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Yeomans, Amelia

  • Personne
  • 1842-1913

Education: MD(Michigan)1883; Registered with CPS 1885 (Manitoba)

Positions: unknown

Yang, Xi

  • Personne
  • unknown

Education: MD

Positions: unknown

Worobetz, Stephen

  • Personne
  • 26 Dec 1914 - 2 February 2006

Education: BSc(Sask)1935; MD(Man)1940; LLD(Sask)1984;

Positions: General Practitioner, Surgeon, 13th Lt-Gov of Saskatchewan 1970-76; Military Cross (WWII); Order of Canada 1993; Saskatchewan Order of Merit, 1999;

Wilson, Fred C

  • Personne
  • d.-1950

Education: MD(Man)1916

Positions: Practised in Melita

Wilkins, John

  • Personne
  • unknown

Education: PhD(Man)1979

Positions: Prof: Int Med, Med Micro, Immun; Dir. Ctre for Proteomics & Systems Biology

Wiebe, Cornelius W.

  • Personne
  • Feb 18, 1893-July 12, 1999

Education: MD(Man)1925

Positions: Pres, CPS 1945-46; Pres, MMA 1952-53; Mbr, Order of Canada, 1999; Mbr Legislative Assembly 1932-36;

Whiteford, James William

  • Personne
  • 1847-1888

Education: MD CM(McGill)1873

Positions: Founder; Professor 1883-1888, Clinical Medicine;

Wesbrook, Frank Fairchild

  • Personne
  • 1868-1918

Education: MA MD(Man)1890; LLD(Man)1913

Positions: Chair of Pathology 1896; Chair of Pathology ...Minneapolis 1891-191; Dean of Medicine, Minneapolis 1906-1913
President, UBC 1913-1918

Watson, Blake Haverson

  • Personne
  • 1903-19 May 1998

Education: MD(Man)1929; MCOG(London)1933

Positions: Chief, Obs & Gyn, St. John’s Hosp, Santa Monica, Ca. 1942-
Assoc Prof, UCalif, Los Angeles

Wadge, Herbert William

  • Personne
  • 1973(?)-1954

Education: MD(Man)1902

Positions: President, Wpg Med Society 1926

Vincent, Thomas Swale

  • Personne
  • 24 May 1868-31 Dec 1933

Education: MB(Birmingham)1894; Hon LLD(Man)1920

Positions: Prof & Head(Man)1904-20; Prof(London)1921-1930 both in Physiology; President, Men’s Musical Club Winnipeg 1919-20

Vant, John Ross

  • Personne
  • 1902-25 Mar 1990

Education: MD(Man)1928

Positions: Chairman Dept Obstet UAlta; Prest Soc Obs Gyn Canada;
Prof Emeritus, UAlta SR Mbr CMA; LL D(Alberta)

Unruh, Helmut

  • Personne
  • unknown

Education: MD(Man)1976; Postgrad work (St. Louis & Cambridge Eng)

Positions: unknown

Thurlbeck, William Michael

  • Personne
  • 1929-1977

Education: MB ChB(Cape Town)

Positions: Prof & Head, Pathology, 1975-?; see also CV

Thompson, Edward Theodore

  • Personne
  • 1899-1989

Education: MD(Man)1923

Positions: Superintendent, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Milwaukee; see also CV

Stewart, David Bradshaw

  • Personne
  • 1916-2006

Education: BSc(Man)1936; MD(Man)1941

Positions: Prof 1953-70 ObsGyn UCWI/UWI (Jamaica); Dean of Med 1963-64 (Univ West Indies); Prof 1970-76 Zoology (Brandon Mb); Chairman 1973-76(Zoology); see also CV

Stephensen, Olafur (Oliver)

  • Personne
  • 22 December 1864 - 17 July 1939

Education: MD(Reykjavick, Iceland)

Positions: unknown

Speechly, Harry Martindale

  • Personne
  • 1 Nov 1866-1951

Education: MRCS(Eng); LRCP1889(Lond Hosp Med Sch)

Positions: Lecturer in Forensic Medicine 1930-43
Coroner for the City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba

Sisler, George Cooper

  • Personne
  • 28 Dec 1923 - 30 Jan 2002

Education: MD(Man) 1946; residencies WGH & Psychopathic Hosp; Dept Psych Louisville KY; Dip of Amer Bd Psych & Neurology, FRCPSC

Positions: Prof & Head Psychiatry 1954-1975; Prof Emeritus 1988;

Sinclair, Archibald Connell

  • Personne
  • 1819?-1907

Education: MD(Victoria Univ, Tor)1863

Positions: Practised for short while in Manitoba

Simpson, Robert Mills

  • Personne
  • 1865-2 February 1945

Education: MD CM(Man)1887; LFP&S (gen), FRGS (Lond)

Positions: Prof of Materia Med & Therapeutics 1890; Princips & Practices, Med 1893, & Clin Med 1898; Theoretical Med 1905; Lect Clin Obstet; Prof Gyn 1907; Prof Emeritus, Gyn 1927; Chief Surg HBC; Surg Can North RR; Pres Amer Pub Hlth Assn & Pres Mb Bd Hlth 1911; Founder, Ninette San 1910

Sheps, Cecil George

  • Personne
  • 1913-Feb 8, 2004

Education: MD(Man)1936; MPH(Yale)1947

Positions: Univ North Carolina: Prof Soc Med 1968-79; Taylor Grandy Distinguished Prof 1981-; Emeritus 1986; Vice Chancellor Health Sci 1971-76; for full info see CV

Sehon, Alec

  • Personne
  • unknown

Education: PhD(Manchester)1951

Positions: Prof Chemistry1964-69 (McGill ); Prof & Head Immunology 1969-199? (Man); Distinguished Prof Emeritus 2005 (Man)

Seah, Stanley

  • Personne
  • 1938-

Education: MD(Man)1961; FRCP(C)1968

Positions: Asst Prof 1976(Tropical Med); Assoc Prof 1985(Internal Med) (both McGill);

Saunders, Michael Graham

  • Personne
  • 1920-1975

Education: MB ChB, MSc(Victoria UManchesterj)1944; MD1964

Positions: Asst Prof 1949-62; Assoc Prof, 1962-75 (both neurophysiol)
Director, Computer Dept 1962-1975; see also CV

Sareen, Jitender

  • Personne
  • unknown

Education: MD (Man) 1995

Positions: Assoc Prof Psychiatry

Ducas, Ada

  • Personne
  • -

Ada Ducas is the Head of the Health Sciences Libraries and holds the rank of Librarian in the Libraries and Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba (UM). She has a wide range of experience in hospital administration, university libraries, information infrastructure and knowledge management. She has held a number of positions during her career including Director of Educational Resources at the Health Sciences Centre (1985-1990), and Head of the Science Library at the UM (1991-1995).
In 1989 she established the Manitoba Health Information Network (MHINET). The focus of MHINET was on providing knowledge-based information to northern, rural and urban nurses who do not have access to library services. In 1997, in collaboration with the Department of Community Health Sciences, she applied for and received funding to establish an Aboriginal Health Collection at the Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library. This discrete collection holds many unique resources and supports health professionals, researchers and students at the University and the Province and to be a resource for the rest of Canada.

Ms. Ducas worked with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority to implement an agreement which transferred the management of the hospital and health care libraries in the city to the Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library. These facilities include the Concordia Hospital Library, J.W. Crane Memorial Library, Riverview Health Centre Virtual Library, Bill Larson Library at the Grace Hospital, Misericordia Health Centre Library, Carolyn Sifton-Helene Fuld Library at St. Boniface Hospital, Seen Oaks General Hospital Library and the Victoria General Hospital Library. She is currently working on a plan to provide access to knowledge-based information in Manitoba to all rural health care professionals in the province.

Ms. Ducas has been active in professional associations at the provincial and national level. She was elected as Secretary/Treasurer for of the Canadian Association of College and University Libraries (CACUL). She has held many positions in the Manitoba Health Libraries Association, including President. For several years, she devoted much time to working on the Executive of the Canadian Health Libraries Association, serving as a Director for four years and also holding the position of President (1991-1992). She served as Chair of the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada - Committee on Libraries (2002-2004). Ms. Ducas served on the Canadian Health Network Advisory Board (2004-2007). She is currently a member of the Canadian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI) Advisory Board and Chairs the CISTI Committee on Health Sciences Information.

Duncan, Allan Campbell

  • Personne
  • 1908-1988

Education: MD(Man)1931; FRCS(Edin)

Positions: Practised in Yukon; Manitoba author

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