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Blain, Eleanor M. (Eleanor Marie)

  • blain
  • Person
  • 1942-

Eleanor M. Blain was a graduate student (Linguistics) at the University of Manitoba. She graduated with a Masters degree in 1989. While working on her thesis, The Bungee dialect of the Red River Settlement, she conducted an oral history project whereby she recorded people using the Bungee dialect.

Blanchaer, Marcelle Corneille

  • Person
  • 4 Apr 1921-July 2010

Education: BA(Hon)(Queens)1945; MD CM(Queens)1946;

Position: Asst Prof, Medical Research 1948; Assoc Prof, Physiology & Medical Research 1951; Prof & Head, Biochemistry 1964;
Professor Emeritus 1991

Blanchard, James Frederick

  • Person
  • not given

MD(Man)1986, Master & Doctoral degrees in Public Hlth(John Hopkins)

Prov Epidemiologist, Faculty appts in Community Hlth & Med Micro;
Canada Research Chair in Epidemiology and Global Public Health, Tier 2,
1 October 2004

Blanchard, Robert Johnstone

  • Person
  • 8 Dec 1853 - 10 Sept 1928

Education: MB CM(Edin)1877; FACS; LLD(Man)1921

Positions: Founder, Manitoba Medical College 1883; Professor, Anatomy 1883; Professor Clinical Medicine 1887; Professor, Surgery 1895; Professor Emeritus in Surgery 1919

Blanchard, Robert Johnstone Weir

  • Person
  • not given

Education: BSc(Med), MD(Man)1959; MSc(U Minn)(Surg)

Positions: Head (Man) 1985-1994 (Surgery)

Bleeks, Cherry Knox

  • Person
  • 20 Oct 1905- 1 Apr 1981

Education: MD(Man1930; FRCS(c); Various PG courses in Surgery in England & Scotland

Positions: Asst Prof, Obstet Gynec, UM

Blight, Jim

  • blight
  • Person
  • 19??-

Jim Blight is president of Blight Native Seeds Ltd. and a fourth-generation resident of Oakville, Manitoba.

Block, Morris

  • block
  • Person
  • 19??-

Morris Block graduated from the University of Manitoba with a B.Sc. in 1953 and a B Sc. in Civil Engineering in 1955.

Blondal, August

  • Person
  • 8 July 1889 - 6 Jan 1948

Education: MD(Man)1913

Positions: Demonstrator, Obstetrics 1928-1931, Examiner, Obstet 1931-
Obstetrician to Grace Hospital 1928-

Blondal, Harold

  • Person
  • 18 June 1917 - 2 June 1977

Education: BSc(EE)(Man)1939; MD(Man)1949

Positions: Lecturer, Physiology & Medical Research 1951; Asst Prof 1952
Medical Director, Man Cancer Institute 1953

Bobbit, Doreen

  • A.03-32
  • Person
  • [19-] -

Doreen Bobbit donated an item to the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections in 2002. The item, a graduation bracelet, belonged to Kathleen Shafer who graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Science in 1936. The bracelet was gifted to Schafer by her male classmates from the faculty of science in 1936. Apparently, there were so few female science graduates at the time that the male graduates gifted all the women who graduated with a bracelet. The bracelet is engraved with “Grad 36” and “K.S” and features a question mark on a green background underneath the words “University of Manitoba Science”.

Bodner, John

  • Bodner, John
  • Person
  • 1975

John Bodner is the owner of Cannonball.

Boon, Alfred Henry

  • Person
  • 1888-15 Nov 1973

Education: MD(Chicago)1911

Positions: MD in Birch River, Manitoba

Border Crossings

  • bordercrossings
  • Corporate body
  • 1982-

Border Crossings is a Winnipeg-based arts magazine that was founded in 1982 by Robert Enright, the magazine’s first Editor-in-Chief. It first began publishing under the title Arts Manitoba in the mid-1970s, with the intention of being a bi-monthly arts and culture magazine. Beginning in 1978, financial troubles almost put an early end to the publication, but in 1982 it was re-invigorated with the help of a small board of directors which included Meeka Walsh. In 1985 it began publishing under its current name, a title which was more in-line with Enright and Walsh’s shared vision of a magazine which transcended borders, both artistically and physically. Walsh took over as Editor-in-Chief in 1993, a position which she continues to occupy.

Border Crossings features a wide range of arts and culture topics such as artist profiles, theatre reviews, interviews, photography portfolios and editorials, from both a Canadian perspective and an international one. Border Crossings describes its content as “more curated than edited” and it stands alone as Canada’s premier arts magazine.

Borysowich, Peter

  • Person
  • 1915-2005

Peter Borysowich was born May 23, 1915 in Garson, MB to parents Sophia (Klymus) and Michael Borysowich. He had seven siblings. He served in the Second World War and studied Agriculture at the University of Manitoba between 1947 and 1948. He returned to the family farm and farmed there for several years. He passed away on October 23, 2005.

Botar, Oliver

  • botar_o
  • Person
  • 1957-

Oliver Botar was born in Toronto of Hungarian refugee parents and raised in Northern Ontario and Edmonton. He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in urban geography at the University of Alberta in Edmonton; and a Master of Science in urban and regional planning at the University of Toronto. He then completed first an MA and then a Ph.D. in art history at the University of Toronto.

He has taught modern and contemporary art and architectural history at several Canadian universities, with a focus on art in new/alternative media, Modernism between the world wars and curatorial practice. In 1996 he began teaching modern art history at the University of Manitoba and was appointed Professor in 2011. His research, writing and exhibition curating have focused on early-to-mid-20th-century art, architecture, photography and media art, with particular emphases on the early 20th-century Hungarian avant-garde. The nexus of Biocentrism and Modernism and the art and ideas of László Moholy-Nagy have been focuses throughout his career. He has lectured and has curated exhibitions in Canada, the United States, Europe and Japan.

He has published numerous articles, encyclopedia articles and book chapters and has held several major research grants and fellowships, including SSHRC Insight grants, at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal and the Institut für Literaturwissenschaft in Berlin. His other books and exhibitions include: Technical Detours: The Early Moholy-Nagy Reconsidered, shown at and published by The Graduate Center – CUNY, 2006 and the Janus Pannonius Museum, Pécs, as well as the Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest; Biocentrism and Modernism (Isabel Wünsche, co-editor), Ashgate, 2011; and Sensing the Future: Moholy-Nagy, Media and the Arts, shown at Plug In ICA Winnipeg and at the Bauhaus-Archiv in Berlin in 2014-15. An accompanying book was published in English and German editions by Lars Müller in Zurich. At the Winnipeg Art Gallery he curated Starting with Rodin in 2016-17. He has also worked on Canadian art, publishing A Bauhäusler in Canada: Andor Weininger in the 50s (2009), An Art at the Mercy of Light: Works by Eli Bornstein (2013), and several articles, including an article for two exhibition publications at the McMichael Canadian Art Centre. He has been invited to contribute many lectures and articles in 2019, the centennial year of the founding of the Bauhaus, and curated the exhibition “Bauhaus (Canada) 101” at the University of Manitoba School of Art Gallery in 2020.

He has been involved with Hungarian Studies since the 1980s, and is past President of the Hungarian Studies Association of Canada. He is currently working on a book on art in Winnipeg/Treaty One Territory. Botar lives and works in Winnipeg.

Botterell, Edmund Henry

  • Person
  • 28 Feb 1906-23 June 1997

Education: MD(Man) 1930; MB(Tor) 1937; FRCS(C) 1937;FRCS (hon) (Edin); DSc(hon)(McGill, Man); LLD(hon)(Queen’s, Tor, Dalhousie, Man)

Positions: Assoc Prof, Surgery Univ Toronto; Dean of Medicine, Queen’s Univ, Kingston; Professor Emeritus, Queen’s Univ

Bottomley, Harold William

  • Person
  • 18 Feb 1918-6 Jan 2007

Education: BA(Sask)1938; MD(Man)1943; CRCP(C); FACP

Positions: Demonstrator in Internal Medicine 1952; Winnipeg Clinic

Bouchard, Marie

  • bouchard_m
  • Person
  • 1953-

Born in 1953, Marie Bouchard grew up in a Manitoba farming community. She completed a Bachelor of Arts Honors degree at the University of Winnipeg in 1980, an Honors History degree in 1984 and a Master’s degree in Canadian History at the University of Manitoba in 1986. In 1985, as part of her Master’s work, she was invited by the Winnipeg Art Gallery to assist Inuit art scholar Jean Blodgett in the 1986 exhibition “Jessie Oonark: A Retrospective.” The accompanying exhibition catalogued detailed Oonark’s artistic oeuvre and her life at Back River based on interviews Bouchard conducted in Baker Lake, Nunavut.

Upon receiving a Canada Council Explorations Grant, Bouchard with her husband, Jim McLeod moved to Baker Lake in 1986 where she undertook indepth research on the people of Back River and the starvation of the 1950s. Her collection of archival research and oral history in the form of numerous documents and interviews also details the Government of Canada’s role during the relocation of Inuit from outlying camps to the fledgling community of Baker Lake during the 1950s and the Inuit survivors’ account of these events. These records are significant because they document the ensuing cultural upheaval and tragedy from starvation because of a lack of resources and Government plans to populate the North and promote sovereignty during the Cold War.

During her eleven years in Baker Lake, Bouchard developed her interest in Inuit art and economic development. She began supporting Inuit women artists and resurrected their creation of intricately embroidered wall hangings soon after arriving in the community. Bouchard eventually opened Baker Lake Fine Arts, a small, privately-owned cottage industry which brought financial support to the artists, as well as the necessary art supplies and marketing skills. With the closing of the local sewing centre, her venture allowed women in the community to continue to sew and care for their children at home. Her interests included all genres of art but primarily focused on the works on cloth which she showcased in public and commercial exhibitions both nationally and internationally. Her collection chronicles the production of Baker Lake works on cloth, soapstone carvings and drawing in the area over a ten year period through slide images, artist interviews and her library of Inuit art exhibition catalogues and books.

Bouchard was also instrumental in establishing the Baker Lake Historical Society which promoted cultural tourism and the revival of traditional knowledge for educational purposes.

Bouchard left Baker Lake for Winnipeg Manitoba in 1997. She worked as an independent art curator and consultant for the next ten years. She repatriated the representation and celebration of art by local Inuit artists by involving them in the representation of their work and hosting exhibition openings in the community. She curated major art exhibitions focused on Inuit and aboriginal art for institutions such as the National Gallery of Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Itsarnittakarvik: Inuit Heritage Centre, Plug In ICA, and in the United States at the Los Angeles Fowler Museum, and New York’s American Indian Community House, as well as at several college galleries. She also took her collection of Baker Lake works on cloth to Japan for a major international exhibition. She has delivered numerous lectures and author essays and articles on Baker Lake works on cloth, drawings, sculptures, eco-museums and tourism.

Boulay, Nadine

  • boulay_n
  • Person

Nadine Boulay is from Gimli, Manitoba. She graduated from the University of Manitoba in June 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Women’s and Gender Studies and Religion. As a student at the University of Manitoba Boulay worked as an editor for the undergraduate student journal FAQ (Feminist and Queer) Review. In addition to her undergraduate honours thesis “Exploring LGBTQ* Subjectivities in Women’s and Gender Studies”, Boulay co-authored an article published in Australian Feminist Studies titled “Desiring Young Les(bi)an Visionaries in the Archive.” Boulay is currently a Masters student in the Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s studies at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia.

Bowden, Drummond Hyde

  • Person
  • 10 March 1924 -

Education: MB ChB1948; MD(Bristol)1960; MRCP(Lond)1951

Positions: Assoc Prof, Pathology 1964, Prof 1967; Assoc Dean, Undergraduate Education 1975; Head, Pathology 1981, Prof Emeritus 1993; Director CIDA sponsored Educational Programme to train Pathologists in Kenya

Bowerman, A. (Allan)

  • bowerman
  • Person
  • 1844-1923

Allan Bowerman was born in 1844. He became Principal of Collegiate Department, Winnipeg Public Schools in 1886. Bowerman was interested in the climate and flora of the developing Canadian Northwest. In 1886 he read a paper "The Chinook Winds and other Climatic Conditions of the North-West" to the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba. It was subsequently published. In 1896, he became involved in discussions on the writing of a textbook detailing the fauna of Manitoba. It is unknown whether this textbook was completed. Bowerman died in 1923.

Bowie, Donald James

  • Person
  • July, 1887- 4 Aug 1968

BSc(Med)(Toronto)1922; MA(Tor) 1926; PhD(Tor) 1928

Bowman, James Maxwell

  • Person
  • 24 May 1925 - 22 May 2005

Education: MD(Man)1949

Positions: Prof Pediatrics 1972-1996 Clin Dir Rh Laboratory, HSC 1961- ?; Med Director Rh Institute 1969- ?; Prov Med Director, Can Red Cross, Blood Transfusion Service, Wpg 1967-1982; Dist Prof. 1988-1999; Distinguished Prof Emeritus 1999

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