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Sitar Daniel S.

  • Personne
  • unknown

Education: MSc (Man) PhD (Man)

Positions: Prof Internal Medicine; Prof of Pediatrics; Prof Pharmacy; Head Pharmacology and Therapeutics; Research Affiliate at Centre on Aging ; President Canadian Association for Academic Pharmacology;

Sisler, George Cooper

  • Personne
  • 28 Dec 1923 - 30 Jan 2002

Education: MD(Man) 1946; residencies WGH & Psychopathic Hosp; Dept Psych Louisville KY; Dip of Amer Bd Psych & Neurology, FRCPSC

Positions: Prof & Head Psychiatry 1954-1975; Prof Emeritus 1988;

Sinclair, Archibald Connell

  • Personne
  • 1819?-1907

Education: MD(Victoria Univ, Tor)1863

Positions: Practised for short while in Manitoba

Simpson, Robert Mills

  • Personne
  • 1865-2 February 1945

Education: MD CM(Man)1887; LFP&S (gen), FRGS (Lond)

Positions: Prof of Materia Med & Therapeutics 1890; Princips & Practices, Med 1893, & Clin Med 1898; Theoretical Med 1905; Lect Clin Obstet; Prof Gyn 1907; Prof Emeritus, Gyn 1927; Chief Surg HBC; Surg Can North RR; Pres Amer Pub Hlth Assn & Pres Mb Bd Hlth 1911; Founder, Ninette San 1910

Simpson, James Wendell

  • Personne
  • 1897?-1983

Education: MD(Man)1921; Specialist in Radiology

Positions: unknown

Simpson, Glenn

  • Personne
  • 1900-

Education: MD(Man)1927, FRPC(C), Fellow Acad of Pediatrics

Positions: Chief of Pediatrics Victoria General Hosp., Royal Jubilee Hosp., Med Supt Queen Alexandra Children’s Hosp. (Emeritus at all three)

Simons, Frances Estelle Reed

  • Personne
  • 1945

Education: BSc(Man)1965; MD(Hon)(Man)1969; FRCPC; Dip.Am.Bd Allergy & Clin Immunology

Positions: Asst Prof 1975-80; Assoc Prof 1980; Prof 1990- (all Pediatrics); see also CV

Sigurdson, Larus Arthur

  • Personne
  • 1899-1986

Education: MD(Man)1927 ; DNB1930

Positions: Demonstrator 1932-3; Lecturer 1934; Asst Prof 1952; Assoc Prof 1956-1965 (all Anatomy);

Sherrin, W.A.

  • Personne
  • -1943 d.

Education: MD(Man)1891

Positions: ENT specialist in Souris 1900-1922; Coroner 1906

Sheps, Cecil George

  • Personne
  • 1913-Feb 8, 2004

Education: MD(Man)1936; MPH(Yale)1947

Positions: Univ North Carolina: Prof Soc Med 1968-79; Taylor Grandy Distinguished Prof 1981-; Emeritus 1986; Vice Chancellor Health Sci 1971-76; for full info see CV

Sheps, Mindel Cherniack

  • Personne
  • 1913-15 January 1973

Education: MD(Man)1936; MPH(U N.Carolina)(prob 1947); DSc(Hon)(Man)1971

Positions: Wpg School Bd 1943-44; Asst prof Preventive Med Harvard Med School 1959; taught at grad school of Public Health U Pittsburgh; & also at Columbia School of Public Health & Administrative Med; Fellow of Amer Assn for Advancement of Science, 1964

Shaw, Edward Charles

  • Personne
  • 1924-1980

Education: MD(Man)1955

Positions: President, Manitoba Historical Society, 1973
Board of Directors, Heritage Canada 1978

Sheffield, Doreen Rippon

  • Personne
  • 1907-1961

Education: MD(Man)1929

Positions: On staff at various hospitals in Northeast US - see #2 below

Seshia, Shashi

  • Personne
  • unknown

Education: unknown

Positions: Chairman, Pediatric Neurology Unit 1973-1997(HSC)
Professor 1997- (Pediatrics);

Shankman, Irwin Morrison

  • Personne
  • 1908-1977

Education: MD(Man)1934; Postgraduate in Surgery, Edinburgh

Positions: unknown

Seshia, Molly

  • Personne
  • unknown

Education: unknown

Positions: unknown

Sehon, Alec

  • Personne
  • unknown

Education: PhD(Manchester)1951

Positions: Prof Chemistry1964-69 (McGill ); Prof & Head Immunology 1969-199? (Man); Distinguished Prof Emeritus 2005 (Man)

Sellers, Edward Alexander

  • Personne
  • 14 Sept 1916-28 August 1985

Education: MD1939(Man)

Positions: Prof in Physiology 1950 (Tor); Chief Supt Defense Research Med Labs 1955-58; Prof & Head (Tor)1958-66 Pharmacology; Assoc Dean Basic Sci Fac of Med 1965-68; 1st Chair Innis Coll Council 1965-67; Gov Council 1972-74 (Tor)1972-74;

Seah, Stanley

  • Personne
  • 1938-

Education: MD(Man)1961; FRCP(C)1968

Positions: Asst Prof 1976(Tropical Med); Assoc Prof 1985(Internal Med) (both McGill);

Scott, Donald Lawrence

  • Personne
  • 1901-1974

Education: MD(Man)1926

Positions: Med Supt & Asst Physician, Central TB Clinic 1930-67;
Lecturer in Medicine1941; President, MMA 1949-50;

Schoemperlen, Clarence Benjamin

  • Personne
  • 1913-1997

Education: MD(Man)1937; CRCP(C)1946; FCCP1946; FACP1950; FRCP(C)1972

Positions: Asst Prof 1953-64; Assoc Prof 1953-87 (both Medicine )
See also CV

Saunders, Michael Graham

  • Personne
  • 1920-1975

Education: MB ChB, MSc(Victoria UManchesterj)1944; MD1964

Positions: Asst Prof 1949-62; Assoc Prof, 1962-75 (both neurophysiol)
Director, Computer Dept 1962-1975; see also CV

Schatz, Irwin Jacob

  • Personne
  • unknown

Education: MD(Man)1956, FACP1965

Positions: Chief Med Officer, Canad Immigration, NHW, England 1958; Head Peripheral Vascular Dis, Henry Ford Hospital 1962; Associate Prof Wayne State; Prof of Med, U of Michigan, Ann Arbor 1973; Chairman, Dept Medicine, U of Hawaii, Homolulu, 1975-90

Sareen, Jitender

  • Personne
  • unknown

Education: MD (Man) 1995

Positions: Assoc Prof Psychiatry

Sandham, James Dean

  • Personne
  • 23 February 1943-

Dr. James Dean Sandham was the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba from 2004 to 2010. Originally from a rural community near Coalhurst, Alberta, James Dean Sandham graduated from the University of Alberta Medical School in 1967. Shortly thereafter, Sandham underwent two-year postgraduate training in family practice at the Montreal General Hospital and then practiced as a family physician in Red Deer, Alberta for four years. Dr. Sandham went on to do further postgraduate training and in 1977, completed his fellowship in internal medicine and pulmonary diseases at the University of Calgary.<br/>
Dr. Sandham’s career was largely in Intensive Care. From 1977 to 1986, Sandham was the Director, Department of Intensive Care, Calgary General Hospital and became Director of Clinical Care, Foothills Hospital in 1986; a position he held for fourteen years. During these appointments, Dr. Sandham also became Director of Critical Care Medicine at the University of Calgary and Regional Clinical Department Head for Critical Care, Calgary Health Region. Dr. Sandham was instrumental in the creation of a Clinical Care academic department at the University of Calgary.<br/>
During his tenure at the University of Calgary and Calgary Regional Health Authority, Sandham developed an integrated quality improvement and information management system for the Department of Critical Care involving electronic patient records which created an abstracted database used for quality improvement and administrative purposes.<br/>
On October 1, 2004, Dr. Sandham assumed the position of Dean, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba. During his tenure (2004-2010), the Faculty of Medicine saw the development of the Clinical Learning and Simulation Facility, the largest medicine class in the Faculty’s history, the establishment and development of the first university-level Physician Assistant program in Canada, the creation of the Centre for Aboriginal Health Education and the Northern and Remote Family Medicine Stream Residency Program. Dr. Sandham also initiated the development of the Online Portal for Advanced Learning (OPAL), the faculty's paperless medical education curriculum management system. Dr. James Dean Sandham completed his term as Dean of Medicine in June, 2010.

Industrial Applications of Microelectronics Centre

  • Collectivité
  • 1979-1987

The IAMC was established in 1979 to make significant contributions of high technology in the area of microelectronics to industry, the University and the province. The Centre attempted to assemble a “critical mass” of experts in the field of microelectronics who would provide teaching and experience to Faculty of Engineering students, and contractual research and development services to industry clients. The Centre received funding from federal and provincial grants and received fees collected from public sector companies in exchange for research, development and testing services. Financial difficulties forced the University to acquire the Centre in 1987, restructuring it within the Department of Mechanical Engineering until its ultimate dissolution in 1989.

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