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Dean, Heather

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  • not given

Education: MD(Queen's)1975; Peds training in Montreal & Ottawa

Positions: UM appt 1982; Prof; Assoc Dean (Acad) 2006-

Brooker, Bertram

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  • 1888-1955

Bertram Brooker was born in Surrey, England in 1888. He immigrated to Portage la Prairie, Manitoba with his parents in 1905. At age seventeen he worked in the kitchens and in the timekeeper's office of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. Later he managed a movie theatre in Neepawa and did newspaper work in Portage and Winnipeg. In 1921 he moved to Toronto to assume a career in advertising and freelance journalism. Brooker began writing his first novel at the age of nine, and as early as 1910 he was writing and directing several of his own plays. His literary achievements include Think of the Earth (1936), Tangled Miracle (1936) and The Robber (1949). He won the first Governor General's Award for fiction in 1936. Although he was the author of nine books as well as texts on advertising and writing, Brooker is perhaps best known as an artist. He began painting in the 1920s and formed close ties with LeMoine Fitzgerald and most of the members of the Group of Seven. Apparently influenced by Fitzgerald and Lawren Harris, he became a pioneer in abstract painting.

Brook, Morris Harry

  • Personne
  • c1911 - 5Oct1967

Education: MD(Man)1935(HM)

Positions: General practice Saskatoon; medical staff University, St. Paul’s & City Hosps.; Clin Inst Obs-Gyn at U Sask

Brook, Joseph

  • Personne
  • 1915-21 Nov 1985

Education: MD(Man)1941

Positions: General practice; Clin Asst Prof in Obs-Gyn Univ Sask at Saskatoon (JB)

Brookler, Kenneth Haskell

  • Personne
  • 28 Sept 1938-

Education: MD(Man)1962; MSc(Minn)1968(Otolaryngology)

Positons: Otolaryngology: Asst Prof Mt Sinai School of Med NY 1969- 1970; Clin Prof NY Med Coll Valhalla NY 1986-92; Coord Neurotology Speech and Learning Center NY 1971-72; Chief-Otology, Neurotology Lenox Hill Hosp NY 1974-86; Assoc Attend Surgeon Dept Otolaryngology Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hosp 1988-

Brothers, William Henry

  • Personne
  • - 3 August 1924

Education: MD(Man)1897

Positions: General Practitioner at Shoal Lake, Manitoba

Brotman, Martin

  • Personne
  • not given

Education: MD(Man)1962; FACP, AGAF

Positions: 96th Pres Amer Gastro Assn; practiced San Francisco; taught at Univ Cal SF; Pres & CEO Calif Pacific Medical Center; DSc(Man)(Hon) 2009

Brown, James Stinson

  • Personne
  • not given

Education: BSc, MD(Man)1975, FRCS(Eng), FACS, FRCS(Can)

Positions: Head and Neck surgeon, Otology, Neurotology, Calgary, Alta

Brownell, Laurence Gray

  • Personne
  • not given

Education: MD(Man)1976

Positions: Professor Internal Medicine (EG) Lecturer Anesthesia

Buchel, Edward Wayne

  • Personne
  • not given

Education: MD (Man) 1992

Positions: Head of Plastic Surgery WRHA; Assoc Prof Surgery

Bunn, John

  • Personne
  • c1802 - 1861

Education: 3 yrs at Edinburgh Univ medical school 1817-1819. left one year before graduation; LRCP 1832

Positions: Early HBC medical doctor in Man & Northwestern Ont; 1st mbr of First Council of Assiniboia to look after Local Affairs, 1835; Appointed coroner, clerk of the court, sheriff; Private practice in Assiniboia after resignation from HBC

Burns, Charles William

  • Personne
  • 1890 - 19 May 1967

Education: BA(Man)1913; MD CM(Man)1916; FACS; FRCS(C); FICS

Positions: Demonstrator, lecturer, Assistant prop Surg & Gynec UM
Prof & Head, Surgery 1947-53; Prof Emeritus; LLD(Man) 1954

Burrell, Richard Osmond

  • Personne
  • 7 Feb 1909 - 19 Aug 1974

Education: MD(Man)1932; LMCC1932; ChM(Man)1934; FRCS(Edin) 1936; FRCS(C)1942;

Positions: Demonstrator (Surgery) 1939; Lecturer (Surgery) 1943; Asst Prof (Surg) 1953; Assoc Prof (Surg) 1955; Prof Emeritus 1974

Bell, Lennox Gordon

  • Personne
  • 11 June 1904-22 Feb 1973

Education: MD(Man)1928; MRCP(Lond)1930; FRCP(C)1943; FACP; FRCP(Lond)1954

Positions: Demonstrator, Medicine 1928; Lecturer, Med. 1930; Prof. Internal Med. & Dean of Med. 1949-1966; Chairman, Dept Med. 1951; Dean Emeritus 1967

Byers, Herbert Perry

  • Personne
  • 17 Sept 1860- 24 Nov 1933

Education: MD(Man)1890 (studied medicine in England 1878-82)

Positions: Practised in Lethbridge without qualifications 1884-85
Practised in Melita and Selkirk

Daniel, Emil

  • Personne
  • 1917-1996

Education: MD(Man)1941

Davidson, Andrew McConnell

  • Personne
  • 16 Nov 1885 - 18 April 1972

Education: MD(Man)1912; MB ChB(Edin)1912; Intermediate Science (London Univ)1906; MRCP(Edin); FRCP(C)

Position: Dermatologist in Winnipeg

Day, Oswald John

  • Personne
  • 1891 - 6 May 1952

Education: MB(Tor)1914

Positions: Teaching staff Pediatrics UManitoba 1923-1943; With Morley Lougheed co-responsible for establishment & supervison of Child Health Service for Winnipeg as well as Well Baby Clinics from 1941; Original mbr Canadian Pediatric Society; Pres. Wpg Medical Society 1937-38; Chief, Pediatrics in Wpg Clinic 1947;

RAMC in World War I , Military Cross April 1917 (Vimy), Bar to the MC July 1917 (Ypres)

Bergsagel, Daniel Egil

  • Personne
  • 25 April 1925 - 20 Oct 2007

Education: MD 1949 (Man)

Position: Chief of Dept of Medical Oncology at Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation 1965-1990; Emeritus Prof U of Toronto

Birt, Arthur Robert

  • Personne
  • 19 May 1906-2 July 1995

Education: MD(Man)1930, RCPS(C)1943

Positions: Demonstrator, Medicine (Dermatology) 1943; Lecturer, Medicine 1946; Asst Prof, Medicine 1957; Assoc Prof, Medicine 1964; Prof Emeritus 1976

Cantor, Sheila Louise

  • Personne
  • d. -3 May 1988

Education: BSc(Med)(Man); MD(Man)1973

Positions: Unknown

Brandson, Brandur Jonsson

  • Personne
  • 1 June 1874 - 20 June 1944

Education: BA(Gustavus Adolphus Coll)1895; MD CM(Man)1900; FRCS(C); FACS; MD(HonCausi[Iceland]) LLD (Man) 1944

Positions: Lecturer 1910; Assoc Prof 1913; Prof & Head, Surgery 1927;
Prof Emeritus 1934; V-P Sect of Surgery, Brit Med Assn, 1930

Brett, Robert George

  • Personne
  • 16 Nov 1851-16 Sept 1929

Education: MD(Univ Victoria Coll)1874

Positions: Founder; Prof Materia Medica & Therapeutics, Man Med Coll
See also biographical material

Briggs, Edmund James Seeds Nixon

  • Personne
  • c1921-25 May 1987

Education: MD(Lond); MRCP(Eng); DCH(Eng); AKC

Positions: Demonstrator in Pediatrics 1953; Lecturer, Pediatrics 1955;
Asst Professor, Pediatrics (nd)

Brodie, Earle Isadore

  • Personne
  • - 1995

Education: MD(Man)1936

Positions: General Practice, Wpg., South Dakota, California
Founder of Fed Mart and The Price Company

Bristow, Gerald Kingsley

  • Personne
  • not given

Education: BSc(Med); MD(Man)1964; FACA(Penn01968; FRCP(C) 1970;

Positions: Dir Emergency Services, HSC 1976-85; Prof Family Med 1984-85; Prof Anes 1984-2003, Assoc Dean (PGME) 1984-1993; Pres CPS(Man) 1994-95; Assoc Dean (Acad) 1999-2003

Bleeks, Cherry Knox

  • Personne
  • 20 Oct 1905- 1 Apr 1981

Education: MD(Man1930; FRCS(c); Various PG courses in Surgery in England & Scotland

Positions: Asst Prof, Obstet Gynec, UM

Delory, George Edward

  • Personne
  • 10 June 1909 - 22 July 1979

Education: MSc; PhD

Positions: Asst Prof Biochem 1948; Assoc Prof Biochem 1949-64

Dhalla, Naranjan Singh

  • Personne
  • not given

Education: BSc(Panjab)1956; AIC1961; MS(Penn)1963; PhD(Pitts)1965

Positions: Prof Physiology 1974 - ; Distinguished Prof, Medicine 1991- ; Dir, Inst Cardiovascular Sciences 1996 -

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