Archival Resources - Photocopies (Scanned) Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date digital objects
Relocation Subseries 1920-1977
Restricted files Subseries
Community Development Subseries 1952-1970
Eastern and Central Arctic Patrol files Subseries 1927-1966
RCMP Reports Subseries 1915-1969
Wildlife and Conservation Subseries 1932-2006
Economic Development Subseries 1944-2005
Education Subseries 1919-2001
Health and Healthcare Subseries 1889-2004
Inuit Organizations/Conferences Subseries 1958-2006
Northern Security Officers/Northern Administration Reports and Documents Subseries 1911-1973
Overview files Subseries 1909-2001
Correspondence Subseries 1910-2002
Policy and Regional Development Subseries 1931-1988
Settlement Surveys and Social Topics Subseries 1867-2000
Welfare Subseries 1928-1979
Legal and Inuit Rights Subseries 1879-1998
Miscellaneous subjects Subseries 1923-1999
Co-ops Subseries 1953-1994
Infrastructure/Game Management Subseries 1887-2006
Housing Subseries 1840-1977
Council Meeting Minutes/Conference Notes Subseries 1909-1997
News North Clippings Subseries 1946-1995
Miscellaneous subjects 2 Subseries 1919-2010