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11th Annual AIDS WALK 97

Text: (Front): ‘11th Annual AIDS WALK 97/Sept 28 STANLEY PARK VANCOUVER.’ In small text: ‘Betty Boot ©Joe Average 1997.’ (Back): ‘CREW’
Style: T-shirt
Ink Colour: Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue
Shirt Colour: Beige
Image: (Front): Sketch depicting an abstract image of a shoe with a mouth and lips at the toe. The shoe has a red AIDS ribbon superimposed near the ankle area and a green eye. Rays of yellow behind the shoe form the background.
Material: 100% Cotton.


Text: (Front): ‘AIDS Memorial QUILT/THE NAMES PROJECT/ Winnipeg, June 29 – July 1, 1989’
Style: T-shirt
Ink Colour: Pink, Blue, Yellow
Shirt Colour: White
Image (Front): Pink background behind text.
Material: 100% Cotton.


Style: T-shirt
Ink Colour: Pink
Shirt Colour: Black
Image: (Front): Sketch of large pink triangle with Amnesty International’s symbol (candle with barbed wire) at the center of the triangle.
Material: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester.


Style: T-shirt
Ink Colour: Black, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
Shirt Colour: White
Image: (Front): Sketch of triangle outlined in pink with text inside. Inside the triangle is a line-up of six stick-figure styled men and women (three men and three women). Inside each of the figures is one symbol of either the female (♀) or male (♂ ) sex/gender.
Material: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester.

Carter, Stefan Andrew

The Stefan Carter file contains the following material:

  1. CV 2005; earlier; (4pp+ 3pp)
  2. Bibliography 2005; 1992 (19pp+ 8pp)
  3. Copy of entry in Pioneers of Cardiology in Canada 1820-1970, pp220-221, 1988 (1p)
  4. "Walking studied to cut leg pain" WFP 15 Mar 1978 (1p)
  5. "Personal Freedom and fatty foods" letter to the editor WFP 25 Nov 2004 (1p)
  6. Reviews etc of "Mozart: A Meditation on his Life and Mysterious Death" WFP 24 Nov/05; The Metro 23 Nov/05; The Times 23 Nov/05; Coming Events McNally-Robinson 25 Nov/05, WFP 22 Jan 2006 & 22 Mar 2006; Bull v39(19), 23 Feb 2006; Advert in Manitoba Opera program; Brodie Health Sciences Book Store Jan 2006; On Manitoba April 2006; Man Med Spring/Summer 2006; (13pp)
  7. Holocaust horrors recalled for students, WFP 12 May 2006; (1p)
  8. "Digital Systolic Pressures in the Lower Limb in Arterial Disease" title page Circulation (1971) 43:1971 (1p)
  9. Letter to editor WFP 27 Apr 2010 (1p)
    Father of Joel Carter

Carter, Stefan Andrew

Coming Out!

This collection of audio/visual materials contains the original records of the cable access tv show Coming Out!, produced by the Winnipeg Gay Media Collective. This program, composed of interviews, drama, public service announcements and literature readings, was intended to educate the Winnipeg homosexual and heterosexual communities about LGBTTQ issues of the day.

Winnipeg Gay Media Collective

Deer Lodge Scrapbook

Photographs and textual correspondance with Margaret's colleagues from the Deer Lodge Veterans Hospital. Scrapbooks were compiled to organize to chronicle these records.

European Trips

Materials from visits to Europe. Included are maps of cities, programmes from various events, telegrams received and menus from restaurants.

Family Photographs

Photographs of friends and family members in relation to the Pugh family. These photographs were included in typed and handwritten letters and cards sent to various members of the family, though predominantly Margaret.

Fort Rouge Dykes

Text: (Front): ‘fort rouge dykes’
Style: T-shirt
Ink Colour: Black
Shirt Colour: Maroon
Image: (Front): Sketch of stylized woman (head and upper body only) holding up a crescent- shaped symbol below the ‘fort rouge dykes’ text.
Material: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester.

Gay Christian Forum/Gaysweek

Textual records, notes, transcripts and programming from the production of two University of Manitoba's CJUM-FM radio programs: Gay Christian Forum and Gaysweek.

Council on Homosexuality and Religion

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