Eli Mandel fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date digital objects
Correspondence With Publishers, Booksellers, Etc. Series n.d.
Collected correspondence: Subseries 1969-1979
Notebooks, Diaries, Etc. Series 1955-1977
Text of Ideas Lectures Series n.d.
English 25 (Dr. Bentley) Essays: Subseries
English 71 (E. McCourt): Subseries
Milton 13 (A. S. P. Woodhouse): Subseries
Postcards Subseries [19-?]
Unidentified Negatives Subseries [19-?]
TC 048 Tape Collection Series 1966, predominant [19-?]
University Lecture Notes Series n.d.
Miscellaneous Reviews Series n.d.
Collected Works: Poetry Series n.d.
Collected Works: Prose Series n.d.
Edited Anthologies Series n.d.
Miscellaneous Items Series n.d.
Other Jounals Series n.d.
Literature Subseries
Prose: Articles, Essays, Lectures, Etc. Series n.d.
Lectures, Etc., on Canadian Writers Series n.d.
Writings by Others (Unidentified) Series n.d.
Outsize Items Series n.d.
Correspondence with Organizations, Etc. Series n.d.
Correspondence re Lectures, Readings, Etc. Series 1955-1985 and n.d.
English 51 (E. King): Subseries
English 92 (E. McCourt): Subseries
Lecture notes on Shakespeare Subseries
Lecture notes on Shelley Subseries
18th Century Poetry (R. S. Crane?) Subseries
University of Toronto: Subseries
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