack) CMAJ v86(3) 20 Jan 1962 (1p)
  12. Staff record - restricted access (12pp)
    See also:
    See book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM
    His brother is Reuben Cherniack

Cherniack, Reuben Mitchell

The Reuben Mitchell Cherniack file contains the following material:

  1. Copies of cards from faculty and graduate card files (2pp)

  2. Manitoba Author reference sheet and corres (2 letters) with Stuart Houston 1996 (3pp)

  3. CVs: ; brief CV 1997; c2001 (4+20pp)

  4. Honorary degree 1983: corres, guest list, presentation speech by A Naimark for honorary DSc. 1983 UM Bull 17(28) 25 May 1983; UMMJ 53(2):56 1983 (7pp)

  5. Letter incl remarks made on RMC’s installation as charter mbr of The John Hopkins Society of Scholars, 22 Feb 1969; UM Bull June 1969 (4pp)

  6. Memo announcing appointment as Planning Co-ordinator for Health Resources Fund 1966 (2pp)

  7. "Medical Director Appointed" San Board of Man News Bull 8(3), Mar-Apr 1967 (1-4pp booklet)

  8. Letter, news release and newspaper cutting of appointment as Associate Dean (3pp)

  9. US Agency supports respiratory project here Bull 10(12), 10 Dec 1975 (1p)

  10. New president of Can Thoracic Society named Tribune 24 June 1976 (1p)

  11. "The Role of Respiratory Technology" Easy Breathing 7(1), Feb 1980 (picture in lab) (1p)

  12. 3 newspaper clippings from 1977/78: "Problem has increased alarmingly"; "HSC ‘second-rate’ hospital:MD"; "Research held back, doctor quits" Tribune 2 June 1977; 5 July 1978; WFP 10 Aug 1977; unknown source nd; (5pp)

  13. Biographical note UM Bull 17:2, 25 May 1983 (1p)

  14. Letter from JH Shore Univ Colorado HSC asking for reference for RMC; 4 Feb 1987 (1p)

  15. "Respiratory Disease Unit" by RMC, nd (5pp)

  16. Publications list (1996) with 4 title pages (6pp)

  17. Summary of appointments since graduation 1997 (2pp)

  18. Joe Doupe Lecture Man Med 59:162-3 1983 (with picture) (1p)

  19. "Review of Respiration in Health and Disease" by RMC & L Cherniack 1961 CMAJ v86(3) 20 Jan 1962 (1p)

  20. Awarded Can Cancer Society for Clinical Investigation Distinguished Service award in 1987 (from CSCI list on the web) (1p)

  21. "Canada’s contribution to respirology physiology and pathophysiology" by PT Macklem; also "Grain dust and lung health: Not just a nuisance dust"; both from Can Respir J v.14(7) Oct 2007
    Includes UM Med grads & staff:
    A Angel, NR Anthonisen, A Becker, TJ Berg, G Bray, V Chernick, D Cotton, J Doupe, J Dirks, G Downey, RG Fraser, HG Friesen, A Froese, A Halayko, JC Hogg, Hollenbergs, B Kirk, E Kroeger, M Kryger, Y Manfreda, S Mink, A Naimark, RD Pagtakhan, B Posner, MH Reed, E Rigatto, N Stephens, W Thurlbeck, L Wood, M Younes, & prob others who are PhDs;

MPC 1.0 #52; MPC 2.0 #58 (honorary degree);
MPC 4.3 #34F
See also:
See book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM
His brother is Louis Cherniack
Honorary degree 1983(Man)

Chernick, Victor

The Victor Chernick file contains the following material:
Folder 1

  1. Copy from student card file (1p)
  2. 2 CVs. They are substantially different, c1976, c1983 (35pp)
  3. Annual award for meritorious paper at annual meeting Can Ped Soc News Bull 2(5):2 Jun 1970 (1p)
  4. Press release announcing appt as Professor & Head of Dept of Pediatrics & Pediatrician-in-Chief, 1971; WFP nd; Children's Hosp Newsletter v4(2) March/Apr 1972; (3pp)
  5. "New Technique Saves Premature Babies" WFP 23 Sept 1972 (1p)
  6. "Children’s Centre head to quit" WFP 5 July 1978 (1p)
  7. Two photos: Wpg Tribune , 28 Jan 1978, 7 May 1978; (1p)
  8. An Overview of children’s lung disorders with Victor Chernick MD, Easy Breathing 10(1), Feb 1983 (2pp)
  9. 1987: Victor Chernick Child Health Research in Manitoba by JM Gerrard, B Doan, O Woodford (3pp)
  10. "A Winnipeg medical whiz" UMMJ 55(2):95-96, 1985; "Breathing: for some it's a struggle" UMMJ v55(1)1985:29-30 (2pp)
  11. Disorders of the respiratory tract in children by EL Kendig, V Chernick: flyer (1p)
  12. “The view from here” , clipping with picture from CH Newsletter Mar/Apr 1927 (1p)
  13. Queen Elizabeth II Scientist Award for 1967 MMR (1967) 47: 314 (with picture) (1p)
  14. Notice of retirement June 2001 (1p)
  15. Emeritus honour UM Bull May23 2002 & e-mail announcement (3pp)
  16. Note on his work post-retirement: "News from San Luis Obispo, California" (1p)
  17. Update for 41st reunion of his class of ‘59 (2pp)
  18. Canada’s contribution to respiratory physiology and pathophysiology Can Respir J v14(7):383-392 Oct 2007 (5pp)
  19. Bio from the Dr. John M Bowman Neonatal Research Symposium 2006 (1p)
  20. "The 1960s and 1970s" note on VC's contribution to Peds, MRC, A Legacy of Excellence (1p)
  21. VC made board member of the Rainbow Society WFP 28 June 2010 (1p)
    Folder 2
  22. Staff record - restricted access (94pp)

Chestnut, William

The William Chestnut file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: MMR 19(3):59, Mar 1939; CMAJ v40(3):309 Mar 1939 (2pp)
  2. Faculty questionnaire (1p)
  3. Copy of card from student card file (1p)
  4. Note about Dr. Chestnut, superintendent of WGH, being suddenly stricken with blindness from “100 years ago” G&M 5 May 2001 (1p)
    Gold medallist, 1898

Childe, Arthur Edward

The Arthur Edward Childe file contains the following material:

  1. Obits.: CMAJ 113:977, 22 Nov 1975, a Wpg paper nd (1p)
  2. Copies from faculty and graduate card files (1p)
  3. Previous reference sheet (1)
  4. Letter from DW MacEwan re recognizing contribution of AEC to the faculty. 28 Aug 1972 (1p)
  5. Photocopy of picture from Tribune Oct 9, 1958 re his election as chairman of executive council of American Roentgen Society (1p)
  6. "Pediatricians unview link on birth woes" photocopy from WFP 6 Jul 1966 (1p)
  7. Staff record - restricted access (7pp)

Chochinov, Harvey Max

The Harvey Max Chochinov file contains the following material:

  1. "Easing life before death" WFP 11June 1995 (1p)
  2. "Six researchers from medicine, agriculture, arts & physical education win prestigious Rh Awards for 1997" Bull 27 March 1997 (1p)
  3. "Euthanasia debate: The psychiatric view" HSC Foundation report(?) n.d. ; "Dignity key to euthanasia debate:MD" WFP 19 Apr 1998 (2pp)
  4. Canada Research Chair in Palliative Care WFP 9 Nov 2002; Bull v36(14) 21 Nov 2002; Man Med Fall/Winter 2002; CRC website 1 Apr 2003; OnManitoba April 2003; reappointment to CRC Bull 17 July 2008; UM e-memo 2 July 2008; WFP 7 July 2008; reappointed Bull v42(7) 17 July 2008; renewed Bull v44(4) 20 May 2010; (13pp)
  5. Latest study in palliative care The Lancet; WFP 23 Dec 2002; UM press release 9 Jan 2003 (2pp)
  6. "The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medals" Hospice Connection Feb 2003; (1 p)
  7. "Researcher studies importance of dying with dignity" Bull v 37 (11) 9 Oct 2003 (1p)
  8. "The Canadian Virtual Hospice" Fac of Med Annual Report 1999-2003; Faculty of Med. Annual Report 2003-2004 (2pp)
  9. Order of Manitoba: corres re nomination: 31 Mar 2004; appointment WFP 13 May 2004; Bull 3 June 2004; 16 July 2004 (9pp)
  10. Two biographical items, no source (2pp)
  11. "Research Highlights" Fac of Med Annual Report 2003-2004; On Manitoba Dec 2004; "Researchers join forces to improve end-of-life care for vulnerable people" UM Annual Report 2004/2005; incl. col photo of HMC with Deborah Stienstra (3pp)
  12. "Royal Society elects three U of M professors” UM press release 21 July 2006; Bull v40(8) 17 Aug 2006 The Academy of Social Sciences announcement of RSC citation for HMC 2006 (4pp)
  13. JM Cleghorn Award for Excellence in Leadership & Clin Research from Cdn Psych Assoc WFP 13 Nov 2006; Cdn Psychiatric Assn honours Harvey Chochinov; Bull v40(14), 16 Nov 2006 (1p)
  14. "Physician urges colleagues to have a heart" WFP 1 Aug 2007 (1p)
  15. HMC elected Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences WFP 9 Oct 2007 (1p)
  16. Dr. O. Harold Warwick Prize from Nat’l Cancer Inst of Canada/Canadian Cancer Soc Nov 2008 UM e-memo 3 Nov 2008; e-mail notice of Presentation & lecture; Bull v42(14) 13 Nov 2008 (3pp)
  17. Balfour M Mount Visiting Professorship in Palliative Medicine by RCPS(C) 2005, Man Med Spring/Summer 2006 (1p)
  18. "What affects your mental health?" a Cafe Scientifique 20 Apr 2009, panel also incl P Martens, J Sareen, J Arnett (1p)
  19. Dignity is the key to euthanasia debate: MD WFP 19 Apr 1998 (1p)
  20. Distinguished Professor 2008 Bull v42(12) 16 Oct 2008 (1p)
  21. Public Lecture "Dying for Care: Perspectives of Palliative Care Research 13 Jan 2010; e-memo 11 Jan 2010 (2pp)
  22. Appointed to CIHR governing council, News release 26 June 2008 (1p)
  23. Bernard Fox Memorial Award 2010, IPOS websire 21 July 2010, (2pp)
  24. Lifetime Achievement Award: Can Assn of Psychosocial Oncology Bull v44(6) 15 July 2010 (1p)
  25. "Dying with Dignity" UM ResearchLIFE Winter 2010 (1p)
    • Soros Faculty Scholarship 1997
    • Rh Award 1997
    • Golden Jubilee Medal 2002
    • CRC in Palliative Care 2003 reappointed 2008 Tier 1
    • Order of Manitoba 2004
    • Balfour M Mount Visiting Professorship in Palliative Medicine by RCPS(C) 2005
    • Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada 2006
    • J.M. Cleghorn Award for Excellence in Leadership and Clinical Research 2006
    • Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences 2007
    • O Harold Warwick Prize Can Cancer Society 2008
    • Distinguished Professor 2008
      See also:
      File 1.4.9

Chow, Anthony Wei-Chik

The Anthony Wei-Chik Chow file contains the following material:

  1. CV 1995 (61pp)
  2. Corres of thanks for donation of AWC’s book to Medical Library incl title page & autographed dedication, 1984 (3pp)
  3. Corres with Stuart Houston re SH’s presentation at annual medical history day 5 Oct 1996 (3pp)
  4. Copy of student card (1p)
    See also:
    Book(s) in Manitoba Authors’ Collection in NJM

Chown, Henry Bruce

The Henry Bruce Chown files contain the following material:
Folder 1

  1. Obits.: WFP 8 & 9 July 1986; CentreScope 14(7):5 1986; CMAJ 135:811, Oct 1986; WFP 27 Jan 2007 (wife) (4pp)
  2. In Memoriam & Appreciation: Man Med 57(3) Fall 1987; UMMJ 56(3):74, 1986 (by JM Bowman) Vox Sanguinis 15:241-248, 1968 (with publications list) (11pp)
  3. CV c1958 (pp1-8); 1977 with publications listed (pp9-22)
  4. Faculty questionnaire nd. and copy of faculty card file; previous catalogue sheet (3pp)
  5. Information sheet (comprehensive) from display (1p)
  6. Invitation to housewarming in Medical Arts Bldg Thurs 24 Feb (no year) with HBC explanation of it; (3pp)
  7. Biographical: CanadWho’s Who entry; UM Bull 11 Oct 1968; CMAJ 124:1079, 15 Apr 1981; "Babies..." Times-Colonist 28 June 1983; CH Pediascope 3:12, Winter 1984/1985; J Ob Gyn Canada (by Bowman) 19:59-61, 64-68 1997; Chap 4 from Medical Genetics in Canada 1992; typed 2pp bibliography of HBC (M.L.end of p1-Marion Lewis??) See also: Folder #2 with articles on awards & honors. (20pp)
  8. Corres re books purchased by HBC: 1st, 5th & 28th May 1925 ( HBC/SD McIntyre); 6th & 13th Mar 1985 (HBC/AM Kerr); part of article by RB Mitchell (11pp)
  9. Letter from GS Fahrni to MH Ferguson written about HBC after his death (2pp)
  10. Corres: J Currie/HBC 1975; HBC/Kerr 1980 (3pp)
  11. Letter from HBC in answer to query from Atlanta about white vs negro blood (4pp+1 card)
  12. Notice of biographical sketch on HBC (1p)
  13. “Unveiling of Annie A. Bond Memorial Plaque” remarks by HBC 19 June 1947 (7pp)
  14. Letter from H Medovy to Saunderson suggesting title of Professor Laureate for HBC Mar 13/70 (1p)
  15. “From the Honorary President” UMMJ 12: 7 1941 (with picture) (1p)
  16. Cartoon of HBC - souvenir of Canad Pediat Soc meeting 1970 (1p)
  17. Newspaper articles on his early work: “Doctors save four in family” WFP Dec 15, 1953 (with original picture of family); unknown 21 Jun 1957; Wpg Trib 16 Apr 1958, 26 Jun 1966, 24 Sept 1966, 1 Apr 1967 & June 1967; WFP 20 Jan 1964 & Oct 1964; Wpg Trib Magazine 25 May 1968 (10pp)
  18. Register of the Bruce Chown Collection, Elizabeth Dafoe Library 1981; 2009 (pamphlet of 16pp + 12pp)
  19. Entry from Univ Sask Archives website re HBC LLD from Univ Sask, 1970 (2pp)
  20. Biog sketch on HBC by CG Roland “Battling Pediatric Blood Disease” (1p)
  21. Citation for his Military Cross London Gazette 17 Sept 1917; incl abstract re HBC from War Diaries at National Archives of Canada abstracted by CPW Warren June 2008 (3pp)
  22. Staff record - restricted access (15pp)
    See also:
    Vox Sang (1972) 23: one issue dedicated to HBC
    Certificates in cupboard - see list in folder #4
    Son of Henry Havelock Chown
    Folder 2
    Honours and awards
  23. Doctors’ Lounge Library opened in honor of HBC Wpg Tribune 4 Dec 1956 (1p)
  24. Jr St Agnes Guild changes name to honour 3 Chowns: invitation; Wpg Trib 14 June 1958; WFP 26 June 1958; Wpg Trib 26 June 1958; unstated source; (5pp)
  25. Senior Member citation by the Can Med Assn WFP 17 Oct 1964; MMR 44:641, 1964; CMA Annual Meeting 24 June 1964 (3pp)
  26. Order of Canada Wpg Trib 27 & 29 Dec 1967, also mention M Lewis, H Kaita, JM & WD Bowman, D Grewar; news clipping c. same date; Alumni J c1968; Gov Gen website; (5pp)
  27. Gairdner Award: Dinner Programme Nov 22 1968; WFP 22 Nov/68; Wpg Trib 17 Sept & 22 Nov/68; MMR 48:391 Oct 1968; CMAJ 99:48-49 1968; 22 Nov 1968. See also Folder 3 no.7; (program+5pp)
  28. Symposium on "Prevention of Rh disease..." in honor of HBC’s 75th birthday; made "Captain of Buffalo Hunt" Children’s Hospital Newsletter 2(6):2,3 Nov/Dec 1968; Wpg Trib 9 & 11Oct 1968 WFP 19 Oct 1968; Asklepios ‘69; incl invitation, poster, program, program & seating at dinner, letter re HBC bust; HBC Fund statement; signatures from Guest Book. See also:
    Folders 3, 8 & 9 (16 items)
  29. LLD (West Ont) UM Bull June 1969 (1p)
  30. Professor Emeritus UM Bull 8 Nov 28, 1973 (1p)
  31. DSc (Calgary), honorary degree. Citation: UMMJ 44(1):21 1974 (1p)
  32. Long term staff receive silver trays: 50 years with the HSC CentreScope 3(13) July 1975 (1p)
  33. Honored at scientific symposium held to commemorate 70th birthday of the Children’s Hosp CMAJ 121:678 8 Sept 1979; UMMJ 49(3) 1979 (2pp)
  34. Ross Award, 1979 Can Paediatric Society News Bull 11(1) (3pp)
  35. Honorary Fellowship in the RCPSC: GS Fahrni’s presentation (original in GSF's file 21.9 (Folder 2); UMMJ 51: 121-2 1981; nomination letters (8pp)
  36. Bruce Chown Professorship in Pediatric Research. Children’s Hosp Research Fdn. Foundation (CHRFF) Focus 17(1):7, Fall 1987; invitation; Pediatric Research Symposium program (3pp)
  37. Citizen’s Hall of Fame CHRFF Focus 16(2):2, Summer 1988 (1p)
  38. Genetics Society of Canada award of excellence citation 1984 (by M. Lewis) (3pp)
  39. Canadian Medical Hall of Fame: programme & citation 1995; Legacy of Excellence (MRC of Can); MRC Communique 21(5), Autumn 1995; CD of Med Hall of Fame entry; (6 items)
  40. Invitation to reception honoring HBC & M Lewis by Dr & Mrs Holman, Dr Dorothy Hain, & Dr & Mrs Shepeard at Old Government House 432 Telfair St. on Wed. 28 Feb no year given (1 item)
  41. First Bruce Chown lecture (by Zipursky) UMMJ 55:64-68,1985 (5pp)
  42. Letters re nominating HBC for fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada (2pp)
  43. Nomination for DSc (Manitoba)

    See also:
    Rh Institute file #17.1.4
    Captain of the Hunt, Order of the Buffalo Hunt, 1968
    LLD.: (West Ont) 1969; (Sask) 1979
    DSc.: (Man) 1963; (Calgary) 1973;
    Folder 3
  44. Corres 1986-1989 re Allison Grant Chown’s donation of HBC memorabilia to Med Archives (between AGC and AM Kerr) (12pp)
  45. Register of material donated to the Medical Archives by Allison Grant Chown. (11pp)
  46. Manuscripts: HBC’s account of trip to various Indian settlements. 5”x3”x3/8” coil notebook (D036); index card with notes attributed to HBC (D037) (coil notebook with 47pp + 1 card)
  47. Reprint of article by Rachel Jacobiwitz from Vox Sang 23: 376-381 1972 (reprint pp376-381) (1p)
  48. Copy of HBC letter to Rachel Jacobowicz 1973 re her observations on the IgM antibody etc (1p)
  49. Copy of HBC letter refusing St Bon Hosp Research Fdn offer & proposing that they honor Marion Lewis 1983 & giving an outline of her accomplishments (2pp)
  50. Letters to HBC re Gairdner Award 1968 (17 letters, 1 clipping from Victoria Times 15 Sept 1968, 1 photo) (18pp)
  51. Letters, telegrams etc re Scientific Day in honor of HBC (Oct 1968) (46pp)
  52. List of donors to the HBC Bust 1968 (6pp)
  53. Birthday card and picture from Glenda Shoemaker (1p+1 photo)
    Folder 4
  54. Academic documents:
    • Matriculation marks, 1910(A001); McGill University certification of certain marks 1914; (2pp)
    • Letter of exemption from Physics, Chemistry and Zoology from the Univ of Manitoba 1915; (1p)
    • Certificate of Merit from Manitoba Medical College signed by A Gibson 31 Mar 1915; (1 certificate)
    • 2nd Year Marks from Univ Man 1915 and 1919; (2pp)
  55. Certificate of Registration with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba 1925 (1 cert)
  56. Degrees, Honours, Awards, Medals, Tributes:
    • McGill Univ scroll in Latin for passing all examinations for Bachelor of Arts 1914 (1 cert)
    • Karl Lansteiner Memorial Award of American Assn of Blood Banks 1971 (1 cert)
    • Genetics Soc of Can Life Mbshp 1977; (1 cert)
    • Victoria Med Soc Honorary Mbshp 1979; (1 cert)
    • Gov General award of Medal commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Queen 1977 (1 cert)
    • Letter accompanying medal from the Man Hist Soc 1970 and dinner programme; (1p+1 prog )
    • Coll of Phys & Surg of Man Life Mbshp 1959; (1 cert)
    • Canad Med Assn Senior Mbshp 1964; (1 cert)
    • McGill U. Delta Epsilon Fraternity Meritorious Service Award certificate 1954 (1 cert)
    • Winnipeg Med Soc Certificate of Life Membership 1956 (1 cert)
    • Univ of Winnipeg Honorary Doctor of Laws with typewritten commendation 1979 (1 cert)
    • Univ Calgary Honorary Doctorate 1973 (1 cert)
    • Univ Saskatchewan Honorary Doctor of Laws 1979 (1 cert)
    • American College of Obstet & Gynecologists certificate of Associate Fellowship 1967 (1 cert)
  57. Handwritten roll on parchment humorously describing origin of Chown name for HBC’s birthday 1973; also design of goose with motto "Let it be" with paper labelled "Let it be - Coat of Arms" (4pp)
  58. List of certificates & documents held with location noted (see Archives cupboard for large ones incl miniature of Military Cross, Order of Canada, etc (2pp)
    Folder 5:
    Brass plaque and medals:
  59. Brass plaque: Award of Excellence. Genetics Society of Canada
  60. Bonne Entente - Quebec-Ontario Medal 1917
  61. British Medical Association Medal for 1930 Winnipeg Mtg
  62. Same as above but in tie pin form
  63. YMCA lapel pin
  64. Instituto Sieroterapico Milanese SB Medal 1968
  65. Order of Canada 1967
  66. Order of Canada 10th Anniversary Medal 1979
  67. Crown embroidered in beige thread on brown felt with red backing
  68. Royal Society of Canada lapel pin (MISSING January 2011)
  69. 5 miniature medals attached together for dress uniform (Order of Canada, Military Cross 1914-18,Great War for Civilization 1914-19
  70. 3 ribbon bar with 2 medals attached: Great War for Civilization 1914-18 (Note: third ribbon is for Military Cross which Mrs. Chown reported as "stolen from a suitcase in a car in Chicago"”)
  71. Manitoba Historical Society Centennial Medal 1987-1970
  72. Canadian Medical Association Senior Member pin 1964
  73. Ribbon flashes for medals
  74. 9th Congress of Pediatrrics lapel pin
  75. Gov General Medal on 25th anniversary of Queen to throne,br>
  76. Envelope in which medals came with note on loss of Military Cross

Chown, Henry Havelock

The Henry Havelock Chown files contain the following material:

  1. Obits: MMR 24(11):328, Nov 1944; BMJ ii:836, 23 Dec 1944; Doctor & Friend (no source); CMAJ v51(6) Dec 1944 (4pp)
  2. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)
  3. Copy from faculty card file (1p)
  4. Career outline from library 27 June 1942 (1p)
  5. Letter to J Halpenny giving dates of HC Service at Man Med Coll 11 Sept 1922 (3pp)
  6. Biographical sketches: Acad Med, Toronto, Centennial map, 1967; from Man Anatomists by RB Mitchell Can J Surg 11:123-124, Apr 1968; unattributed source; HH Chown 1859-1944 Centennial (Historical) Program 1883-1983 Univ Man, Fac Med May 1983; "Reminiscences" by GS Fahrni (8pp)
  7. I first saw by The Wanderer in one of the Wpg papers 12 Feb 1921 (2pp)
  8. Medical referee fifty years Great West Life Assurance Company Bulletin July 1942 (1p)
  9. HHC, interview by Mrs. George (Mary B.) Ryan, Wpg, 19 July 1939 (2 copies) (8pp)
  10. "A Biographical Lyric" communicated by Wm Shakespeare(sic). Feb 16 1919 "On the occasion of Dr Chown's sixtieth birthday" (3pp)
  11. Letter to Dr MacLeod answering his request for yet another picure of HHC & stating opinion that the Med Fac would never have sufficient money to "duplicate the Deans in oil" (1p)
  12. First lithotomy operation: news clipping from 18 Mar 1935; from MMR 15(6):5, 1935; HHC’s 19 Mar 1935 letter; letter from D Swartz to AM Kerr 1 Aug 1969 (4pp)
  13. Copy of letter from Laura Goodman Salvorson to HHC & reply asking if she might dedicate her book The Viking Heart (note: originals in pocket of LGS’s book in Manitobas Authors in NJM) (3pp)
  14. Corres AM Kerr & HB Chown re HHC materials in Archives incl copies of news clippings: "Medical students honor their dean" (c1903); "Honors Dr Chown" (16 June 1909); "Dr H.H. Chown" (WFP 13 Oct 1944) (3 letters & page of clippings) 1979
  15. Material on naming of Chown Building and plaque dedication (4pp)
  16. Original copy of “Phrenological Character of HH Chown given by Prof OS Fowler 12 Oct 1876 (9pp)
  17. Honorary life membership certificate from Great West Life Men’s Club 13 Oct 1938 (1p)
  18. Resolution passed by Bd of Directors Great West Life Assurance at HHC’s death. 17 Oct 1944 (1p)
  19. Envelope written by HHC to his son HBC 9 July 1920 (no contents) (1 envelope)
  20. Clipping of picture and biography from Ferguson’s One Hundred Years of Surgery (4pp)
  21. Academic Hood for Honorary degree from Queen’s 1903 (1hood)
  22. Biog entries from Who’s who & why: a biographical dictionary... of Canada, etc, 1914; Morgan’s The Canadian men and women of the time, 2nd ed 1912
  23. Copy of Dr. Henry H. Chown, biography by Patricia J. Saunderson (72pp)
  24. Photo of page dated "Nov 3, 1899 (copied May 18/08) by Dr. chown Wpg" on "Germ Life" (1p)
    Father of Henry Bruce Chown
    LLD (Queens) 1903
    Folder 2
  25. The Descendants of Roger Chown and Sarah Thorn by WF Chown, Ottawa 1941 (96pp book)
  26. Corrections made by HHC before publication of the above plus Corrections and recent happenings (9pp)
    Folder 3
  27. Letter: WH Smith to R Monk re copy of address HHC made before Wpg Med Society 17 Sept 1915 (1p)
  28. Letter: HHC to RB Mitchell re RBM’s brochure The Early Doctors of Manitoba (1p)
  29. Copy of address “Medical Men and Medicine in Early Years in Western Canada” paper read before Wpg Med Society 17 Sept 1915.
    Those mentioned include:
    Peter Romulus; Mr. Hutchins; Isaac Cowie; Mr Edwards; Peter LaSerre; Dr James White; Abel Edwards; John Bunn; William Cowan; Curtis J Bird; Dr JH O’Donnell; Dr James Lynch; Dr. A.G. Jackes; Dr. E Benson; John Christian Schultz; Dr WM Simpson; Dr John McLaughlin; Dr Gardiner; Dr Tolmie; Dr Kennedy; Dr McLaughlin Jr; Dr Richardson; Dr John Rae; Dr Elisha Kane; Dr Fred A Cook; Dr Todd; Dr Hamblin; Dr Hector; Dr Helmchen; Surgeon Allen; Surgeon Major Tonny; Asst Surgeons Shaw, Robertson, & Chatterton; Dr Codd; Dr Neilson; Dr Bigsby; Dr Millman; Dr TJW Menzies; Dr Jackes; Dr Bell (20pp booklet)
  30. "The Early Doctors of the First Red River Settlers". Those mentioned include: Dr Abel Edwards; Dr Thomas McKeevor; Dr Laserre; Dr James White; Dr Wilkinson; (3pp)
  31. HHC’s book of notes on early medical men in western Canada (handwritten)(1-24pp notebook + extra page at beginning of the "N")
  32. "The Founders of the Manitoba Medical College", an interview 22 Nov 1937 with HHC by Mary Ryan (Mrs George Ryan) (5pp booklet)
    Folder 4
  33. "Diary of Henry Havelock Chown" 15 Feb 1882-13 July 1882 (pp15-16 missing from diary) (121pp)
  34. Transcript of above by M Buchanan (67pp)
    Folder 5:
  35. HHC Scrapbook. Includes the following: (The press clippings are very fragile)
    • a) President’s Address to Can Med Assn by HHC Montreal Med J Sept 1901
    • b) Programme of CMA, Winnipeg 28 - 30 Aug 1901 (gives list of all papers presented)
    • c) Press clippings of convention from Man Free Press and The Telegram - extensive coverage of many of the papers read; functions held; incl report on JR Jones' paper, Pres HH Chown's address, brief accounts of J McKenty's, AJ Macdonnell's, JH Hutchinson's, FF Wesbrook's papers; interview with DH Wilson (founder); treatments of epidemics also discussed (small pox, typhoid, cerebral spinal meningitis); welcome address by Dr. JH O'Donnell;
    • d) Sundry invitations etc
    • e) Press clippings from University Day at Queen’s University when HHC received LLD
    • f) Queen’s University Kingston Canada, Installation of Principal Gordon and Jubilee of the Medical Faculty Programme 1903
    • g) Envelope of invitations for events at the Installation etc
      Folder 6:
  36. Quotation Book of HHC (3.5x5x.5 book)
  37. Notes on British Museum 27 April 1882 and on the House of Commons 23 May 1882 (pencil) (3.75x6.25x.25 notebook)
  38. Canadian passport issued 1930 and visas to Mexico 1937
  39. The Birthday Scripture Text Book - includes family, associates & acquaintances’ birth dates; also some death dates. (2.74x4x.5 leather book)
  40. Medical notes in small red Great West Life Assurance notebook
  41. Miscellaneous notes in Hudson’s Bay Company Good Spirits notebook
  42. Black notebook, 3.825x6x.25, contains notes on Botany, Mechanics, Philology, Medea & Cicero made by HHC while at Victoria College 1874-1877
  43. Methodist hymn-book, 1882 signed by HHC and found in his cigar box (Artifacts #91)

Chown, Stanley Gordon

The Stanley Gordon Chown files contain the following material:

  1. Obit.: prob Wpg paper ca Feb 1949; CMAJ v60(4) April 1949 (2pp)
  2. Faculty questionnaire. nd (1p)
  3. Reminiscence of SGC by Gordon Fahrni, 1980 (3pp)
  4. Typed copy of information taken from faculty card file (1p)
  5. Publications list (3pp)
  6. "Gordon Chown, B.S., M.D., O.B.E" by Margaret Morse (his daughter) paper read before the Man Hist Med Soc 199? (12pp)
    Henry Bruce Chown is SGC's cousin
    Henry Havelock Chown is SGC's uncle

Clark, Cecil William

The Cecil William Clark file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: WFP 10 Dec 1997 (CW); (1p)
  2. Faculty questionnaire, nd (1p)
  3. Copy of faculty and student cards (1p)
  4. Publications list (with 1st pp of same) (5pp)
  5. Brief bio from RL Cooke’s "Sixty Years of Surgery" 1934-94 in file 2.24.2(2) (2pp)
  6. Staff record: restricted access (5pp)
  7. Summary of request for info 23 July 2008 (1p)

Clark, W H

The W. H. Clark file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: MMR (1946) 26:193; CMAJ v54(5) May 1946 (2pp)

Clarke, Harriet Victoria

The Harriet Victoria Foxton Clark(e) file contains the following material:
Folder 1:

  1. Obits.: MMR 14 Apr 1934; Wpg Trib 24 Feb 1934; WFP 24 Feb 1934; UMMJ 5(6):155, Apr 1934; In memoriam: Billings Gazette 4 Feb 1934; funeral announcement Bill Gaz 4 Feb 1934; (8pp)
  2. Student card from card file (1p)
  3. Biog material from Medicine in Manitoba: the story of its beginning by RB Mitchell 1955 (1p)
  4. Biographical notes from "Medical History of Manitoba" attributed to R. Monk (original in file 21.10.3) (1p)
  5. "100 years have passed since first woman graduated from medical school" M. Nitychoruk’s recap of women graduates UM Bull 26(11):6, 22 Oct 1992 (1p)
  6. Short bios from Billings: The city and the People by Roger Clawson & Katherine A Shandera; book in Google Scholar p78; also Pioneers of Eastern Montana and their Descendants on rootsweb (2pp)
  7. Biog material from Indomitable Lady Doctors by Carlotta Hacker, Clarke Irwin Tor, 1974 (1p)
  8. Information from Montana Death Index 1907-2002 (1p)
  9. ‘Once upon a Time...’ said Jeanette Clark Bill Gaz 24 Mar 1963 (1p)
  10. Previous catalogue sheet (1p)
  11. Biographical sheet - typewritten (1p)
  12. Corres between Carlotta Hacker and AM Kerr & J Currie, 1973-74 (7 letters, 8 sheets) (8pp)
  13. Some copies of pp from Annual Announcements of 1891-1892 and 1892-93 giving (7pp)
  14. p.19 from Student Register 1883-1898 (file 4.1.3(1)) incl courses & when passed (1p)
  15. "Thirty-One Young Women Taking Medical Course in Winnipeg" Man Free Press 6 Oct 1919 (1p)
    Folder 2
    Material from the Western Heritage Center, Billings , Montana:
  16. Attribution list and credit lines from Western Heritage Center (1p)
  17. Photocopy of photograph (no.82.49.01) of HFC and her two daughters (1p)
  18. Photocopy of photograph (no.82.49.02) of Jeanette Clark as a child (1p)
  19. Photocopy of photograph (no.82.49.03) of Harriet Clark, the daughter, as a child (1p)
  20. Photocopy of photograph (no.90.37.32) of the Clark home, Division St. at Wyoming Avenue, Billings, Montana (1p)
  21. From 1922-Northwest Publishing Co. of Montana - photocopy of photograph of Hart-Albin Bldg: site of HFC practice (1p)
  22. HFC and Andrew Clark entries from Polk’s Billings Directories 1912-1940 (1p)
  23. Photocopy of Dr Andrew Clark on horseback. Original in Cty Courthouse judge’s chambers (1p)
  24. Selected pages from Medicine, the Early Days by the 100th Birthday Medical Committee, Billings, Montana pp.16-18,25-26,28,51 plus cover & title pages, incl enlargement of p18 (10pp)

    10.Selected entry (p.78) from Billings, the City and the People by Roger Clawson, Katherine A Shandera

Codd, Alfred

The Alfred Codd file contains the following material:

  1. Biography - by SA Codd (son) (2pp)

    2 .Biographical notes: "A medical history of Manitoba" by Ruth Monk(?) (file #21.10.3)
  2. Biography from Bryce, G: A History of Manitoba: its resources and people. 1906; pp364-5 (1p)

Code, Charles Frederick

The Charles Frederick Code file contains the following material:

  1. Obit.: WFP 6 Dec 1997; also that of his wife WFP 2 Aug 1997; Gastroenterology News cDec 1997 (with letter from RG Danzinger) (4pp)
  2. Card from grad student card file (1p)
  3. Entries from: World who’s who in science 1968; Am Men & Women Science 1975 &1979; Canad who’s who 1995 (2pp)
  4. Biographical data sheet. nd but prob c1987 (3pp)
  5. Biographical data sheet. nd but probably c1957 (1p)
  6. Biography MMR 38(7), Aug-Sept 1958 (1p)
  7. Letter from CS Houston & reply asking for cv etc. for History of Medicine Day 1996 (2pp)
  8. 1st International congress on group medicine: guest speaker MMR 50(2), Mar-Apr 1970 includes CV biog sketch, interviews with MedTribune 26 Oct 1964 and Mayo Alumnus Apr 1966 (we must lead...or follow); Portrait of a scientist Mayovox 16:Aug 27 1965; Charles F Code: The new president Gastroenterology v4 7 Aug 1964 (11pp)
  9. Presentation of the Julius Friedenwald medal to Charles F Code Gastroenterology 66(6), June 1974 (2pp)
  10. Prologue, Preface, "Charlie Code Reminiscences" Mayo Clinic Proc 50:494-506, Sept 1975 (11pp)
  11. Short biography from Mayo Alumnus July 1984 (2pp)
  12. "Pathfinders: Dr Charles F Code" Mayo 6(1):30-32, Spring 1991 (3pp)
  13. Material re honorary degree from Univ Man, 1981: letter & CFC bibliography (1969-1979) requesting nomination of CFC for honorary degree (6 pages); corres re ceremony (8 pages); news clipping UM Bull 15(31), 27 May 1981 (15pp)
  14. The role of medical research in a medical centre CMAJ 50:308-313, 1944 (title page only) (1p)
  15. Corres with RG Danzinger, includes a "Few personal glimpses of Charlie Code" (3pp)
  16. CV (see also Studies in Physiology UM Press p.305-11jj) (7pp)
  17. Interview with CFC Mayo Alumnus Apr 1966 10-11
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