Bernard Grad fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date digital objects
Film and Video Series
Kirlian Photography Series 1930-2002
On the Road to Healing and Biogenesis: Memoirs of a Scientist Series 1923-2015
McGill University and other affiliations Series 1949-1999
Research Funding and Grant Applications Series 1953-1990
Slides and Photographs Series 1958-1993
Research Activities and Interests Series [199-?]
Publications about Dr. Grad Series 1954-2010
Notes and Drafts Series 1950-2005
Journals and Other Publications Series 1958-2004
Subud Series 1950-2005
Glass Lantern Slides Series 1940-1969
Reprint requests Series 1948-1969
Index cards Series 1922-1989
Computer disks Series [197-?]-[200-?]
Indexed Articles and other Material Series 1922-1989
Miscellaneous Files Series 1969-1971
Record Albums Series 1950-1979
Scientific objects Series
Personal and biographical Series 1927-2010
Publications, lectures and conference presentations by Dr. Grad Series 1971-2002
Organizations and Newsletters Series 1960-2012
Indices Series [195-]-[197-]
Experiments Series
Correspondence Series 1942-2010
Origin of Life Series 1950-2007
Audio Series 1960-2010
Wilhelm Reich Series 1920-2013