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Bowman, Maxwell

  • Person
  • 1896-1956

Education: MD(Man) 1920, 13. Diploma in Public Hlth 1935 (Toronto)

Positions: Practiced Sperling 1920-1928; municipal doctor, Clanwilliam 1928-c1935; epidemiologist with province 1939-42; Lect, Asst Prof 1940-46, Prof of Soc & Prev 1947-52 (all Man); Director, Medical Services, Province of Manitoba, -1956

Bowman, William David

  • Person
  • 24 May 1925 -

Education: MD(Man) 1949

Positions: Pediatrician

Bowness, John Michael

  • Person
  • 23 September 1928 - 7 October 1999

Education: PhD (Liverpool)

Positions: Senior Lecturer Singapore;
Assoc Prof Biochem (Mb) 1965-71, Prof 1971-95, Prof Emeritus 1998


Boyd, George I

  • Person
  • 1903

Education: MB ChB(Edin)1925; FRCS(Edin)1928; MD(Edin)1929;

Positions: Asst Prof Anatomy 1930

Boyd, Robert James

  • Person
  • not given

MD(Man) 1972;
Prof., Family Medicine;
Head, Dept Family Medicine;
Med Dir WRHA Family Medicine Program,

Boyd, William

  • Person
  • 21 June 1885 - 10 Mar 1979

Education: MB ChB (Edin)1908; DPM1912; MRCPE(1912); FRCP (1932) FRCSC(1949) Hon FRCPE(1955); FRS Canada;

Position: Professor, Pathology 1915-1937; Chair of Pathology, Univ Tor 1937-1951; Chairman, Pathology UBC 1951-54

Brachman, Edwin Frank

  • Person
  • not given

Education: BA(Sask)1944; MSc(Man)1949; MD(Man)1954

Positions: BA(Sask)1944; MSc(Man)1949; MD(Man)1954

Bradley Morrison

  • morrison_b
  • Person
  • 1925-2008

Bradley Morrison worked for the Ogilvie Flour Mills Company for 48 years and collected material relating to their operations. Marion E. Lyall, an employee of Ogilvie Mills, assembled the scrapbook in this fonds in 1903.

Brand, Oscar

  • brand
  • Person
  • 1920-

Oscar Brand was born in Winnipeg, the son of a Portage La Prairie pioneer. He spent his childhood alternately in Winnipeg, Minneapolis, Chicago, and New York. On completion of his service with the United States army in 1945, he took a position with a New York radio station where he began his professional singing career. His programs, Folksong Festival and The World of Folk Music became award-winning shows. Brand went on to become the music director of NBC-TV's weekly children's programme. He lectured weekly at New York University and occupied the rest of his time recording, writing, and composing. He has worked on several radio shows and films in Washington, New York, and Toronto.

Brandes, Lorne

  • Person
  • not given

Education: MD(West Ont)1968

Brandson, Brandur Jonsson

  • Person
  • 1 June 1874 - 20 June 1944

Education: BA(Gustavus Adolphus Coll)1895; MD CM(Man)1900; FRCS(C); FACS; MD(HonCausi[Iceland]) LLD (Man) 1944

Positions: Lecturer 1910; Assoc Prof 1913; Prof & Head, Surgery 1927;
Prof Emeritus 1934; V-P Sect of Surgery, Brit Med Assn, 1930

Braun, Abram

  • braun_a
  • Person
  • 19??-

Abram Braun is the great-grandson of Abram Braun, who immigrated to Manitoba and started farming in the 1870's. The farm had been divided between descendants.

Braun, Hans

  • braun_h
  • Person
  • 1941-

Hans Braun was born in 1941. He holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy. He is Professor of Sociology and Social Policy and Deputy Director of the Canadian Studies Centre at the University of Trier, Trier, Germany. Braun has authored and edited numerous articles and books in English, French and German. He has also written on a variety of topics including post-Second World War Germany, Canadian society, and a comparison of European and North American postmodernism.

Breton, Albert

  • breton
  • Person
  • 1929-

Economist Albert Breton has lectured and written widely on economic theory and policy, including nationalism, bilingualism, public choice, and the economics of culture. A special advisor to the Prime Minister in the 1970s, he collaborated with his brother Raymond, Pierre Trudeau and others on a public manifesto against Quebec separation.

Breton was also vice-chair on the Applebaum-Hébert Committee, and a commissioner with the Macdonald Royal Commission, and served as president of the Canadian Economics Association.

His academic career took him from the University of Montreal and Carleton University to Harvard, the London School of Economics, the Université de Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne), Università di Perugia and the Institute for Social and Economic Change in Bangalore, India. Today, Breton is a research professor with the Università di Torino and professor emeritus of economics at the University of Toronto, where he taught for 26 years.

In 2000, Cambridge University Press published a collection of essays in his honour. Breton is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and an Officer of the Order of Canada.

Brett, Robert George

  • Person
  • 16 Nov 1851-16 Sept 1929

Education: MD(Univ Victoria Coll)1874

Positions: Founder; Prof Materia Medica & Therapeutics, Man Med Coll
See also biographical material

Brewing & Malting Barley Research Institute

  • Corporate body
  • 1948-

Activities of the malting and brewing industries in the barley improvement were formalized in 1948 when the Barley Improvement Institute (now the Brewing and Malting Research Institute) was established to cooperate and assist, financially and otherwise , in the development and testing of improved barley varieties and to disseminate factual information on the production, improvement, marketing and processing of malting barley. Sixty eight years later the Institute continues to provide variety evaluation & funding from its Winnipeg office.* For a more detailed history consult Box 1 Folder 2 &; Box 25 Folder 3 of the fonds.

Brigden, Arnold O.

  • brigden
  • Person
  • 1886-1972

Arnold Brigden was born in England in 1886. His father was a Methodist minister. Bridgen came to Canada in 1903 to live in Toronto with his uncle, Frederick Brigden, who taught him the craft of wood-engraving and the emerging craft of photo-engraving. In 1908 he returned to England briefly, and in 1910 came to New York to work for Gills, a large graphic arts firm. He remained there until 1914 when he was persuaded to move to Winnipeg by his family to take over the Winnipeg branch of the family business, Brigden's Limited, a Toronto-based printing firm. He managed Brigden's from 1914 until his retirement in 1956. Under his management, Brigden's of Winnipeg became a successful centre for graphic arts in western Canada. Brigden was an active supporter of the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Winnipeg School of Art.

Briggs, Edmund James Seeds Nixon

  • Person
  • c1921-25 May 1987

Education: MD(Lond); MRCP(Eng); DCH(Eng); AKC

Positions: Demonstrator in Pediatrics 1953; Lecturer, Pediatrics 1955;
Asst Professor, Pediatrics (nd)

Bristow, Gerald Kingsley

  • Person
  • not given

Education: BSc(Med); MD(Man)1964; FACA(Penn01968; FRCP(C) 1970;

Positions: Dir Emergency Services, HSC 1976-85; Prof Family Med 1984-85; Prof Anes 1984-2003, Assoc Dean (PGME) 1984-1993; Pres CPS(Man) 1994-95; Assoc Dean (Acad) 1999-2003

Broadfoot, Barry

  • broadfoot
  • Person
  • 1926-

Barry Samuel Broadfoot was born in Winnipeg in 1926. He graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1949 with a B.A. As an undergraduate he was editor of the student newspaper The Manitoban. He had a long career in journalism. Broadfoot worked for the Vancouver News Herald, The Edmonton Bulletin, the United Press, and finally for The Vancouver Sun (1955-1972). In 1972 he turned his creative energies into publishing books on Canadian history, which were based upon his extensive oral history interviews with ordinary Canadians across Canada. These included the best-selling works Ten Lost Years (living memories of those who survived the Great Depression), Next Year Country (an overview of life on the Prairies up to 1987), The Immigrant Years (stories of immigrants from Britain and Europe who came to Canada after the Second World War) and several others.

Brockington, Leonard

  • brockington
  • Person
  • 1888-1966

Leonard Brockington was born in 1888 in Wales, and immigrated to Canada in 1912, before moving to Edmonton, Alberta. He worked as a journalist while he attended Law School at the University of Alberta. He was the first chairman of the newly formed Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and he was elected to the board of directors of the Globe and Mail in 1959. He held honorary degrees from the University of Wales, Queen's University, University of Western Ontario, and Syracuse University. He was an honorary life member of the Canadian Bar Association. He was also an honorary member of the American Bar Association, the Bar of New York City and New York State. He traveled around the world writing speeches and giving reports for CBC Radio. Brockington died in 1966 at the age of 78.

Brockman, Lois M.

  • brockman
  • Person
  • 19??-

Lois Brockman was a professor of Human Development at the University of Manitoba, specializing in early child development. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Saskatchewan and a Master of Arts at the University of Windsor. Prior to pursuing graduate studies in psychology, she worked with the Saskatchewan Department of Social Welfare and taught elementary school in Ontario. She received a Doctorate at Cornell University and specialized in cognitive development in children. She taught Developmental Psychology at the University of Saskatchewan and University of North Dakota before coming to the University of Manitoba to join the Faculty of Human Ecology. She worked closely with Professor of Psychology Dr. John Zubek, a specialist in sensory deprivation, and co-authored the book Child Development: Selected Readings (1973).

Brodie, Earle Isadore

  • Person
  • - 1995

Education: MD(Man)1936

Positions: General Practice, Wpg., South Dakota, California
Founder of Fed Mart and The Price Company

Brodrick, F. W. (Frederick William)

  • brodrick
  • Person
  • 1879-1959

Frederick Brodrick was a prominent faculty member of the Manitoba Agricultural College from 1906 to 1937. He was born in St. Catharines, Ontario on February 22, 1879. Frederick received his B.S.A at the Ontario Agriculture College in 1903. He was an expert in horticulture and landscaping as well as a member of Winnipeg's Edwardian social elite. He was involved in multiple community clubs including the Navy League, Prince Rupert's Lodge, Agriculture Institute of Canada and the Winnipeg Horticultural Association.

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