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Dhalla, Sonny Surej

  • Person
  • not given

Education: BSc(Man)1979; MD(Man)1983; FRCSC; FACS

Positions: Chief, GI Unit, Brandon Regional Health Centre

Ding, Hao

  • Person
  • not given

Canada Research Chair (Genetic Modelling) 2004-

Dirks, John Herbert

  • Person
  • 20 August 1933 -

Education: MD 1957 (Man)

Position: Director Nephrology (McGill)1965-1976; Hd Dept Med (UBC)1976-1987; Dean Med (Tor)1987-1994; Dean-Rector (AgaKhanU in Pakistan)1994-1996; Chair COMGAN 1994-2005; Pres & Dir Gairdner Fdn 1993-; Prof Emeritus (Tor); see also cv

Douglas, Alexander Joseph

  • Person
  • 28 Apr 1874 - 30 June 1940

Education: MD(Man)1897; LLD(Hon)1937 (see 21.12.1)

Positions: City Health Officer, City Hall, Winnipeg

Douglass, Margaret Ellen

  • Person
  • - July 1950

Education: MD(Trinity)1905

Positions: Medical practice: Saint John, NB 1905- 1909; Winnipeg 1909-
Pres Canadian Federation of Prof & Business Women's clubs; Pres Winnipeg Women's Canadian Club; Life Member of the University Women's Club 1950; Hon Pres Federation of Medical Women 1946; Provincial Commissioner St. John's Ambulance Brigade where she was given title Commander Sister of the Order 1948;

Dean's Office - Faculty of Engineering

  • Corporate body
  • 1921-

The Dean of Engineering is the highest governing position within the Faculty of Engineering, being responsible for the administration of the entire faculty. This includes the management and supervision of academic programs, faculty, staff and financial management. Professor E.P. Fetherstonhaugh was appointed as the first Dean of the Faculty of Engineering in 1921.

Faculty of Engineering

  • Corporate body
  • 1920-

Although engineering courses had been offered at the University of Manitoba since 1907, under Professor E.E. Brydone-Jack, the Faculty of Engineering was not established as a faculty until 1920. A year later, Professor E.P. Fetherstonhaugh was appointed its first Dean. In the same year the School of Architecture was established within the Faculty, which became known as the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. By 1963, the Department of Architecture split from Faculty of Engineering to form the Faculty of Architecture.

Hildes, John Arthur

  • Person
  • 22 Jan 1918-29 Nov 1984

Education: MD(Tor)1940

Positions: Prof Dept Medicine 1963; Director Northern Medical Unit 1970; Assoc Dean, Div Community Medicine 1976.

Cattini, Peter A

  • Person
  • unknown

Education: MSc, PhD Univ of London

Positions: Physiology Dept 1987- ; Professor 1997- ;
Head, Physiology 2002- ; Vice-President Research UM 2003

Chalke, Frank Cyril Rhodes

  • Person
  • 15 Apr 1916-18 Dec 1986

Education: MD(Man)1943

Positions: Chairman, Dept Psychiatry, U of Ottawa, 1965
Vice-Pres Inter Council of Prison Med 1979

Young, T Kue

  • Person
  • unknown

Education: unknown

Positions: Professor, Community Hlth Sci, UM

Younes, Magdy

  • Person
  • unknown

Education: unknown

Positions: Professor, Internal Medicine
Head, Respirology Section
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Yeomans, Amelia

  • Person
  • 1842-1913

Education: MD(Michigan)1883; Registered with CPS 1885 (Manitoba)

Positions: unknown

Yang, Xi

  • Person
  • unknown

Education: MD

Positions: unknown

Wyatt, John Poyner

  • Person
  • 1916-1980

Education: MD(Man)1939; Postgrad training (Toronto & Harvard) Pathology

Positions: Research Asst 1945-47 (Harvard); Asst Prof 1949-51; Assoc Prof 1951-53; Prof & Assoc Director 1953-62; Prof & Chair 1964-74; (all St Louis); Prof & Head (Man)1962-74; Prof of Pathology (UKentucky) 1974-80

Wright, John Robert

  • Person
  • unknown

Education: MD(Hons)(Man)1959; trained (Baltimore & Buffalo) Pathology

Positions: Assoc Prof 1967-74 (Johns Hopkins); Chairman 1974-98 (State UNY Buffalo) Pathology; Interim Dean 1997-98 then Dean 1998- (SUNYAB) Med & Biomed Sci; for hosp appts; see CV;

Worobetz, Stephen

  • Person
  • 26 Dec 1914 - 2 February 2006

Education: BSc(Sask)1935; MD(Man)1940; LLD(Sask)1984;

Positions: General Practitioner, Surgeon, 13th Lt-Gov of Saskatchewan 1970-76; Military Cross (WWII); Order of Canada 1993; Saskatchewan Order of Merit, 1999;

Wolkenstein, Christopher

  • Person
  • 1922-

Education: MB BS(UMelbourne)1947; Postgrad study in Vienna & London

Positions: Asst Prof 1954-1988 Anesthesia

Wintrobe, Maxwell Myer

  • Person
  • 1901-1986

Education: BA(Man)1921;MD(Man)1926; BSc(Med)1927; PhD(Tulane 1929; Hon DSc(Man)1958;

Positions: Instructor (Tulane) 1927-30; (Hopkins) 1930-35; Assoc Prof 1935-43 (Hopkins) 1935-43 all in Medicine; Prof & Head, Med & Head, School of Medicine 1943- (Utah); Director Lab Study Heredity & Metab. Disorders 1945-

Wilson, Fred C

  • Person
  • d.-1950

Education: MD(Man)1916

Positions: Practised in Melita

Wilt, John Charles

  • Person
  • 1920-1989

Education: MD(Man)1945; Msc(Man)1950;Grad training (WGH & McGill) Pathology

Positions: Demonstrator 1948-53,Pathology; Assoc Prof & Head, 1953-56 Bacteriology; Prof & Head 1956-76, Med Microbiology; Assoc Dean, Director Cadham Lab, Asst Deputy Minister Health; Prof Emeritus 1986 (all in Manitoba)

Wilson, David Henry

  • Person
  • 18xx-1926

Education: MB(Toronto & Trinity)1878

Positions: Founder and First Prof 1884-87 Diseases of Women & Children, (Man); Member of Prov Parliament; mbr of Norquay cabinet

Wilkins, John

  • Person
  • unknown

Education: PhD(Man)1979

Positions: Prof: Int Med, Med Micro, Immun; Dir. Ctre for Proteomics & Systems Biology

Williams, Thomas Harry

  • Person
  • 1888-1965

Education: MD CM(Man)1916; Dip Trop Med & Hygiene(Lond)1934

Positions: West China Union Univ 1939-42; Asst in Parasitology, John Hopkins 1943; Asst Prof 1943; Assoc Prof 1952; Post- retirement appt Assoc Prof 1953-64; (all Path & all Man)

Wiebe, Cornelius W.

  • Person
  • Feb 18, 1893-July 12, 1999

Education: MD(Man)1925

Positions: Pres, CPS 1945-46; Pres, MMA 1952-53; Mbr, Order of Canada, 1999; Mbr Legislative Assembly 1932-36;

Whiteford, James William

  • Person
  • 1847-1888

Education: MD CM(McGill)1873

Positions: Founder; Professor 1883-1888, Clinical Medicine;

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