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# Reference code Title Dates Access restrictions
1 J. de Peña's obituary None
2 Certificate noting that J. de Peña had an entry in the Dictionary of International Biography None
3 Forum None
4 Article in the U of M Bulletin, naming J. de Peña, as the new Department Head of Anthropology, Vol. 15, No.32 None
5 Newspaper clipping None
6 Community Campus Survey Report None
7 Workshops and Seminars offered by J. de Pena at St. Louis University, including the educational course taught via the KMOX-TV television network None
8 University of Manitoba Newsletter that mentions J. de Peña's academic activities None
9 Community Campus television program taught by J. de Pena None
10 Chalk Talk Newsletter (St. Louis University) None
11 National Science Foundations' Graduate Fellowship Awards 1953 None
12 Material re: J. de Peña's Campus Television Program (St. Louis University) 1960-1962 None
13 Community Campus Television Program taught by J. de Peña 1962 None
14 Environmental Design Seminar 1965 None
15 J. de Peña's Study Proposal 1967 None
16 University of Manitoba Committee Work 1968-1977 None
17 Curriculum vitae and accomplishments of J. de Peña 1977 None
18 Information for J. de Peña's C.V. 1982-1984 None
19 Anthropology Colloquim 1984 None