Angus Shortt fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date digital objects
Published Materials Series n.d.
Field records, check lists, journals Series 1926-2000
Ducks Unlimited (Folio no. 3) Series [1946-2005]
Artifacts and books Series
Books Subseries 1928-1978
Artifacts Subseries 1933-2002
Painted Ashtrays Series 1974
Framed Paintings Series 1951-1997
Journals Series n.d.
Notebooks Series [1931-1940]
Waterfowl Drawings Series
Biographical Information Series 1911-2005
A2008-136 Angus Shortt Accrual Accession 1925-2001
Published Manuscripts Series 1957, 2001
Paintings & Sketches Series 1930-1986
Scrapbooks Series 1918-2002
PC 207 Photograph And Video Collection Series 1908-2005
Unpublished Manuscripts Series 1976-2001
Unframed Paintings Series 1925-1996
A2004-115 Angus Shortt Accrual Accession [1931-1981]
Publications Series n.d.
Oversize Series 1964
Textual Records Series 1978
A2016-046 Angus Short Accrual Accession 1928-1986
A2004-007 Angus Shortt Accrual Accession n.d., [2003]
Scrapbooks Series n.d.
Published Material Series [2003]
A2004-036 Angus Shortt Accrual Accession [1931-1996]
Scrapbooks Series n.d.
A2006-023, A2006-037 Angus Shortt Accrual Accession 1918-2005
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